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 Hi folks firstly Id like to say wow what an Interesting site Im pleased I found it and hopefully the links and helpful Information will push me forward to getting back into shape and running again, ok now down to buisness Hi Im Dave from Thornaby near Middlesbrough in the teesside area of the north east of england.

Im a 35 year old guy who's had a lazy laid back few years  of junk fooddrinking and smoking but since new year things have changed Ive been on a major health food diet and work out program aimed to getme back into shape for the future currently I'm 6ft 1" 42" chest and a 38" waist weighing in at 16 stone 1lb.

A few years ago when i was younger I tryed running and started getting more Interested but a fall put me out of action and I guess I never took up the challenge since until now, my reason for running isn't to win races or become super fit but just to loose weight and get back into shape.



  • Hello dave and welcome.

    Take it easy to start with and try an run regularly but slowly. After a little while it will get easier and easier....be the tortoise - not the hare !! image
  • Hi ya Dave. i agree its a great site. i gave up smoking in December and decided to start running for a few reasons and im finding it challenging but i wont give in as a lot of my friends have just laughed when i have told them i am going to do a run in ococtober. image Hope all goes well for you would love to know how you get on xx
  • Hi thanks for the warm welcome although I use to be a 60 a day ciggy smoker for 7 years and a heavy pipe smoker for another 5 years I finally gave up the bad habbit back in november of last year so things there are looking better and I can taste the fresh air again, although I know the damage has already been done to my lungs hopefully Ive caught it in time.

    As for running and working out whatch this space I may not be planning ot run any marathons or races but I'll get there slowly.

  • Hi Dave - you're around the same height/size/weight as I was when I started in November, though a few years younger.

    I started with a copy of "The Beginning Runner's Handbook" and followed it's 13 week programme - due to a couple of weeks when I wasn't up to running, this is my final week, and I've gone from being decidedly wheezy at a run 30sec, walk 4:30, repeat 8 times to a 10k run on Thursday that I'm properly looking forward too. It's not gone to badly, and I'd highly recommend the programme, it pushes just enough.

    Good luck, hope it goes well!

  • Hi well so far Ive just done my second run this week were I run a set period of a one minute run followed by a two minutes of walking and repeatingfor 15 minutes around my local part at least twice aday I'm starting to feel the differance already,  I'm going to keep doing this basic training period for two weeks then knock it up a gear to running for two m inutes and walking for one minute.

  • Good stuff Dave.

    if you google "couch to 5k" there are lots of plans like the one that your doing that gets you upto running 5k in about 10-12weeks...... they seem to work. Also have apps on smartphones that do the same.

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