Foam Roller

I generally use a foam roller before and after running , however I heard today that using a roller before running can increase the risk of injury greatly

Does anyone know if this is the case?

Many thanks.


  • Hi Marc
    I have yet to come across that bit of research.
    I feel like a lead balloon if I haven't used my roller before a run, 5 years of doing that and no muscle tears yet.
    I strongly advocate it to my tight runners before they run as part of a warm up plan.

    Keep going!
  • I guess its open to individual choice then-do what works for you. If its helping I wouldn't change it but just wondered if you stretch after and also use the foam roller after exercise? The stretching in particular after running or any intense exercise helps me a great deal and I do feel tense and like a brick and achey the next time I try to run if I haven't stretched, I'd imagine the same would be so if I were to use a foam roller after exercise as well.

    Its something to try anyway if the studies about increasing the chances of injury do worry you but otherwise, if it aint broke, don't fix it!

  • Yes I always stretch too.

    I'm exactly the same, my legs feel like weights if I've not used the roller.

    Many thanks
  • I don't recommend using the roller after a run as the muscle is already traumatized and geting on the roller potentially adds to that. I am a fan of easy stretching - cooling down.
    As an alternative to the roller - have you considered using 2 tennis balls strapped together - used in the same way as the roller but you get deeper penetration and focus on those tight spots.
    As Jenn says - many of these things are a matter of choice and what you feel what works for you.

  • Hi All

    Just read this article

    I am sure this will create some debate!!!

  • Physio in Blackheath wrote (see)
    Hi All

    Just read this article

    I am sure this will create some debate!!!


    I totally get the article saying pain isn't a good thing as its further damaging already over-stressed muscles, but to then say 'oh but sports massage is good because its a person doing the massage and not a foam roller'...erm, hello?! Last time I looked all foam rollers were operated by the same person experiencing the muscle pain, not a separate person!

    It sort of makes a point...and then points a finger right back at itself for making no sense!

    Not a fan of the foam roller here,

    (I prefer to stretch, plus I find using them a bit too akward with all that balancing straight after a workout which, when I work out the main aim is to work as much as I can, if I don't feel exhausted afterwards I don't feel I've done anything- the idea of then 1 causing myself more pain and 2 having to precariously balance on top of a round objext isn't top of my list! I stretch because it feels good, I don't foam roller because it feels bad)

     but the article wasn't something that makes me feel I've made the right choice by deciding not to.

  • I foam roll most days but do this in the evenings along with daily stretches..and not straight after exercise.

    When I run I do stretches after that as well. Sort of see the foam roller and evening stretching as just a daily thing for underlying maintanance. Foam rolling does hurt at first but as muscles get less tight it hurts much less if at all and I can vouch for much improved ITB and calves.

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