Any Leeds Liverpool canal runners???


I am currently training for the London Marathon so to get my long runs in I run along the canal ( live in Appereley Bridge) I obviosuly see lots of runners out along the canal and am starting to see some familiar faces , just wondered if any of you were floating around RW forums too ?image


  • Hi Badoo,

     Yep I was running through Apperley Bridge yesterday along the canal.  I have just started training for my first half (Leeds in May).  I use the canal to do my long runs on Sundays (nice and flat which can be difficult to find around Leeds).  I run up from Leeds ring road near Horsforth.  I made it as far as the sewerage works yesterday.  I'm hoping for a more scenic spot to turn around at next week!  I love the canal though.  It's good to watch the world go by and I spend less time clock-watching.  Best of luck with your marathon training.  I can't even contemplate covering that distance yet  Your profile pic is really small but if I see anyone resembling you I'll wave hello!


  • Hey Ant

    I was running towards leeds from A bridge around 10.30 did 7 miles and then headed back , I usually wear bright pink high viz jacket running leggings and red camelbak, it was tough going yesterday so I was the one moving very slowly !!!!

    I will be out again sunday this week for 16 miles !!!!I will say high to everyone that passes , maybe it will be you !image

  • I think I might have missed you as I tend to run mid/late afternoon but I will look out for the pink jacket next Sunday.  If you see someone with yellow headphones, a blue t-shirt and a bright red face it's a fair chance it might be me.  Heh, that probably narrows it down to 999 possible runners!!

    16 miles!! Ouch!  Just the 6 for me at the moment, but edging up slowly image

  • Yep. regular runner on there. Was running between Bingley and Esholt on Saturday
  • Dr.DanDr.Dan ✭✭✭
    Yep, great place to run ... I use the canal anywhere between Apperley Bridge and the city centre. Did 7M at lunchtime between the city centre and Kirkstall today ... and also yesterday ... and 4M on same section on Monday. Sunday I ran 10K with my son and we included the section between Apperley Bridge and Rodley.
  • Not many people out today, think I passed four runners now I dont blame you the weather was hideous and it was the hardest run I have done thank god its over !!!
  • Was on canal yesterday morning from Bingley to Apperley Bridge. So glad I did my 20 miler yesterday
  • Dr.DanDr.Dan ✭✭✭
    I was out yesterday before 7am ... but kept to the roads.image
  • For a bit of variety why not follow the river path on the way out, and run back along the canal? That way it's not the same scenery all the way. The river runs parallel to the canal and is easily accessible from Apperley bridge or Horsforth
  • Bit far away but I'm at the other end of the water, any runners near Maghull and Aintree need a partner I'm looking to increase my speed?
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