Outlaw 2012 - Bike Course

So the organisers have this morning whipped round an e-mail detailing the bike route for this year.  Link:


I was at Uni in Nottingham.  I wasn’t, at the time, enthusiastic enough about cycling to tour the area but don’t remember North / North East of the City being particularly flat.

If anyone’s produced a profile on mapmyride or gets out and plots the course on GPS, the link would be well received.

Any plans for a full recce?  I’m keen to have a go in early to mid May…



  • The first big loop is the same as the old one that we did three times.  There are a few small climbs but nothing to worry about.  The other one we do twice is new though.
  • I've just stuck it into mapmyride http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/72175842

    Nice and flat!
  • looks as flat as previous iterations

    sub-6 then Gladys?? image
  • Thanks for that Gladys.  Looks good to me, assuming that the organisers description of the second loop being on quiet roads doesn't mean farm tracks. 
  • Boooooo, only Oxton Bank once.

    On the new 2 loop bit there is a large very boring section along the old A46 but its flatish and straight

    Going to make the feed station interesting

  • Looks like fun  (in the strange way some people think IM's are fun)
  • where will the feed station be now (the pirates one) i heard it was the top of oxton bank but that means we'll only see ya once!!!

    the route looks good...i'm gonna have a recce soon cause i'd like to know how oxton compares to SHL from imuk.

    reckon i should be on for a faster bike leg though overall
  • Flatter than last year, yes? Good news... and an excuse for you to spend money on whizz-bang aero wares!

    Oxton's a short, sharp kick, Andy. Nothing freaky. 

  • http://www.runnersworld.co.uk/members/images/286253/Gallery/Oxton_Hill.jpg

    Oxton, nothing hard about it!!
  • image liking this ... image
  • like that little sister....how did you do that?? OS??
  • AndyB99 wrote (see)
    like that little sister....how did you do that?? OS??
    No I have access to OS maps digitally at work, a little bit of basic geometry and paintbrush. I actually prodcued it last year when everyone was wibbling about Oxton Bank! image
  • Thanks for link Gladys.  Looks ten times as bumpy as IMFL but so would anything other than a downhill course!

    I've pencilled in journey from Suffolk to Notts for 05/06 and or 19/20 May to go and have a crack at the whole course.  If there are locals, Pirates or others keen to get familiar with route and who would like to join, let me know.

    I might also venture up on 24/25 March for a quick recce of loop one or two.

  • i reckon i could do either of those May dates....well up for a trip over there and a ride round!
  • Excellent.  It will be good to meet the man that my Father repeats parrot fashion when Ironman triathlon comes up in conversation "lifetime bragging rights" (see Channel 4 / Eurosport).  You're famous Andy, even if only amongst a small group of my family!

  • Schmunkee - The List Fairy wrote (see)

    Just to let you know.....I have written to OSB to formally ask about manning a bike feed station now that the bike course has been revealed

  • as 7% gradient or 1 in 13 means feck all to me (live around the fens where theres no hills) can someone tell me if its the same as the vitruvian, rutland ripple or easier.

    and i will be up for some reccies as its close ish by

  • What does a feed station need?

    I can think of a location on the old A46 (second loops) that has access to parking, running water and somewhere to put a feed station...

  • Cat ... you cant do your own feed station, OSB look for club volunteers to do a feed station which we have done for the last two years
  • Proven Robbie W wrote (see)
    Excellent.  It will be good to meet the man that my Father repeats parrot fashion when Ironman triathlon comes up in conversation "lifetime bragging rights" (see Channel 4 / Eurosport).  You're famous Andy, even if only amongst a small group of my family!


    OHHHHH man...i'm creamin!!!! lol

    thanks so much (i hope it was me)

    everybody can can do this!!!!    just train, put the time in.......earn your legend!!!

  • Shame for the supporters...was nice seeing the family three times in some klittle village last year.

    Course looks fast.

  • The course will be fab. Just passed cotham and long bennington. Can't see any hills. This course is definatly going to be a fast one. Only downside I can think of is there will be very few freewheel breaks to be had.
  • I finaly managed to plug the course into my map software last night, it's showing a grand total of 905 m of climbing, which is about ? of last year's total!

    I also had a ltiile chat with Ian Hamilton about it at the Tri show and I asked him about the feed stations. He said that's something he still needs to work out!

  • LS, your numbers are a little concerning ... 905 m is far from "flat" and almost double the 1,627 ft (approx 496 m) spat out by Mapmyride when Gladys punched in the details last week (see: http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/72175842)!

  • Edited cos I was talking rubbish again image
  • Nope.  It would appear Gladys has covered the whole course (save for a lap or two of rowing lake, which I'm confident won't add another 409 m of climbing).


  • Robbie, 905m over 112 miles isn't that steep, even in my book!! image
  • 905m over 10 miles is steep therefore throwing another 102 miles into the mix just makes it harder!  Anyway, 905m or not, I'm signed up.  Would just like to know how there can be a 82% increase in climbing between Mapmyride and the software Little Sister is using.  LS, tell us you've got it wrong, please...

  • I've seem problems with mapmyride before, particularly on the Vit course profile.  I've read somewhere that the measurement points on mmr are more spaced out so it smooths over some of the lumps. I don't trust it and it doesn't seem to match with my garmin either. I use ridewithgps now.
  • Having said that I don't understand why such a big difference between the two when comparing last year's route.  MMR says 2260ft and RWGPS says 4089ft.  Something wrong there. image

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