London bupa 10k

Ive just picked up an injury which has ruled me out of running in this years Bupa 10k in London .. anyone interested in buying my place ?


  • When is it please?! I would be depending on dates!
  • 27th may
  • How much for?

  • Er!  I think you may find transferring of places is against the rules image
  • Good luck transferring that! I couldn't run in 2009 as I was a few days short of receiving a bone marrow transplant and they were all "yeah we're sorry but tough luck". I love the Bupa 10,000 and greatly prefer it to the awful Great British 10k Race, but they're very strict about no transfers or deferring.
  • Oh rats....never mind...didn't know you couldn't it is I've not had anything back about prices so it's a moot point now.
  • I can understand not refunding your money but you cant even defer it untill next year .... disgusting when you think of the amount of people who pick up injuries
  • Whether you agree with it or not, you submitted your entry, paid your money, and agreed to be bound by their Terms and Conditions.

    You made your choice.  Simple as.

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