One step closer...

First coached swim session this evening. I've never been able to swim front crawl, and by the end of the session I could swim a length, bi-lateral breathing included! Dead chuffed with myself. Swallowed half a pool. Felling bloody great!

One step closer to being a triathlete...


  • Blimey that's impressive ! I still can't do bilateral breathing !
    Ironman next year then for you.
  • Well I was taking in half air, half water image

    That's the very tentative plan ... I live in Wales, so Tenby's looking nice.
  • 13th Jan 2008... I can still remember the day. Like Cougies I still haven't mastered bi-lateral
  • well done Tim.

    What's bi-lateral? image

  • I've seen Cougie swim ... saying he has mastered single sided breathing, would be stretching it

  • Thanks guys. I was breathing in more water than air ... but it's a start!
  • Tim - you are in the same place with your swimming as me. Am on my third front crawl lesson. Feels so great to (sort of) be able to do it hey! I also breath in more water than air and there is a lot of coughing and spluttering but it all feels like progress image
  • Well dome Tim and Oii!

    I've just finished my swimming lessons (I prefer the coaching - doesn't cunjure pictures of arm band and rubber rings quite so much) although still breathing water!

    I'm heading to Spain next week and have my first open water swim planned - justing hoping its true what they say about it being easier to swim/float in a wet suit!! Otherwise I'll have no need to worry about the bike or run - I'll drown during the swim!!image

  • ironhogs.....i was going to ask about bilateral meaning image

    I still drink more than water than is safe after 3/4 has a side effect warned...........
  • yeah Seren, but thats because you swim in mucky rivers all year round

  • I'm not a very good swimmer by any means. However the day I went slow enough to breathe bilaterally was the day I began to think I could swim. From there it was just a case of doing more lengths.
  • Bilateral breathing is being able to take a breath on a stroke on both the left and right sides.

    I went to the kind of school where even the non-swimmers had to race at the beginning of each lesson.

    Thats 80's comprehensive education for you.

    I still cant swim but I know the principles of how to.

    Which is weird

  • Side effects? Puking? Yet to swim for that long, but I'm sure I'll get there ... image
  • Tim Lebbon wrote (see)
    Side effects? Puking? Yet to swim for that long, but I'm sure I'll get there ... image
    Oh yes I do the puking... It seems I get sea sick in OW, and if I forget my ear plugs I usually throw up after 15 mins in OW
  • No.........i meant peeing.....when you drink so much water every end up peeing your way around an IM or a half.....
  • Even more impetus to be towards the front of the pack.
  • Managed 20 length this morning! Stopped between every length, swallowed the half of the pool I left behind on Tuesday. But didn't puke. Success!
  • Tim.just realised you are south must come and swim in the Taff with me image
  • Hmmm, give me a few more pool sessions first! And a wetsuit. And a boat. Where do you live?
  • Tim dont let Seren tempt you. Stick to the pool.

  • Tim, heed Slugs advice, she'll have you swimming up the Taff in January image image
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