3 hour train journey to london day before marathon, ok?

Im debating if to go to london the fruday or saturday before the london marathon. Last year i went Friday and spent a lot of time doing nothing. So this year I think an extra nights decent sleep in my own bed would help but also there wouldbe a 3 hour train ride down getting me there for 1pm.

I  cant see this having a bad affect on my run can you? Id get to hotel and spend all day in hotel relaxing with early night.


  • The only thing is if your train is delayed and Expo is closed when you go to get your race pack.
  • Train arrives at 1pm so would need ot be long delay.
  • the coach always goes down on saturday and takes longer than that.never had any problems.just don't do too much shopping at the expo...image
  • Cheers, just drop off bag, taxi to expo then back for 4pm to rest all evening.
  • I do pretty much the same. I think the expo takes more out of you than the train journey.
  • Not quite the same but I drove 4 hours to Newcastle for the GNR one year and had the worst Half Marathon I've ever run by a country mile.

    Personal Worst time that was slower than any time I have run even in training and I felt like death at the end.

    I wouldnt do it again, (the drive or GNR)

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