Where can I get clothes in small sizes?

OK - complete laziness I know, but I hate shopping.

I've run out of work trousers and also need some for interview but most shops don't seem to go down to a size 6 except H & M whose current smart range is black and grey and I prefer blue, maroon, red, brown, checked.

Anyone know where I can get reasonable quality petite woman's clothes - not just for work but for play?  Happy to consider togs for kids/teenagers as I'm only 5'2".


  • Am not short myself but have heard good things about ASOS petite range image

    They go down to 6 in almost everything in the normal range and down to 4 I believe in petite...warning it is hugely addictive image

  • I have a penchant for Hobbs. They do a petite range, and I love the cut of their trousers (some, at least) but I'm not a size 6, so can't confirm they go that small.
  • Next usually do decent petite stuff but I find their business range a bit bland. Monsoon's stuff is very nice too but not sure they're smaller sizes will actually fit a sz 6 as I tend to find they're quite generous in their sizing (not a 6 myself but find they're sizes are usually quite loose on my hourglass shape).  You could also have a look at the Debenhams website to see what they have - if you're feeling rich!  Or nose about the various sites and then get on Ebay.

    Beleive it or not, when I was 8/10 I used quite like the New Look kids range for fit although I don't know what they're like now.

  • Thanks Curly.  There's a lot there but I need to try things on.  Sorry - I should've said I don't want to order from the 'net.

    Helen - I bought a lovely skirt from Hobbs years ago, even though it was too big.  They only go down to size 8 and they're too expensive for me anyway.

  • Agree re: next CD.  Monsoon have got some lovely kids' dresses and I've got a kid's cardigan from there I got in the sale but no work-type trews at the moment.

    OK - will give Debenhams a try.  No - I'm not feeling rich.  They're making pay cuts at my work which necessitates me getting interview gear!

  • RS...ive found principles petite range are great. they  do size 4 and 6 which fit me so well i dnt need to try them on. i have long arms though, and some sleeves are a bit on the short side for me. Dorothy perkins size 4 is a good fit for me too. jeans have always been a noghtmare for me. not because of leg length , but the hip and waist area. i have no hips !!! the only pair of jens i own are a size 4  from DP and have no hips -straight up and down and are perfect. also have you tried the teenager range fron NEW LOOK. this fits quite well again. i find the teenage bras are good size there too as the rib cage measurement seems smaller too whilst keeping the same cup sizes as in the ladies range. womens bras are useless if your ribcage is only 27/28 inch !image

    i often but and wear kids ranges though , but  i find that the leg length sometimes isnt long enough.  NEXT is brilliant and i find age 11-12 fits pretty well. .....and its all cheaper !!image

  • I'm 5'2" and slim.  Generally for clothes I find that Oasis and Warehouse come up quite small and therefore fit well (sleeves on jackets aren't too long, etc.).  Haven't bought trousers there, though.  Must admit I hate shopping for trousers in general, though: finding some where waist, hips and length are all correct seems to be some nigh on impossible holy grail!  I own a lot of skirt suits for work...
  • skirts are easier arnt they joolskaimage..i agree , there are too many ratios to get right with trousers!!
  • image Don't tell her I said but Sarah quite often just buys kids clothes. Normally just the same as the adult sizes but cheaper.
  • Cake wrote (see)
    image Don't tell her I said but Sarah quite often just buys kids clothes. Normally just the same as the adult sizes but cheaper.
    i do too cake...i think STBW and i had this discussion before...my arms are quite long and skinny though so i ens up with half mast sleevesimage....some of the ladies clothes , even in petite are ridiculous around the waist/hips /bum size though!!  everyone on here must have noticed that...need a bum the size of a small island to fill some of it image
  • Loads of places to try - thanks Loula and yes, nice bras are a problem too.  I bought a pair of Howies jeans some months ago in a sale size 26" waist.  They are a fitted loose fit if you know what I mean and I love them.

    There's a new Oasis just opened by my work Joolska so I'll try that.  Went to Warehouse yesterday but they only had black work-type trews.

    I've been a White Stuff and Jigsaw clone in the past.  I haven't had to visit other shops for years.

    I'm happy to buy kids' clothes but just need to make sure they're long enough in the leg.  I like bright colours and more unusual items but not frilly or fussy.  Sort of classic but on a sporty tip with '60s styling thrown in.  Well, that's my ideal but I don't often find stuff that fits.

    I'm just fantasising here a bit too because, until I get a job offer, I'm going to struggle to pay my mortgage and bills, but I do need a pair of interview trousers for starters and some small, fitted tops.  At my last interview, I wore a jacket done up, hiding a running t-shirt!

  • I sometimes buy the children's range at H and M. Usually come up better for length on legs and sleeves than other kids ranges. Also find that the small sizes at Zara and Mango fit quite well.

    A couple of months ago there was an article In the Guardian online for an app where you input all your measurements and it tells you what size you are indifferent shops. Can't remember the name of the app but you can probably look it up in the Guardian online.
  • TimeaJTimeaJ ✭✭✭
    Miss Selfridge - I think every size they do is much smaller than standard sizes so you should not have a problem.
  • Thanks Slowkoala and Timea.  There's a Zara, Mango and a Miss Selfridge close to where I work + an Apricot. 

    I appreciate all the tips folks.  I am a crap shopper and used to just go to White Stuff and Jigsaw sale.  I'll have to branch out now I guess and devote a half day to perusing the racks.

  • Not a problem for me sadly but my 18 year old daughter is a size 6/4 depending on shop (with big boobs so she does have issues finding clothes at times) - but she mostly shops at top shop where she gets what she wants every time (I swear that girl could live there!!)
  • Most high street shops go down to a size 6 (topshop and miss selfridge go down to a size 4!) Next sizes are quite big tho, i'm usually an 8 and wear a 6 from there. All of the other usual ones go to a 6 too.... river island, zara, new look etc.... i even think primark does now.

  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    Most high street sizing is quite big, esp Next and M&S. Though I do like their kids clothes. image ho hum.

    H&M sizing is not too bad and I like both their adult and kids clothes. Miss Selfridge I find is very good in their petite range. Top Shop is also good I just don't seem to like their clothes much. Just me. I like Gap but it is hard to find anything small enough, their business wear just doesn't go small enough and the rest is too variable but height wise not too bad for us shorties.

    I used to like Bay as I could put on anything in a size 6 and know it would fit fine.

    I have some great clothes from Mango but it's rare to find something I really like - when I do it's a gem that I'll wear forever.

    Have just come home from Thailand and I'm feeling really fat. image Fat with no boobs as I still couldn't find a bra small enough.

  • A launderette.  Select clothes that are too big and then put them through an inappropriate temperature wash image

    OK not very helpful. Didn't Evans used to do small sizes. However I think the ladies above have probably given you much more useful suggestions

  • Brooks - I put 4 things which are meant to be 40 on the hottest wash a few weeks ago.  Nothing shrank and I had to give 2 pairs of trews and a skirt away to a friend.

    I still haven't had chance to get out and shop apart from one lunchtime at H & M.  Going to go out tomorrow lunchtime and focus on one of the suggestions each lunch break this week.  Will update when I have.

  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭
    New Look Generation 9-15 also do some non childish childrens wear.
  • I popped out to Oasis today but no trousers in 6; lots of nice items in there tho'.  H & M teenagers looks promising but nothing in stock yet except a nice jacket which I didn't need.  Someone else recommended New Look on here Mouse but my nearest one is full of terrible things.

    I'm working my way through the list I took off this thread.

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭
    camillia sinensis assamica mouse wrote (see)
    New Look Generation 9-15 also do some non childish childrens wear.
    ditto mouseimage i wear lots of their stuff. the school trousers are good fit
  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭
    Laura Read 2 wrote (see)

    Most high street shops go down to a size 6 (topshop and miss selfridge go down to a size 4!) Next sizes are quite big tho, i'm usually an 8 and wear a 6 from there. All of the other usual ones go to a 6 too.... river island, zara, new look etc.... i even think primark does now.

    Next womens is too big  yes, but kids is fine as again there are no hips in the trousers.

    baytrading used to be fab until they closed down but i have found another similar called  INTERNACIONALE...they do size 6 and i bought a littlemix style playsuit in black n white which is a brilliant fit. no baggy armholes and straight up and down cut.the clothes there seem to be smaller thn average too-thats been my favourite haunt for the past year

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