100 mile club

Bare with me on this, 30 years ago I neet a chap from west Wales who ran 100miles in 24hours and that entitled him to join the 100 miler club. My question is, is that club still going?

I have not heard of it since , or anybody else doing it.


  • Not sure about an official club , but there are plenty of 100 mile races in the UK you can do.
  • Andrew DuBois,

                             The chap who ran it spent 3 days in bed, his heart rate was so low everyone thought that he was dead [ he was in a army camp at the time ] and a doctor was called who put him on a drip.

    After the third day he got up as if nothing had happened. but he was never the same runner again.

     I dont think I would put myself through that,  just wondered if the club was still going.

    This chap also called Roy, died about 5/6 years ago but I always admired for what he did.

  • Have a look in the Ultra/Adventure Racing section, Roy. Lots of century races in there, one this weekend along the Thames path. I managed a 50 last month, and am looking to attempt a 100 next year.
  • There is a club called the Centurions of people who have covered 100 miles in under 24 hours,but they appear to be walkers rather than runners.

    Fast walkers, for sure!

  • I wouldn't let one persons bad experience stop you doing something that you wanted to do.......

    lots of people die every year having sex..doesn't seem to put people off image
  • Thanks one and all .

    Seren nos, to be honest with myself I dont think that I have the apptitude for that distance. Mind you I have done a few 50/40/30 milers over the years.

    Helvetica Bold, will look that up, once again thanks.

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