Barefoot Running Thread

Sorry everyone but can't seem to find a specific barefoot running thread, is there one someone could me in the way of if so?

Have been reading a lot about it recently and really thinking of giving it ago, however just wanted to read more from the points of others before shelling out for some new shoes?



  • Think there have been a few threads but they haven't really picked up.

    Are you talking about totally barefoot, or just running in minimalist trainers?

    I started in April last year, building very slowly.
    Now I run up to 20 miles in vivobarefoot/vibrams.

    I still use "normal" trainers on my easy days to give my calves a rest but I'm looking to run my next marathon in minimalist shoes, for the first time ever.

  • Back in the day Shaka Zulu would never let any of us wear footwear
    All Zulu run barefoot
  • The American RW forums have a whole category for posts discussing barefoot running; I'd try there image
  • is a great source of information. If you live in London they have a monthly run at Clapham Common. I have been transitioning over the past 12 months and run a combination of barefoot, racing flats, vibrams and invisible shoes. I find the Invisible Shoes soo much closer to barefooting than any thing else I have tried. They are very cheap, approx $25US on line. I'm projecting that I will only be running either barefoot or Invisible Shoes by the end of the year.
    My advice would be to start totally barefoot until you have adopted the correct running gait and then introduce minimalist shoes. As it is possible to run with a poor gait in minimalist shoes.
    Good Luck
  • Interesting to hear your opinion on the huaraches, GD.

    I did look at the site and got as far as the checkout (international postage to UK can be as low as 8 quid). Just interested: would you recommend the thicker or thinner rubber ones?

  • I went for the thinner 4mm version, as I have already down a few barefoot runs. I think they are great, so much easier to run in than Vibrams. They feel as if they flop about a little bit, but if you keep good running form this is very minimal.
  • Thanks for the reply; I'll give them a try at some point.
  • “‘Is barefoot better?’ is the wrong question to ask,” says Lieberman. “The issue isn’t whether you run barefoot or not, but how you run – your form.”

  • I've made several pairs of Huaraches, Vibram 4mm cherry material makes a brilliant feeling sole, thicker can be nicer on rougher ground.

    For me getting the ties right was the hard bit, lots of experiments with different methods to find what suited me, think the practice and experimentation helped. I found latigo leather more comfortable than the round shoe laces Invisible shoes use, for the latigo laces I made a leather pad (see avatar) to go under the knot as was breaking the skin on runs above 5-6 miles. Since then have tried Barefoot Ted's elasticated leather laces and they are my favourite now, giving the most comfortable secure fit, check out the luna sandals website.

    Sqeakz - nice quote, I agree, in proper barefoot intervals dont even notice small stones when form is good, when its not so good feel the tiniest piece of grit image

  • As everyone else has said there isn't a set barefooting section on the uk site but the runners world USA site has a brilliant forum where you will all the info you need for Barefooting. Personally i've done a fair few miles barefoot but do the majority of my runs in Vibram KSO's. My biggest bit of advice would be to TAKE IT SLOW!! it takes time to find the right form so as not to pick up injuries.
  • You can now get Lunas at Barefoot Britain as well as xero shoes and a few other minimalist running shoes.....

  • Lee Saxby is worth a google

  • barefoot ken bob saxton is the best barefoot info i've seen.

  • You could also take a look at Barefoot Running Uk - they are doing a workshop in Brighton on the 21st April - £90 for the day. They really know their stuff, I know them personally and they did a fantastic seminar at The Running Show last November.

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