forerunner 405cx

Whilst on a 10k training run last night I had to stop at a very busy set of lights so I stopped my watch and thought I had started it again but didnt!!

I noticed approx 4k further on so my run data is totally wrong.

Does anyone know if the watch continues to record the data and store it in a file somewhere you can access.

If so I can do a full edit on the training centre software to correct what it is showing.

A long shot I know but I'm sure we've all done it



  • While you won't have the GPS recording, the watch does have the time. You'll see if you import it onto Garmin Connect (the online site) that if you view the activity it has two times, moving time and elapsed time. Elapsed time is the total time including pauses. I think the only way to get this back into your training centre tho, is to edit it on a service like Runkeeper, that allows you to edit routes, and then save it out as a GPX file which you can then import back into training center.

    Complicated process but doable.
  • You can set it to auto pause so you won't need to stop it and more importantly remember to start it again. image
  • Thanks both of you for your help. You have helped a technophobe!!!

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