Last big 20 mile run 2 weeks before London Marathon too close?

Is it too close to the big day to do my last big run 2 weeks before the London Marathon, so my 20 mile run would be 2 sundays before? Then I start the taper? I see some programmes have it 3 weeks before.

Also is 20 miles too much. Im looking for sun 5 hours.

Thanks Peeps.


  • Hi, ours is 4 weeks before but we are trying to do 2 x 20/22 milers. Better to start the race 10% undertrained than 1% overtrained apparently.
    I think it also depends on what else you plan to do on your taper. We are dropping to 8 then up to 14 then back to 8 then race day.
    I am not an expert though but we did have an expert (kittenkat) check it for us.
    Good luck.
  • How many 20 milers are you doing ?

    If its your first marathon I think I'd err on the side of caution and have it three weeks before.
  • For a sub 5 hour runner I think the time on feet to do the 20 miler is going to be too much two weeks before.
  • Im doing 2 x 20 milers. Its my 3rd marathon but 1st one was ruined as cousin was so slow and collapsed halfway ended up in hospital. 2nd was new york last eyar and it was awful, jet lag, ill, walked 10 miles day before.

    Im fitter now then those 2 and will be a stone lighter too.

    Im going to to a 20 mile run 3 weeks before, maybe push to 22 if I can.

  • i'm reading this with interest, how many miles do u suggest for taper weeks in 3 weeks before the marathon then?
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