Aches and Pains before a race!

This is probably a daft one, but is it normal to worry about every twinge in the week or two before a race?

 I've only done one road race before and I was a bit like that then as fairly new to running at that point, but am doing my first half in less than 2 weeks now.  I seem to be worrying about every twinge, ache and pain.  Have spent two days worrying about a toe ache / creaky joint to going out this morning on a short run and finding my right knee now hurts which has sent me into another panic!

 I have done my last long run ( slow 12 miles Sunday) but wondering if I should be cutting right down, tapering more than I planned.

 Anyway, guess I am asking if anyone else is like / is it normal this or is this just something you get used to the more you race??



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    The couple of weeks before my first marathon, I had so many phantom injuries and illnesses.  I also find that the final couple of runs before a big race feel really hard and legs feel like lead and I wonder how I can ever run 13.1 or 26.2 miles when running 3 miles feels like such a slog.  One the day it (usually) all comes together.

    The taper is all about consolidating your training and resting up for the big day  - and for many of us is harder than the actual training itself. 

    Obviously though you shouldn't ignore sharp pains or chest infections etc - but you'll know when it's a big enough problem that you will need to pull out completely.

    I've got my first half for a couple of years next week and am remembering again what it's like.  I end up reviewing my training spreadsheet to remind myself that I have done the trianing and it's all going to be perfect.  (hopefully).

  • The more you race, the more your body figures out what you are about to put it through, and starts to make excuses and tell you lies....

    Stand on nay start line and listen to the number of runners who weren't going to run that day due to an injury, and watch them go set a PB....

    The paranoia is totally normal and will only get worse the nearer you get to your ace, and the more you race!

    To be honest, I cant ever recall heading to a race thinking "I'm in perfect shape for this with not a niggle or a twinge to concern me...."

    Its also amazing how those creaky knees and sore toes suddenly vanish if you get a PB!

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    Thankyou!  It is good to hear that I am not going (slightly) mad! image
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    if you get bad aches etc then yes take it easy

    i went though a tough patch at Chester marathon in the last 6 miles but in the last mile all that went when i saw the crowds you forget about aches and pains at this point near the finish
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