Can you ever 'catch up' to somebody elses fitness level?

I have this friend that I don't see often as he's in the military, I'm a mum of 3 very young children. We're both busy and he's not often around this way anymore. Only when he's on leave really, which is rare.

Since we've moved apart in our individual, separate lives we've remained in contact and stayed good friends but it's fair to say we don't have much in common anymore. Now, me having taken a few years 'out' in the first years of my childrens' lives, my fitness level has declined A LOT, as I also at this time got a car and started to lead a very sedentary lifestyle without really thinking about it.

Now, I'd love to say to this good friend of mine, "Let's go for a run". It's something we still have in common. But he, being in the military and being a keen runner, too is by far, far fitter than myself... Can I ever get my fitness level up to a similar level to him, or will he (running every day and doing physical training as a part of his career) always be so much fitter than me, that we couldn't run together without me embarassing myself and him being bored? 

Is it possible to 'catch up' or will he always be so much faster and fitter than I am that we couldn't possible run together?


  • Of course you can get much fitter if you train better and harder.
    And providing you can run a bit I don't see that most people have a problem in an easier run with a friend now and again ?
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