PirateSwim 2012

OK ........ here's the idea

Following on from the Winterswim league and to continue to log progress and to have a goal for each month

The idea is for each month you have 3 times to log which should be more than achievable

The 400 and the 100 are the same for the next 4 months and are joined by another increasing number

The idea would be to see the 400 and the 100 time remain constant or improve and also to be able to gauge a good swim time on the other amounts



Meldy  100m   00.00  400m   00.00    800m      00.00


Meldy   100m   00.00  400m   00.00    1500m    00.00


Meldy    100m   00.00  400m   00.00    3000m   00.00


Meldy    100m   00.00  400m   00.00    3800m   00.00

If anyone would like to calculate % improvement on each month as we go along then feel free !


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