1.5 mile running time improvement

Hello all,

This is my first post.

Been running recreationally for a little while, mostly 6-8 milers at 8 min mile pace, 2-4 times a week.I don't race.

I have a looming test for the TA and would like to improve my 1.5 mile time.What can I do, other than just keep blatting out 1.5 mils?

I am getting a lot of conflicting advice and don't really know who to ask. Some of the people that advise me currently e.g. gym instructors can't run 8 miles full stop, let alone in an hour, so I thought I'd join up here where I can get the benefit of experince from people who run a lot!

I look forward to your responses.

Best wishes,



  • Interval speed training will do it.

    Your 6 to 8 mile runs are good for general stamina, but for a fast sub 5k time you need to look at somehting like 400m reps on a track at flat out pace with short recoveries. 

  • I agree, start with 200m full speed, keep running slow till recovery and do again. Try this twice a week and keep adding the number of 200m's till you are doing 8-10. Then start doing 300m until 8-10, then do 400ms.
  • Thanks poeple!
  • OK -- Update

    So I've been hammering the 400m reps. Seen some improvement. Can't seem to get it down to 8:00 though.

    My current week looks like this:

    • Mn. 8x400m (recovery to 125-135HR)
    • Tu. Swim + conditioning/core
    • Wd. 45 minute fast run with hills (155-165HR)
    • Th. As Tuesday
    • Fr. 60 minute slow run (140-155HR)
    • Sa. Off
    • Sn. 80-90 minute slow run (140-155HR)

    Can anyone help me tweak this for some serious speed?

    Thanks in advance of your help.

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