London Marathon

Hi All

 I'm following a plan online and am doing a 15 mile training run tomorrow.

Just feeling a bit down as Im not feeling any fitter than when I started training for this event.  I seem to have put on weight and every run seems to be a struggle..... I'm worried im not going to make it round at this rate!

Any advice greatfully received image


  • Hi Emma,

    Training for a marathon is a long slow process so to you it may seem that you are not getting any fitter when in reality you are - don't forget you are planning a 15 mile run which 99% of the population couldn't even imagine.

    Why do you not feel fitter? Is it just you are feeling a bit under the weather; it's the time of year for colds and running does suppress the immune system so the slightest hint of a cold can make you feel like curling up on the sofa with a pack of biscuits.

    Talking of which; is this where the weight is coming from? When training for marathons I feel that I should be able to eat what I want and then put I pile on the weight.

    Motivation - Can you hook up with a running buddy?

  • Hi Piers

    That is very true and if someone had told me even 2 years ago I would be able to run 15 miles, I would have thought they were crazy!

     I think you could be right, perhaps just feeling a bit rundown today and my daughter is just getting over a sickness bug so hope I havent picked that up.

    I think I've been eating the wrong things... going to be more careful about what I eat from now on and really concentrate on inreasing my fitness.  I tend to only do comfortable runs (I'm a plodder) and not fast runs or interval training so I guess if I start to do some of those things then that should increase my fitness.

     I occassionaly run with others at lunchtime from work but my long runs and when i do the marathon will be on my own.


  • Emma,

    Hope you aren't going down with anything, but make sure you eat and drink well.

    I don't have kids but I'm sure training for a marathon with them must be hard.

    Try and "treat" yourself for meeting your weekly running goals, even if it's just a soak in the bath! Do you need to buy and then break in some nice kit for the day?

    Do you have a Park Run near you for a 5k blast - you'll see how quick you are and it will feel so short!

    Try sorting out healthy treats, nuts and fruit are great for an energy pick me up and nuts are full of all the good things that a runner needs.


    PS - You won't be on your own during the VLM; that's for absolute certain. There will be 35000 runners who have all been through the training from the fastest snake at the front to the slowest plodder at the back.

  • Yes it is hard, I only have one but Im a single mum so it's quite tough actually finding times to get out and train!

    I've bought some new Mizuno shoes yesterday so going to break them in did a little 3.5 miler in them this morning and they felt good.

    There are some park runs around, I think id be looking at about 30 minutes for a 5K, i did a 10k race in london in 2010 and came in at 59min 22 seconds I was really pleased with that. I couldnt maintain that for a marathon tho!


  • You're doing brilliantly Emma, don't worry.

    Some of us will  always be plodders (I'm one too) but better a plodder than a couch potato image

    Hoping your 15 miler goes well today!


  • Thank you, yes definetley better a plodder than a couch potato image

     THe 15 miler was bloody hard and I did walk a little bit, but that is the furthest I've ever done so still a good achievement!

  • 15 miles is a really long way! be proud! you might not be ''feeling fitter', but were you running 15 miles before? no? thenyou are fitter!

    good luck!
  • Hi Emma,

    I can sympathise - I'm training for Brighton (first marathon) and like you, I feel like running is never really easy, I'm always having to talk myself into keeping going. I feel completely exhausted a lot of the time (especially the day after a long run - I can easily sleep for 12 hours solidly). I do British Miliatry Fitness too, and I'm DEFINITELY slower in that.

    Perhaps try giving yourself a few days off and either rest or cross train (I like swimming because it gives my joints a rest) and you'll feel much fresher when you get out for a run again.

    As everyone else says, 15 miles is a fantastic achievement. I think we can get sucked into comparing ourselves to others all the time, and when you read about people on here running massive distances, it can make your efforts seem tiny in comparison. As Piers said, most people you speak to wouldn't even be able to comtemplate running 6 miles, never mind 15. Don't underestimate what you've achieved image

  • Emma, I run a stack, and have done a lot of races, but even now I think 14-16miles is a long way, so you shouldn't worry at all.

    i find a great motivation tool to be one where I think "I'm glad I'm not doing....x day's session".

    If it's a hard speed session, I'll think at least it isn't the long run (14-16), if it's the esay paced runs, I'll be glad it's not fast stuff, and if it's the long run, I'll be glad it's not those 2 types of runs, and can relax and enjoy!

    All about training yourself mentally as well as physically!

    Is there anyway you can re-structure your week so the long run comes at the weekend? It's a big ask to fit it in midweek, presuming you're meaning the evening, and aren't free in the day?

  • Emma,

    Well done on the long run today. Keep up the good work and let us know how you progress.

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