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Hi there,

I'm currently training for the London Marathon (my first marathon) and about three weeks ago began getting some hip discomfort in my right hip when I got up to 13 miles in a training run. Since then I have had it regularly when running and a couple of times it has turned into a dull ache the following days and caused me to limp ever so slighty when walking, but then it disappears very quickly and the process will start over when I start running again.

Also, I have had a sharp shooting pain in my lower right leg that has been accompanying it (No idea if these are linked?) when running. My hip does not hurt when I touch it and it is not persistant, only when I start running and up my mileage, then it will linger around for 24+ hours before going.

This is not ideal as I need to be looking forward to a 16 mile run this weekend, but I don't think that is a good idea with this discomfort at the moment. I really want to get back on track.

 How should I combat this?  Rest and hip exercises?




  • I forgot to also mention that it came around the time i chnaged my trainers, I got some on the advice on running experts who made me run over a mat hooked up to a computer and worked out where I over pronate etc - these trainers feel great and my feet do not ache when I run in them like my previous ones.

    My old trainers were a cheap pair of Nikes and my new ones are expensive Adidas ones so I am hoping that this issue won't be down to the trainers?

  • Google ITBS and see if that matches your pain, otherwise see a physio.  I had ITBS for a while in 2010 and fixed it via good stretching.

  • I'm not sure, my knees feel ok, it is really just my hip and now this shooting pain in my lower right leg...
  • Mine was in my hip too - at one stage I had to stop and walk 3 long miles home.  Never had pain in my knee.  I read somewhere that tight calves can cause ITBS.

    Felt like someone was sticking something into my hip sort of on the outside of my leg.

    The roller helped - bloody painful, but helped.

  • Yep, I set out on a run last night and ended up walking home.

     Sounds like we had the same thing, mine feels like that too.  I had calf strain a couple of months ago, which went, so maybe I have tight calfs which contributed.

    What is 'The Roller' ?

  • A foam roller, used for 'rolling' out aches and pains.  I find it works for me.

    I would still recommend you see a physio though as they would be able to tell you and advise stretches etc.

    If not 'amazon' a foam roller and look on You Tube for the exercises / stretches.  They hurt to start with, but feel so good afterwards!

  • Excellent!  I will give that a go and will see a Physio.

    Thanks for your help!

  • Have you had your shoes checked?  Running shops do gait analysis to check if you have the correct shoes for your running style.  I had mine done a few years back and it made a massive difference to my running.
  • I actually recently attended the London Marathon 'Meet The Experts' day and they suggested my current footwear.  They made me run back and forth across a mat that fed signals to a computer as to where I over pronate. 

    My last trainers actually were more uncomfortble and I frequently had shooting pains in my lower legs with those ones (They were cheap £20 ones from First Sport), since swtiching to my new ones (£100+ Adidas ones) those pains have gone, but I have since had this hip discomfort.

    I am relatively new to running, having done three half marathons, my longest ever training run of 13 miles was when I started getting the hip discomfort.

  • This sounds like a problem I've been having - doing the London, first marathon, started at my 12 mile run, new trainers!  Very similar.  Except that I haven't been able to run at all for 2 and a half weeks and my hip/groin on the right is still painful every day, particularly when I get up from sitting to walk.  I tried a gentle jog 4 days after my 12 miler and after 1.5 miles I had to stop and walk gingerly home.  Tried a swim last week but that just aggravated it.  I went to a physio last Friday but she didn't give me any indication of what it was or how long it might take to improve (at the moment, it is no better at all since it started) and she has given me some stretches and exercises to do until I see her again next Friday.

     Suffice it to say, I'm feeling very despondent and gutted.  Any exercise seems to cause me pain at the moment so I'm not even keeping up my CV.  Does anyone know how much training for the marathon I can miss before I need to drop out?  I can defer until next year but really don't want to.  But, I don't want to just walk round either, I want to make my best go of it.

  • I know how you feel, it's so frustrating not being able to go out and train! Especially when you've previosuly been doing so well.  I've ordered a foam roller and will try various glute exercises to overcome it.
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