Zombies Run!


  • I thought about it, but haven't purchased it yet - probably will at some point, though I was put off by the fact that I'd need to keep looking at my phone...
  • it's a bit spendy. but it looks funny. i'd get it, if it was cheaper and use it on the dark short runs i do at night round the local woods.
  • I read you dont need to keep looking at your phone as its a running app. You start it and run, and it goes on top of your play list.

    Wish there were a few more reviews for it...
  • Just read the developer page - sounds good, but a bit pricey, I reckon - also no GPS integration. Still sounds like fun - might still try it...
  • a friend of mine on my facebook runner group has just bought it after i re posted it. i'll get a review of it from him and report back
  • oooh yep please do. Dying to hear what people think image
  • I tried it (didn't have to pay for it, thankfully).

    It isn't any kind of serious running tool, but neither is it particularly entertaining. Was deleted very quickly.
  • Full review from my friend

    Had a blast on my run using this app.

    There really is a storyline to this thing. It's a little corny at times, but still fun and adds to the running bit. When you start the first "mission" you hear that you are in a helicopter going to a survivor "green zone" to help them out as a runner. RPG comes out of no where, and you go down about 3 miles from the town. The comms operater, Sam, in the city has radio contact with you and tells you which way to go to get to them and to stop by the hospital to pick up some supplies.

    This is the kool part. When you first boot up the app it asks you if you want to have zombie encounters right off and to build a music playlist. During the first mission after sam tells you waht direction to head, your music starts up so you have music the entire time. After certain distances and times, a robot voice will say you found water or clothing or battieres. etc which is then stored for later use. Also after certain distances, the song stops and Sam comes back on; this happens periodically with updates from him on what direction you should go, what items you need and just progresses the story along. Other characters come on the comms as well, like the doctor who asked you to go to the hospital. You're walking/running the entire time.

    Zombie encounters. Like I said earlier, the story said you needed to go in the hospital. While there, Sam comes on and pretty much tells you to run your ass off to the main entrance where backup because about 10 zombies followed you in. One of them was an ex-runner and still retains that ability. The kool thing about the app is it tracks you through the iPhones gps so it paces you so whenever zombies show up, the game says you have to run faster than you currently are. I didn't believe that and kept jogging because I was getting tired... The game's audio pretty much told me I needed to actually sprint. You can hear the zombies get closer and it really does sound like they are coming directly behind you. After a certain point your music dies down and a beeping starts going off and a robot voice starts saying "zombies, 15 meters away..... zombies, 10 meters away" and the beeping gets quicker and the zombie moans get louder. I literally had to sprint for about a minute and a half to get away from them and I eventually some dude came over the comms saying to run harder for al ittle bit longer and then I started hearing gun shots. -end mission-

    I'll be honest, this was a lot of fun running with this. Good interval training and the story makes your runs different each time so it doesn't get as boring. A fun extra they added after you have completed a mision and are still walking back to your car or house is the zombie news radio. Sam will come on the radio and say that some other survivors have started up a broadcast and tunes you in to listen to them while you come back. It's 2 guys playing radio djs and it's their first broadcast. They give updates for safe zones, areas with heavy infestations, news around the area and they have some pretty funny back and forths with each other and play music. The best part; the music is your playlist you created. After each song they will come back on with some more updates or a joke and it's very well done. Then, they say something like, "we'll update you guys soon, here's some more music" and the next song on your list plays

  • Continued:

    That's the first part of the game which is the running. The second part is about the base or safe zone you build up. You have a comms area, rec area, living quarters, and a hospital. The items you found along your run are used to upgrade/level up each part of your base. The more you level your base, the more survivors come and the more missions you unlock for your runs. The missions I unlocked so far are to do a tour of the base or lure the zombies away which I assume is going to be heavy in running.

    I love this app. It's a game that only progresses by you getting into shape and being active. The storyline is the normal zombie survival schtick but the voice acting is decent, the humor is good and it's just a really unique and fun idea for runners. I would tell everyone to seriously consider buying it.

    EDIT: You can also see the total distance you have ran, total time, and average pace which seems to be pretty accurate,
  • Thats a really good review, sounds fab! - I'm sold, I want to go running! am resting my knee for a few days image hopefully by Sat will be back on the road and I'll review back.
  • I'll be watching this thread, let us know!
  • managed to get out today and use it image

    It was my first run with it, so my only real gripe is the instructions... I planned on a just short 5k route at lunch time. I've still not completed the first mission which was a shame, but I made it back to my door and had to get back to work - I'm a slow runner so maybe I need shorter songs?

    You start of by crashing and having to run back to base, guided by a guy at base and a doctor. There were other characters and it's really well done.
    The voice overs and the play list sound levels vary allot, which might be a bug. But the story unfolds and you listen to a song, they tell you you have collected things and chat to you, listen to another song etc.

    At about 3.5k in, I got chased by zombies which was really well done. (and it coincided with Ready Steady Go, which is one of my power songs!) but then knackered I got another zombie chase not long after. Needless to say, I didn't out run them. It says that it works out a chase speed against your average speed. Gutted but I'm more determined to out run tem for next time.

    Overall I like it! I love the concept of games and fitness but hate the idea of standing in front of the TV to get fit, so this takes that a little further. And its seems well put together.

    And it might seem expensive for an app but its less than 2 pints in the pub, or 2 coffee's from Starbucks, what ever floats your vice boat - but if you want something different when running, and you like games buy it.

    I'll update when I do the next one tomorrow when I finally finish the mission (I was told I wasn't far either image )
  • I'm looking forward to this turning up on Android - it's due quite soon.
  • I noticed the app advertised that you can play on a treadmill. Not sure how that would work though?? Any thoughts?
    Great reviews by the way!! image
  • I have only just got this app as a 'bit of run fun' to break up the more serious training using other running based apps...

    I tried this out on a night/dark run this evening in the woods using a head torch...wow...so much fun...really spiced up the run...well worth the money

    The intention is to use it once a week as I say for a bit of fun...so looking forward to next week..image

  • I've even using it for a while and have found that it has sped me up quicker than proper interval training. It amazing how much quicker I can run when I think there's a pack of hungry zombies behind me! image (especially with the moaning and snarling noises!) Definitely more effective in the dark!!
  • Yep, I'm going to do Mission 2 today. I saw this advertised online somewhere and just had to get it. I didn't use GPS the first time round, so I've yet to experience a Zombie chase. Today is going to be my fifth consecutive day running (trying a short running streak out) so I'm not exactly sure how good I'll be. Am so in love with this app!

  • I think it's brilliant! Being stuck on a treadmill with nowhere I was able to run, it kept me entertained and focused and with the chases it forces you to put that extra effort in, all the while appealing to my sense of humour with the character dialogue.

    Maybe not the right thing for serious runners but for casual runners or those who want something different to try, I reckon it was well worth it.
  • I just bought this app to try out, and make my getting back to running more fun. Does any one know of any similar apps?

  • run through birmingham at night, its like the app only more realistic.

  • Started using this again to mix it up a bit. I tend to just go out running and not plan intervals sessions etc so this takes the thinking out of it for me. Once a week let the zombies chase me and jobs a good'un

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