Garmin 910xt

Doing a search for the 910xt there are loads of great reviews and no doubt that this is an outstanding watch, but what I would like to find out is about the little things that you have found wrong with the watch or that could be improved. So if you've got one please do share your points and experiences.


  • I've had one for a week:

    There were some issues with the first firmware release (2.20): the 'live' pace or speed jumped all over the place on the run and the elevation 'calibration' was dodgy.

    An update (2.40) was released end of last week that claims to have fixed the pace issue (will find out tonight). The update also addresses the elevation issue, but this is still not right. The watch uses GPS data to calibrate the barometer each time the watch is turned on. In real life this means you have to leave the watch outside for much longer before you start your session and the starting altitude is still a bit variable.

    I'm sure the firmware issues will continue to be refined. The barometer issue is a but disappointing as this was a big selling point.

    The pool swimming feature is absolutely brilliant - I've done 3 sessions with the watch now and every length / stroke has been counted perfectly. You get data for each length which really shows performance dips during intervals etc.. This is a big bonus over the Poolmate which doesn't offer this. I'm already swimming harder knowing my data is up for scrutiny!

    The bike side is pretty much the same - you can now enter stats for up to 5 bikes. (You still can't customise the data fields for each bike though.) Synchronising with my cadence sensors and HR strap has been faultless.

    In comparison to my 310xt: The watch itself is much easier to wear, it feels (and is) much thinner in terms of height, and the strap is wider and much easier to get on and off. The buttons on the side (particularly the up/down buttons) are a bit smaller and can be quite difficult to press, especially with bike gloves on.

    In summary, it is absolutely brilliant as a triathlon training watch. Being able to record the pool swims is a revelation for me, and makes maintaining a log much easier as well. The bike and run aspects are essentially the same as the 310xt with a few more available data fields and room for more bikes. The bugs are minor and performance should continue to improve.

    Check out the Garmin Forums for more accurate information and less of my waffle. image

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