I need new shoes!

I need new shoes!  Well, doesn't every girl!?

Seriously though, I have worn Asics Gel Nimbus running shoes now for all my running life.  As my speed has increased, i now find them a bit cumbersome and heavy.  My favourite distance is half marathons, and I would like something that would help increase my speed/performance.  I am a petite 8 stones, with a neutral gait.  I would like to get from 7.30 mins per mile to a consistent 7 minute mile.  What's your favourite running shoe - what would you recommend to me?

Thanks for looking image


  • try Asics Sky Speed or Tarther - details on various Asics women's neutral shoes here .

    if you get on with Asics shoes generally then there's no need to change brands as they'll have something for you
  • I've got some lovely Brooks ST5 racers, but would advise popping down your local running shop and just seeing what suits you in the racer / training weight range. Saucony Kinavaras have good write ups, along with some of the lunaracers - Just see what suits image
  • Thanks FB - I have had a look, and the Tarther looks promising...
  • Thanks Mike.  It turns out my gait was just awful - so the salesman and I agreed that if we address that with the correct type of supportive shoes, my performane will improve naturally.  Does that sound about right to you?

    I ended up with some Asics GT-2160...

  • If you trust the advice, and they seem to know what they are on about it's generally good to follow - I know Sweatshop gives 30 days to trial shoes just in case they don't suit - Don't know if your shop offers this.

    I used to think I knew what I wanted before I got to the shops, but then realised what I thought would be best for me might not actually be the right choice. Let use know how you get on.
  • For the past 13 years, most of my mileage has been run in Asics Cumulus. I've tried a few lighter shoes for speed sessions and racing - ran in the Brooks T5 for a while, which I choose because it felt like my cross country spikes. They are really narrow though, and you run straight onto the eva foam, which isn't always particularly comfortable. (Comparatively) recently started running faster runs in Newton Distances, and really loving them. Feel really fast, and if strike biomechanics are good then should theoretically make you quicker too, though I'm yet to get to the stage of fitness where I can unscientifically test that claim! image

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