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Who is up for the various obstacle races this year? Which ones are you doing? Total Warrior in the lake diatrict is the one for me. I have looked at tough mudder and spartan race as well but feel this is the best all round one, Tough mudder is very expensive with a sneaky £15 on top of advertised rate!

Interested to know what everyone else is up to, any other obstacle events to have a go at?


  • I do Survival of the Fittest at Nottingham most years really enjoy that one, although this years version was tainted by a bee sting at 4-5k which developed into cellulitis the following day and the loss of a contcat lense at Holme Perrepont which meant I ran half the race half-blind.

    I have done the VOTWO Kamikaze in Dorset; needs a weekend away from where I am and has more running than obstacles.

    I did the Total Warrior 10 miler last year, had a long weekend up in the lakes to cover it. Really enjoyed the race. The organisation was good; fantastic atmosphere with quite a few teams in fancy dress. As a bonus there is a New Balance factory outlet in Shap.

    You're righty about the tough mudder; over the top pricing.

    I'm thinking of doing the Midlands Super Spartan on 8th September.

  • I've also done the Men's Health Survival of the Fittest in Nottingham.  Last eyar was the first time I didn't do it.  Its a great race and nice and local for me.  I've done the Farmyard Frolics 10k over the past few years and have just entered again for this year (25/03/2012).  Each year this race seems to be getting more and more of an obstacle race. As the race becomes more popular it seems the organisers are adding more obstacles to what is already a hard off road run.  The entry I think is not bad as it half the price of Mens Health!

    There is a thread on here about it.

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    I am just do road races and trails sometimes 2 i have/ am training for the spen 20 miler next sunday hoping to get 2h25 then Chester marathon in October hope for 3h30
  • Fancying the Total Warrior 10 mile as it's on my birthday - currently working up mileage for a half mara in June and the Kielder Marathon in October - as a plain ol' runner is the Total Warrior a bad plan - their website makes it sound like you need to be ripped in order to even think about it...

  • Done the 10k total warrior last year and back again this year! Certainly dont need to be ripped....Great fun and hopefully better weather than last year so i can have a few beers and watch the band this time image

  • I'm doing the Spartan Series this year with a few Brutal 10Ks.  I'm also signing up for the Nov Zombie evacuation run (not strictly an obstacle race?) and have signed up for Tough Mudder next year.  Always on the look out for other obstacle races so will follow this thread with interest!

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