Women's 10 mile times

Am running in first 10 mile event this weekend and I am scared by looking at the past results! What is normal for a woman? I am not expecting to win the thing but I don't want to be last either!!


  • I don't think you can really identify what is "normal" - although you could find an average by looking at a load of race results.

    Why worry about being last?  They won't shoot you.  Probably image

  • Thanks. Just been looking - wow there are some quick people about!
  • I'm always stunned by how quick some people are. My friends are managing 1:45 half marathon times, which is how long it takes me to run 10 miles in training!

    Don't forget, you'll always run faster in a race - give it a go, I think you'll surprise yourself!
  • Well I don't know what's "normal" but I have run two ten milers. The first one I did in 1:29:29 and the second 1:21:29. There was about 8 months between them and I improved a lot in that time as the first one was the first time I had ever run that distance.

    Interestingly though, my last three miles at the first race were quicker than my last three miles at the second one!

    Some ladies take more than 2 hours to run 10 miles so it's unlikely that you will be last if you can do it in under 1 hour 40, say.
  • PS at the Wokingham half last Sunday I got to the 10 mile mark more or less exactly on 1 hour 25. And at the Fleet half last March around 1 hour 27.

    Start off gently and you might have energy to pick it up towards the end and surprise yourself with your overall time.
  • Thanks for all your replies. Did it in 1:21:10. Really enjoyed it (prob helped by perfect weather on Sunday)!
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