Marathon Training with a dislocated shoulder

I'm scheduled to do the London Marathon (my first marathon) on 22nd April. Having completed the Great North Run on two occasions my training was progressing nicely until two weeks ago when i fractured and dislocated my shoulder on a skiing holiday. I'm likely to be in a shoulder brace until the end of March !!!!!

Is there any way of reproducing my training on an exercise bike or treadmill or should i just forget about this years marathon and defer to next year ??????

I'd be grateful for any advice that may allow me to do the marathon this year.




  • How many miles did you get up to and what were your hopes ?

    If it was me - I'd probably defer - you'll have had 6 weeks without running which I think is just too much unless you were just going to walk round.

    Maybe look for another marathon later in the year ?
  • Defer. Once you're out of the brace then your arm will probably have seized up and it will be tough to get it moving. Running could be an issue. ( I had a stabilisation operation and couldn't run for 2 weeks after the brace came off.)

    I hope you've got a good story from the accident to make it all worthwhileimage

  • Like CB I had a stabilisation operation after frequent dislocations of my right shoulder. The muscles in my arm had withered in the brace, once the brace came off it took me (what seemed like) an age to get to the stage where I could lift my arm up level with my shoulder. I didn’t run in those days but imagine it would have been a nightmare. So don’t set your hopes on a quick comeback, sorry to be the bringer of doom.

  • Thanks for the posts

    I'd got to 14 miles and was hoping to finish below 3:45.

    I think deferring would be the sensible option but my wife would argue that if I had any sense I wouldn't have attempted the black ski run that caused me to fall !!!!

    I think next years London marathon is 21st April - day of my 50th birthday - is this fate???

  • Just noticed this thread: if you look at my picture you may notice that I have some experience of a similar injury. I have twice sheared of pieces of bone off the very top of my arm next to my shoulder. The first time I continued to run every day, albeit it only a mile or so: result, arm took much longer to heal than it should have done. Second time I did not run, and recovery was much quicker. I also started to do rehab exercises after three weeks whereas the first time it was nine. I would defer!
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