What's up with Memory Map?

Just a check for information, really.

I updated my Memory Map software a couple of weeks ago, and have been unable to access my maps since, and the software has crashed every time I've tried to look for the map I know is there.

I e-mailed Memory Map a fortnight ago. No response. 

I e-mailed Memory Map a week ago. No response.

I e-mailed Memory Map today - here's hoping it's third time lucky.

Does anyone know if there's something wrong at Memory Map? I can't believe that they have an e-mail for support on their website that doesn't get checked or responded too, so I'm left wondering if they've hit a problem or are just ignoring me?

I wouldn't care, but I only updated because I'd started using the 3D fly through thing to see what some routes looked like as I've been getting into trail running a bit more - it worked fine until the newer, better version. I'd happily go back to the older one if it would work...

Flippin' 'eck.

P.S. I checked my spam whatnot just in case, and there wasn't anything from them.That was my first thought, too.


  • Hang on - they came back to me at last - no mention of an apology for ignoring earlier e-mails, just a request for screen shots. Hopefully it will get sorted...
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