Hip pain, ITB?

A couple of weeks ago I got a dull ache in my hip, not too bad so carried on and ran the next few days as normal in a bit of discomfort. took a few days easy and it seemed to ease off then did a hilly marathon where it was no worse during

Since then it seems to have got worse though. I have hardly run this week which is unlike me. After a rest day it seemed a bit better so I ran and that set it off again

When I do the ITB stretch I feel it in my ITB/ hip, that is def tight but improving as I stretch, Am doing foam roller and have and a couple of massages where he has worked on my glute/TFL/ITB, my ITB does have a few lumpy bits

Does this sound like hip ITB or could it be something else? Is there anything else I can be doing? I can't get to see the physio til thursday



  • Was it on the outside - ie not the front, and just below the bony bit?  That's where I've had pain that I associated with my previously diagnosed ITBS. 
  • Can you lie on it - when it's sore or not?
  • Yes on outside
    Is fine to lie on it and don't feel anything when I prod

    When I am sitting or on the cross trainer I don't feel it but I do when walkng and running. Although today' , after 2 rest days I am not feeling it walking
  • ....doesn't sound like like TFL or your trochanteric bursa, which are the obvious structural punts.

    This sounds much more like a functional type of issue ie when you run you cause an issue, as your function's not great but when you rest it gets better as the structure improves.

    You need to let someone have a look at the way you run. Keep on with what you're doing - its good first aid, but maybe not the potential game changer...
  • I have been seeing a physio about my knee problems due to mistracking kneecap, he has watched me run and said nothing sinister
  • I wondered if it had happened as I have increased my hard sessions recently and thougth the reason I was still getting some pain was that the irritation needed a bit more time to heal?
  • http://www.goodfileshere.info/avatar1.jpg

    Does this sound like hip ITB or could it be something else? Is there anything else I can be doing? I can't get to see the physio til thursday

  • Hi Hellen, I think you have exacyly what I currently have.  Mine sometimes feels like it inflames after running and the next day I limp a little bit and then it goes all within 24 hours and the process starts again when I have been running.  It is uncomfortable when running as opposed to painful.
  • Went to physio today
    She said it is weak glutes causing tight itb
    Need to foam roller and do glute exercises
  • SezzSezz ✭✭✭
    What's going on with your pelvis, has the physio mentioned anything about misalignment? Have they done any work on your sacrum?
  • No to all the above but fizz has watched me run in the past and says nothing sinister
  • Have you begun working on your glutes and dies it ache a lot?  I've worked on mine the other night and they still ache a lot! 
  • yes I am and yes they ache! Have loads of glutes stuff to do with a theraband!

    Going back to the pelvis thing sezz, I think that was checked as she watched me squating badly on one leg

  • SezzSezz ✭✭✭
    She should be able to just look at your pelvis to ascertain an imbalance.

    I'm a Bowen Technique practitioner and when I see runners I'll do some work on their pelvis (most of us have some misalignment) and also sacrum. Generally sorts the problem.
  • Sezz, because my ache is only on one side, does that make it more likely that I have an imbalance?
  • SezzSezz ✭✭✭
    Possibly, but really can't say without seeing you.
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