best to rest day before half marathon?

I am running my first half marathon on Sunday in blackpool and I went running on Wednesday and have been having to rest since as my right hip is causing me quite a bit of grief (ongoing issue due to flat feet, receiving physio and insoles) anyway I am wondering if its a good idea or not to go for a short run tomorrow morning, just a few miles to keep my legs going so its not a big shock come Sunday morning. Or is it sensible to rest completely the day before a race? Like I say I am a newbie. Opinions pls guys and girls image


  • we will be at Blackpool -

    i'd just have the gentlest of a jog - walk just a few minutes to keep the body motivated and the mind sharp

    then relax, dont go walking around shopping centres all day and wear yourself out

    get plenty of your favouirte fluid in you , and eat well

    over do it and you may wel lstart - but might not finish

    see us at back and we'll chat


  • do NOT go  expereimenting with any new foods or drink either

    stick with what you know,

    plenty of time after to expereiment

    dont be silly enough if offered something on race day - to think, oh ok - and vomit it up later - and DNF

  • I am doing my first HM in 2 weeks and I will be resting 3-4 days before image running everyday upto the race is not a good idea in my opinionimage especially with a hip niggle
  • Brilliant, thank you all so much and for getting back to me so fast too! Ok I shall rest my short little legs massively annoying hips till Sunday. Porridge and banana for me sunday morning...always works a treat. Should I eat plenty of carbs Saturday? I have ibs so have to substitute normal bread with my fake stuff same for pasta but seems to be doing fine on it so far with the running. Feeling more and more nervous about Sunday,but also very excited! Hope the weather isn't as miserable as it is in manchester today. Look forward to seeing you there! I'll be the giddy kipper running for Macmillan cancer support. I love running with my music, I'll be ok to on Sunday still won't i? I have no idea how many people are taking part....I realise I'm probably asking stupid questions, apologies if so.
  • dont let them see any i pod, they may pull you out

    it's Uk AAA rules now

    eat well, but what you know

    try some nice breathing to calm the excitement

    i'll be at back with wheelchair - it's our 235th HM to add to our 41 FM's image

  • What! You've done LOADS! See you there! If you can't run with an ipod I take it that goes for any form of music device, gutted I had a playlist sorted. See you sunday, bright eyed and bushy tailed!
  • Good Luck GellyBean, I always have porridge and stick a banana in to image works a treat for me too image I usually have pasta the day before image

    Look forward to hearing all about it after image just enjoy it and keep smiling image

  • Gellybean - the no ipod rule is for you own safety and that of those around you.  Don't worry, the atmosphere will enough that you shouldn't mis the music, plus it will allow you to chat to others if you wish and hear the cheering of the crowd thatyou might miss otherwise.

    For a HM I wouldn't eat any more than usual the day before, I think there's far more risk of getting to the start line feeling all bloated and causing GI distress during the run if you consume more.

    Like MicknPhil I too would do something gentle the day before and have a rest day today, but each to their own and some prefer to rest the day before.  A swim can alos be good to losen you up.

    Enjoy the race.

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