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Hi there,

First post on these forums, just thought I'd say hi and give a general background in case anyone has any tips for me.

Back in school I used to finish top 3 out of the entire school in cross country, run long distance for my house team and 100m sprint every year. Then A levels kicked in, and socialising/drinking etc, I joined a band and I never carried on with it.

Now at the age of 23 I'm keen to get back into things...

My diet hasn't been the greatest since then, but not the worst. I walk to and from work every day, which totals aound 6 hours of walking a week, and every Tuesday evening I play squash with a few mates, but only casually for the last 6 or so months.

I've started doing a couple of light, slow runs with walking breaks, and now I'm considering doing one of these couch to 5k or whatever programs, alongside a running diary. I think the actual running shouldn't be a problem, it's the nutrition I'm struggling with more.

Any tips on food? What did you guys cut out, struggle to cut back on, or started eating altogether?

Any advice would be great, but yeah... hello. image


  • Hi welcome to the forum image

    I started running around 8 months ago, one thing I did was virtually gave up drinking.  I love running so much I hardly ever bother about it now as it just gets in the way, also lost about a stone and a half without really trying image 

  • Thanks!

    I must say over the last 18 months I have barely drank much alcohol, and when I do I drink a fraction of what I used to - it doesn't take much these days!

    I'm not planning to lose any weight, just get fit really. Congrats on your stone and a half, and thanks for the reply!

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    hi FMJimage....just start by having a look in the cupboards and removing anything unsuitable and then its out of arms reach immediately !!...stock up on general healthy eats like pasta,rice, fresh fruit and veg etc.

    the run plan is good too, that will keep you on track.i find having a schedule of run distances to tick off when im  training for an event in particular really helps me stick at itimage good luck FMJ, you will do fine

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