Cowman 2012

Anyone going to the Cowman Middle Distance this year July 8th ?

I'm thinking about doing it this will be my first half ironman would like some advive on how much training to do I'm currently training Tuesday strenght training, Wednesday 6.5 mile run, Thursday Hill Training or Cycle Friday rest Saturday Swim Training Monday strenght training and swim 

I dont know if im doing the right thing as ive mentioned its me first half Ironman any advice would be appreciated on how you trained for your first half ironman or what i should be doing there is 18 weeks to go 


  • You've plenty of time to go through the gears. No worries.

    Looks light on biking and relatively heavy on strength. Depends on the lengths of your sessions though. How long's the bike sesh on Thurs? If it was me, I'd drop a decent length ride in on Saturday and look to build it slowly. Probably also drop one of your strength sessions Mon/Tue and swap in another ride or another run. I think that gives you 2 rides, 2 runs, 1 swim and 1 strength. Feels more suited to achieving your aim.

  • Hi SlowerthanIlook, Thursday bike is normally between 1 and 1 1/2 hours and i was just thinking when would it be best to start introducing brick sessions like swim to bike and bike to run and how should i do them?

    Does this sound right 

    Bike 10 miles run 3 miles 

    Bike 20 miles run 6 miles 

    Bike 30 Miles Run 9 miles 

    Bike 40 Miles Run 12 Miles 

    Bike 50 Miles fall over and die image

  • Jeez - I knew I'd mug myself-off by giving somebody a bit of advice, and coming across as if I know an arse from an onion. Erm....imageimage

    Bollox to the swim/bike brick. Not worth bothering with. You don't need to train your legs to pedal after your arms have done a little swim. They will, so don't worry.

    I'm verging on getting out of my depth on your bike/run bricks, but I'd be tempted to increase the ratio so that you're doing at least 5 miles bike for every 1 mile run. Possibly even more.

    If somebody who does know what they're talking about pops in.... please don't make me look too much of a mug.

  • You are training 6 days a week, your going to have to put in a few doubles probably on the days you swim. So think 4 rides, 3 runs, 2 swims which is 8 sessions  a week, double on swim days and its 6 days of training. Runs would be 1 x tempo, 1 x intervals, 1 x LSR. Swim 1 x distance, 1 x short intervals. Bike 1 x long ride, 1 x hill repeats or sprints, 2 recovery spin sessions. Sorted!

  • ok so how does this look the only thing is there is no rest day image where have I gone wrong ?

    Monday =  AM = 1 x tempo run

                      PM = Swim 1900 meters 

    Tuesday = 1 x long ride 30 mile plus

    Wednesday = AM 1 x intervals Run

                           PM = recovery spin sessions

    Thursday = 1 x hill repeats or sprints

    Friday = AM 1 x short intervals 

                  PM= recovery spin sessions

    Saturday =  Swim 1 x distance

    Sunday = 1 x LSR= 50 miles plus 

  • You haven't doubled up the second swim day,
  • Bike course at Cowman isn't too hard at all really nothing horrible but the run has a bitch of an upflat which is on a path, not rough off road but not smooth and you do laps so it comes round again..... and again.

    All I would comment on about the plan is that some of the more intense sessions are pretty adjacent.....


    Monday = Swim speedwork/Drills

    Tuesday = Medium ride 30 mile plus

    Wednesday = AM Run Intervals/Hills?speedwork
    PM = Recovery spin sessions

    Thursday = AM Medium tempo run
    PM Swim

    Friday = REST

    Saturday AM Long ride= 50 miles plus

    Sunday = AM Long Run
    PM Swim 1 x distance

    Gives you the optimum of three of each session....

    Makes sure really you are running after a bike session even if it is the next day, as you up your intensity you can add on a run after the Tuesday medium cycle.

    But your long ride needs to get longer and your recovery spins should develop into nasty turbo sessions nearer the time. Over distance swims as well in open water as soon as it is warm enough.....

    But then it is probably a lot to do with time availability etc....

  • Well - you asked for it, pancho!

    Enter your first half-iron race, and we come up with a programme that has you doing 14 hours a week with 18 weeks to go. i wasn't doing that volume of work 18 weeks before my first full iron race.... but then i'm not very fast.

    You'll complete the race without doubling up on any of the days. Depends what your competitive aspirations are.
  • Thanks guys I suppose training is all part of the fun slowerthani look image the more the better. Thanks plum The program look purfect for me.

    I'm thinking of enterting some cycle races 50 or 60 miles just to help get my miles up I've never done any cycle races before so that a new expireance for me as they say every little helps image

  • Bricks generally don't vary the run distance.

    Bike 10 run 2-3 miles
    Bike 30 run 2-3 miles
    Bike 50 run 2-3 miles

    It really is just to get you used to getting the running legs going after the bike. Anything much more and running on tired legs is risking injury for little improvement in running ability.

    Bike, run, bike, run, bike, run also make a nice session. Easier if you have someone to watch the bike or have a turbo and a transition in a safe garage that can be quickly exited. 

    Bike 20 minutes
    Run 1 mile
    Repeat 3 times and die.


  • Thanks m.eface just wanted to ask you how often would you do this a week I'm presuming once and would I jump 20 miles each time on the bike leg or not ?
  • Hey, I did this last year and again entered this year - I am a serious back of pack plodder so not good to give you any training advice!!

    The bike course though is quite undulating and not as flat as people think, one short sharp hill completed 3 times saps a bit of energy towards the end of each lap...the run course is not flat either as mentioned has a bit of a drag and a bit of farm land fun thrown in.

    I train around 5 hours max a week (family committments and lack of actual ability!) and I get round no issues so the fact you training hard, you'll get round and do better than you will imagine!

    Remember though its the Middle Distance champs so some seriously fast peeps about!!

  • I did this last year and the bike course is flat. Slight speed bump before the roundabout where you turn left onto the main road. Surely the speed bump is just to slow you down before the junction!

    Bike average was 21mph which was slightly up on bike leg at Swashbuckler.

    Run course is tougher than average due to off-road sections and couple of uphills per lap although I enjoyed it (ish). Plus lake is handy for a quick dip after the race if it is hot.



  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    Is the run off-road enough to merit trail shoes?

  • Hi Joddly - I ran in normal running shoes and was fine, although it were dry. 

    Not having experience of trail shoes I would suggest not, as there is a lot of road and tarmac as well - hope this helps a little.  I reckon most have normal running shoes...

  • This is so helpful! I am doing the Cowman this year- my first triathlon. Had no idea the run was at all off road! Lol. Training on track though- but if anyone has got any tips on general first timer tri errors it would be very appreciated image

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