Iron Distance 2012 Training Thread



  • This week has been my first proper week training on the bike outside in the fresh air rather than hitting the turbo. I thought that the winter spent on the turbo would be beneficial and i would be flying, however it feels like i am starting again.

    Good news, todays bike ride actually felt good, maybe it was a little less windy, maybe i am getting my bike legs back again

  • slimshadyslimshady ✭✭✭
    Nice 2 hour run along the coast path between Budleigh and Sidmouth and back....fantastic views but my legs are feeling it now  image
  • Oh I love that route Slim, I need to remember that one when I am down that way in a few weeks

    12 miles along the canal for me, the rain held off and everything !!
  • A 72 mile bike ride for me, my longest by 17 miles.  Not particularly fast but I'm still learning how far I can go at a conservative speed rather than blowing up.  I managed 15.6 mph for a rolling, reasonably hilly route, which took me a little over 4 1/2 hours with no stops.

    Shoulders started to hurt after about 3 and a half hours, but my retul fit is next Tuesday so that should smooth out any little issues.

    Although the air temp was only 5 degrees, and my fingers/toes were very cold, I worked up a right sweat.  I took a nunn tablet in one of my water bottles for the first time and I'm sure it helped.

  • Well done VT ! Even with a bike fit you will still need to adjust even to the correct position so it may take a while for the aches to subside  image
  • good stuff going on - Welcome back RBM!!!!

    I m still ill - Sunday will be 5 days of manflu....... and its slowly becoming a cold which is an improvement.

    this might actually be a proper dose of flu - first I have ever had ;-(

    7 days till my camp starts...(with @30 hrs planned)



  • OC ta and hope the MF clears up
    Well yesterday was a patchy day out on the MTB with Cornish Digger who is getting over MF did some monster hills but i fell over by being a right jessie on a fairly easy path i was worrying about falling off and doing my hip/groin again but by worrying and tensing i fell over anywayimage no harm done tho
    Today was great image a beutiful cold crisp mornings run for a totally pain/niggle free hour and twenty minutes with Wilson the Mighty Iron Dog it was a real boost they mojo is strong again image
  • Nice one Max  image
  • Nothing like getting back into it gently then Max!
  • Thats half my trouble I never do anything by half image
  • . Have had chest infection for 2weeks and done NO training. After yestrdays MB ride felt as if I could actually manage to train for rirst time so entered local 10mile race.  1278ft of climbing and really struggled but happy to be running again.

    2nd IM training is definately harder than 1st.  After this there will NOT be a 3rd.!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • If i had a pound for how many times i have heard that CD (usually from me) image
  • Great weekend for both of you RBM & CD! Welcome back! image
  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭
    Evening. Long bike today 4.5 hrs. I fear I have over compensated in the eating department though. Have just had a huge pizza for dinner.

    Nice riding from you this weekend VT. You'll have no problems!
  • Been ill too this week and in a big grump all weekend as I've been unable to do my long run image  Hoping to get out for a 10/12 miler tomorrow and push the long run to later in the week.
  • A 50 min bike followed by a 90 min run for me today..... And I didn't get rained on!! image)
  • Get well soon Pingu!
  • 70m sportive this morning....felt OK, but as my garmin died on me I had no idea how far I'd gone....oddly this seemed to help (I didn't even know we'd finished until we turned into the last road).

    Took about 5 hours, nutrition seemed to I'm ready for my first 100m in a fortnight.   Gulp!

  • Cheers Hope, we should def sort out a cycle some time.  Are you doing any of the LCW this year?
  • Yes I think I will but I haven't entered yet. Could do that today actually! image
  • good training all

    Pool shut all weekend, so no swimming Saturday, got out for hour on the bike instead

    Sunday 20 mile run, legs feeling that this morning

  • Had a big day on Saturday with a hilly 5 hours on the bike and a 2 hour transition run, and as home just after noon.

    Rested yesterday and was out early for a 45 minute run, then walked 45 minutes to work to warm down. Felt rough though today, full of cold.

  • M..ouse wrote (see)
    Evening. Long bike today 4.5 hrs. I fear I have over compensated in the eating department though. Have just had a huge pizza for dinner. Nice riding from you this weekend VT. You'll have no problems!

    Thanks M..ouse (you earned the dots so I'll use them).  I also had pizza.  My son was out, my wife eats as much as a budgie so I polished off the remaining 3/4.

    Over the next two weekends I hope to push onto 90 miles and then hold that distance for a couple of weeks before pushing on again. 

    Larne HM next Saturday and although I think I'm capable of 1:45, I am looking at a 80 mile bike the day after, so I'll probably pace myself round for anything sub 2.

  • Sorry - just started to read this thread

    Ridgebackmax wrote (see)
    me and bruv are doing the MK Code breaker Collosuss on Easter monday are you playing ?

    I am doing the Codebreaker (?) that's attached to that one

  • Yep hopefully see you there Smunks will be weating pirate cycle top any other takers for this
    Looks like fun

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  • Pizza and red wine was my re-fuel of choice last night too.image

    I did the Liverpool HM, previous longest run had been 10 miles and I raced the Outlaw plan (well, other than the finish, I will come back to that....) Run walk 9 and1 worked for me and I was pleased to have the mental strenght to do it and not follow the crowd. High 5 nutrition seemd to be okay, only 1 detour to bushy cover in the park required.

    The last mile I let heart rate go through the roof and even did a 'sprint' race finish, all to get under 2 hour 10 minutes! Now I feel really stupid as have stiff legs and dreading training the next couple of days.

  • My weekend was too much food and beer

    Training was Did manage a couple of short trail runs and a Hike

    Last week was my first double digit week coming in at 10hrs 49min which inst bad as this is my first proper month training
  • MT 9/1 is an excellent ratio and it is so very hard to stick to those in the early days when everyone else is tutting at you when you start walking so early on !!
  • Thanks Meldy. I could cope with the tutting it was the shoulder barging that was annoying. Admittedly it must have been a pain for the fast folk to have a fat pirate walking in their way after a mile.
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