The Kintyre Way ultra

I was thinking of entering this and was debating whether to sign up for the 33 mile or the 45 mile option. I haven't done any ultras before but have done a few road marathons and have signed up for two 40 milers and a couple of trail marathons this year. Not worried about being able to complete the distance on fairly flat terrain but don't have much experience of off-road running other than on tame trail paths, so was wondering how rough and hilly the route was.

I had a look at the results on the event website from the previous years to get some idea of folks' times, and it looks like each year there has been just half a dozen relay teams doing the full 66 miles, plus fewer than ten individual runners. There aren't any results listed for the two shorter distances on offer and there isn't a whole lot of info on the website about the number of entries expected this year. 

Anyone here done this event? 


  • Hmmm. I guess the answer's no!

    Guess I'll just have to phone the organisers to see what's what... 

  • Quite right, this has been a low-profile event up to now.

    The 2 shorter distances (35½ and 45 miles) are new this year and entry has only just opened.

    If you haven't done any ultras before, you definitely want to go for the 35½ Tayinloan to Campbeltown.

    Most of the route is on hill paths and forestry tracks. The only rough bit in the 35½ is the beach section,for 2 miles just after Carradale. Apart from that, it's all runnable,

    But the usual advice is to walk most of the uphills and save your energy for those final miles. Think about it -  you've done a full marathon and then there's still nearly 10 miles to go!

    Most comments about the Kintyre Way races are to do with the fantastic scenery and the friendly welcome.

  • Thanks for the info Rob, I didn't realise that the two shorter distances hadn't been part of the previous years' races. I think I'll go ahead and enter the shortest distance. Sounds like it'll be fun!
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