Trek mudguard issue.

Has anyone bought a Trek bike that has an allen screw on the back of the seat tube behind the bottle cage bosses and no chain stay bridge?  I assume the screw is for fixing the rear mudguard but can't find any information or a mudguard that utilises the screw.  There are mudguard eyes on the frame.

 Anyone got the answer to this?


  • What model trek is it ?
  • WilkieWilkie ✭✭✭

    Lexa SLX C 2012 - but it looks like all the 2012 Treks in that sort of price range have the same thing.

  • It's a lexa slx for Wilkie, but it's on the 2.1 and a few other models.  Evans couldn't fit a pair of sks and suggested clip-ons but I pointed out the bike had guard eyes and was marketed by Trek and Evans as such so there should be a product.  Evans first suggestion was the screw was there for aesthetic reasons.....a lot of bull shit ensued.
  • What about these ?

    And there may well be a product specifically... in the USA

  • Don't all frames have an allen screw at the back of a the seat tube for fitting a mudguard - well all winter type frames that take mudguards anyway ? I'll just nip out to the garage and look at mine.
  • Dave - I don't know the problem Evans had was the clearance on the front forks so maybe not.

    Popsider - yes it's usually in the chainstay bridge but there isn't one on this bike-bridge that is..

  • Yeah my winter bike is like that - you are right though the other two winter type frames I've got in the shed have chainstay bridges instead. I think it's just ones that are based more on road race geometry wont have space for a bridge as the wheel will be closer to the tube and it'll be a steeper angle - the two with bridges are old steel frames.

    I might be missing something here but what is the problem - you just use the hole in the tube rather than the hole in the bridge - wont all mudguards have a hole in the end and it doesn't matter what you connect it to ? Mine has a Tortec guard on the back and it has a hole anyway.
  • Aah I'm with you now. It's down by the bottom bracket ? I think most will work.
    If not - cable tie it on !
  • The hole in the tube is up above the front mech because the gear cable is in the way.  The clearances are so close that a normal guard would probably foul the cable even if you drilled a hole higher up to be inline with the screw.  I assume Trek have a guard that stops short at the screw.   Evans are supposed to be looking into it and I've emailed Trek USA but I'm not holding my breath. 

    Paste that and click on the Principia one - is it like that because that's the same as my frame - the hole is only just below the bottom hole for a bottle cage - and the mudguard fits fine.

    edit like this ?

    (i'd link them but doesn't work for me in chrome)
  • jelly bean wrote (see)
     I've emailed Trek USA but I'm not holding my breath. 
    I've always had superb service and replies in 24hrs from Trek in the states
  • Popsider-yes that's the sort of thing only it's above the top bottle cage bolt so about 100mm higher up.

    Dave-hopefully they'll come back with the answer soon and it won't be speak to your dealer.

  • Without checking the links - I'd not think that would be too much of an issue. Fasten the mudguard there and it will just come further down at the back of the wheel - so you need less of a flap ?

    The arch where it attaches to the brake bridge is usually movable.

    The only problem is that you wont have guard coverage all the way down the seat tube, but maybe clearances are too tight for that. the bike may get a bit dirty - but at least you'll be protected.
  • Anyway It's spring and no need for guards now anyway (I never got round to fitting mine this winter )
  • Cougie I dare say it can be made to work but I can't help thinking that if trek market the bike as taking guards then it should.

    Dave it's been a dry winter but we've got the summer to come yet.image

  • JB - I think you are likely to be told to fit them using the allen bolt on the down tube like Cougs suggests.

    That's just the standard way it's done on these kind of bikes - even if the bolt is slightly higher on yours than my Principia just drill a hole a little further up the guard and reinforce it with a washer to spread the load of the bolt if you are worried.
  • WilkieWilkie ✭✭✭

    Trek have told Evans, who have told me, that there IS a mudguard made to fit the fittings on this bike, and they have ordered a pair for me.


    We shall see.

  • WilkieWilkie ✭✭✭
    I think they're probably the ones they are talking about Dave - they said they were 'Bontrager Approved'.
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