axe to exe to axe

The Exe to Axe is on 1st April (Sidmouth Running Club). Anyone out there interested in the double.??? Thats 2X 20 miles of serious cliff running. The race normally takes approx 4 hrs so the loose plan would to allow 7 hrs for the first half ,eat breakfast then join the main race for the return to Axmouth.( Yes that does mean starting in the middle of the night).
Another option would be to start at Sidmouth making it a 30 mile run in total.
This method can be applied to many other races giving you the training to cruise for half an Ultra then put in race effort for the second half.


  • Did this a few years ago with Beachy Head Marathon. 2x 25 mile runs, we started at about 3am on the Saturday and then did the regular race. Was good fun.
  • Only 7 days to go and still time to enter. £8 for a twenty miler spectacular coastal run.
    Looks like 3 of us are up for the double. 6-7 hrs for the first half should give enough time for a full breakfast before the 10.30 start race phase. My last serious long training run prior to The Fellsman.
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