Iron Distance 2012 Training Thread



  • Agree with the 9/1 .... it was ideal for Regensburg last year as it was almost spot on for run between aid stations, then walk through the aid stations

  • muffin top wrote (see)
    Thanks Meldy. I could cope with the tutting it was the shoulder barging that was annoying. Admittedly it must have been a pain for the fast folk to have a fat pirate walking in their way after a mile.
    Oh I dont know ... if they have done races before they will be quite used to that   image
  • image Nice one muffin was a lot further back from you gassing with liverbird about cheese and the price of wine. Did look out for you but couldn't find you. Did see a pirate and put it on the spotting thread but to far away to say hello. daft question I throught you where a lady purely from the avertar are you a young lad by any chance?
  • Cat5 in the Hat wrote (see)
    I han't seen that one Melds. I'm doing the smaller Longest Day one from Dorney the 15th April (week before Chiltern Dipper?).

    At the risk of sounding like I am repeating myself, I am doing that one too, but the smaller version!

  • Cake - Muffin is a lady, I can confirm this after meeting her the week before....although I obviously didn't look too closely as we were cycling at the time.

  • Excellent that means I can rest easy after saying I’d say hello and not being able to spot the lass although this does mean there is a boy pirate out there I’ve never met. Anyone know who it is?
  • Most young boys run away from you mate !!!
  • True but Liver was with me and she normally calms them down before they see me looking like the child catcher. image Oh and muffin when you read this sorry I missed you you lucky thing.
  • True.. I thought of LB last night  (no silly not in my dreams) I was in Warrington dropping Sprog 4 off for a train....

    19:15 on a Sunday, The place looked shut

  • Usual Monday 10k for me at lunchtime, this time in 42 mins dead which is definitely a pb.  Effort miles (3 & 5) both done in 6 mins 5, as I was running with a much better athlete which spurred me on.  Dreaming of a sub 40 some day!
  • 42 mins ??  Nice biking    image
  • Cake wrote (see)
    image Nice one muffin. daft question I throught you where a lady purely from the avertar are you a young lad by any chance?

    LMAO Cake!!! Does your dyslexia extend to gender recognition? Muffin is female. Unless I've been kidding myself for the last 23 years image.

  • See pirate spotting thread I was looking out for muffin at Liverpool and couldn’t see her but did spot a gentleman pirate. image
  • I was up at 4 this morning to head south so was a bit tired going not tonites training session ... But had a good one when I got e

    2hrs 30mins spinning as ...

    30mins build to 110% LT - 100rpm
    30mins at just under LT - 90-110rpm
    30 mins of 1min out of saddle, 1min seated climb
    30 mins of 2min out of saddle, 1min seated climb
    5min recovery
    10 min tabata style
    5min recovery
    5min tabata style
    5min recovery

    Felt great

  • Nice training Will !

    I had a sports massage and I think I might log it  image
  • On fetch or daily mile?

  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭
    I'm a bit gutted tonight, having come out of work this evening and found my beautiful cross bike stolen, lock cut off.
    It was a present from my husband, and I was really enjoying commuting and training on it. Feeling v sad.
  • Nightmare ... I hope the b'stards get their come upance
  • Ohhh Joddly that is seriously pants

    Did you phone my hotline??  Insurance??
  • Unlucky Joddly, picture up on here, just in case?
  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭
    I reported it to the local police station (I think, if switchboard put me through to the right number - a pleasant man took the details, but there isn't much they can do). Hospital security may have some CCTV footage which they will look at tomorrow, but I couldn't see a camera near where the bike was.

    I've tried and failed to get a picture here - it's a Colnago World Cup (back and white cyclocross bike), with eggbeater pedals and low saddle - can't have been that easy to cycle off on.

    I'm just looking at the insurance now...
  • There is every chance it will turn up Joddly and especially if it is not a common one

    Did you have the serial/frame number at all?
  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭
    There's a frame serial number on the Wiggle build form. Now that it might be important, I've realised it's a bit difficult to read, but I hope it would do.
  • Phone that through on the same number once you have deciphered it and they will add it to the crime report image
  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭
    Thanks, Melds, your advice is very reassuring.
  • Joddly sorry for your bad new be consoled with the thought that there is a special place in hell reserved for theiving bike scum
    Contact all the local bike and tri clubs and bike dealers something that rare will stick out like a sore thumb when someone tries to ride or offload it good luck
  • slimshadyslimshady ✭✭✭

    Sorry to hear your news Joddly. image  As meldy said.

    I've been running an Op recently in our local town where we'eve been deploying a 'sting' bike with a tracker.  we lock it up but it is normally taken with the lock cut through within 24hrs!  The frustrating thing is that we have caught the thief ( or handler) each time but the courts dont treat pedal cycle theft as a serious crime and they get a slap on the wrist  image

    I've had a flat bit in training at the moment in that I havn't trained for 2 days.  just didn't feel like it and felt a bit burnt out.  But it's a great day today and I'll get back into it.

  • 70 mile bike followed by 7 mile brick run yesterday. Ow, feckity ouch.


    Our 18 year old lodger turned up last night clutching a front wheel and a lock. "Er, ze bike eet 'ave gone." Had locked the bike to bike rack by the front wheel only. With a quick release lever on it. Twat.

    Now to explain to the brother in law, from whom my wife had secretly borrowed the bike, (getting me to pick the bike lock) that he only has a wheel left. And a lock. At least it was only a cr4p Raleigh 5 ton old MTB.  

  • Dubai Dave wrote (see)

    half way through lap 1 we dropped Ross off the back, in his defense he only got back from South Africa at 0100 and does only have one leg !

    Loved this whole report, Dave. Sounded totally nuts.... a bunch of half-cut, ex-pats charging around the desert on their push-irons. Brilliant write up.

    Rest day yesterday after a step up in intensity for me last week. 26 weeks to IM Wales! Turbo tonight, although I'll not try anything like your 2:30 session, Will.... mind boggles!!

  • Mrs SAMrs SA ✭✭✭

    Still not able to run due to my ongoing back problem.   On hearing that there is a possibility that i may have to withdraw from the Outlaw, my wonderful mum-in-law has offered to pay for physio for me. image 

      I have my first consultation on Thursday morning with a local Sports Physiotherapist.  Fingers crossed she can sort my back out.

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