Blisters to Rear of Foot Arch

It would be really helpful to have some input from the seasoned runners out there, or indeed from anyone who’s experienced the same...

Last year bought Mizuno Wave Rider 7’s.  Ran 500-800 miles in them, including an Ironman marathon.  No trouble.  Replaced them with identical pair.  I run in the same socks.  I have the same running pattern.  Yet I’ve started to blister to the rear of my right arch.

Historically, I’ve had similar problems further forward in the arch but that was mitigated by buying a shoe with a wider toe-box.

Kicked out 11 miles today.  Arch is now red raw.  Two HMs coming up in next fortnight.  Then Paris & VLM in April during the space of a week.

Any guidance on how to address the issue would be HUGELY appreciated.


  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    One answer would be to buy some different shoes. But an explanation could be that no two pairs of shoes are exactly the same. I've bought shoes that were perfect. I've replaced them with identical models which were total rubbish. So different shoes would be the answer. You cannot expect a solution with your current shoes. They form blisters in an area that cannot be cut away. And blisters are so painful that people get injured trying to work around them. Not best before all your marathons.
  • I agree with RicF. With another pair of shoes you will almost certainly change the pressure points. The difference can equate to the total absence of awareness of blister and of course by interchanging shoes regularly you can avoid getting them. BOL for M.
  • The blistering is in the rear part of the medial arch of the foot?
    Is there anything in the shoe, a manufacture fault, rough edge on the insole or anything that could be causing it?

    Anything else you've changed with your training? More speed or hill work? Change of running surface? Seems odd that a new blister should form if nothing has changed.

    In the short term once the blister has healed protecting the area with Zinc Oxide tape when you run can help. Obviously try it on a few training runs before you race to see how you get on.

    It's too close to the HM's to change shoes really. You could try changing insoles though, swap in an off the shelf insole or a comfy one from your older pair. Try on a training run and see if it solves the issue.

    Hope that helps
  • Compeed blister plasters are very good - they're like real skin and you can keep them on for a few days. They won't solve the problem but they'll keep you running.
  • Thanks guys.  Even Columbo had more to go on than I do...

    Failed to mention that I'd taped area with Zinc Oxide as small rough patches had appeared from earlier short runs (assumed I was breaking in shoes).

    It's incredibly frustrating.  Happened a couple of years back with £100+ Asics which were binned after no more than thirty or so miles.

    Tom, absolutely nothing changed in my training (I'm a miles over method man).  I think the easy out here is to blame my gait but by buying identical trainers (seriously no more than twelve weeks apart in purchase), I thought I'd dodged a bullet.

    Will flip insole from older shoe.  I think there might be something in that.  Certainly worth a try.  Then it's time to open the cheque book again.  Someone remind me why barefoot running is catching on again?!
  • @AreWeThereYet

    Unfortunately, I think I'm the only runner to disprove that theory.  Having read up on the matter, it would appear that Compeeds are a good solution for many but in the past, the friction issue (combined with heat and moisture in trainer) has only served to melt Compeed into blister.  If you thought an infected blister looked bad, you should see one of these cocktails!

    It is for this reason that I'd warn again it being an immediate solution for long distance runners.
  • The Wave Rider 7 is a neutral shoe right?
    I wonder whether an orthotic with a medial arch support might be enough, rather than buying new shoes?

    I've just got a pair of Footdisc orthotics, have run a couple of 20 milers and a HM in them and they're very comfortable. They do add a little weight to the shoe though.

    Good luck
  • Wave Rider are meant to have a little support (I mildly over pronate).  This may have something to do with it as the 'kick' pattern of my right foot is less conventional than my left but since all factors are the same as with previous shoe (save for age) it's a cause of frustration.  Would be OK if shop assistants or manufacturers had answer but at a cost of £75-£120 a pop, trial and error is not a game I like playing!
  • I know what you mean, can be a costly business! Even insoles can set you back £30!

    Is there a Sweatshop near you? I use one in Brighton, they let you run in the shoes for 30 days and return them if there are any issues. They do free gait analysis on a treadmill too. I'm currently trialling the new Asics Kayanos nice to know I can take them back if they dont feel right.
  • After over two years of trying to dodge blisters (and generally failing), I’ve made an absolutely revolutionary discovery...  duct tape and Vaseline!

    Having slapped a load of duct tape over the offending area in my shoe and making sure the same point on my foot is well covered in Vaseline, I seem to have completely alleviated the issue.

    I suspect this might already be a known solution but it wasn’t shared with me and so I felt compelled to put it out there for the benefit of other sufferers.  I hope it helps.


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