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  • Yep sea swim we have the Slateman lined up in May and Lake Padarn is bl00dy cold. In May so we thought we would get acclimatised looking out of the trsin wingow on the way home and its lashing down image at least i will have a wetsuit my freind swims all year round and thinks wetsuits are for wimps
  • Mrs SA wrote (see)

    The Physio seems to think my back problem stems from poor stomach/pelvic floor muscles which is tilting the pelvis when i run and causing the compressed nerve.  

    Let me guess Mrs SA - it's tilted anteriorally? i.e. the opposite of when you tuck your butt under....

  • Mrs SAMrs SA ✭✭✭

    Podds .... er ... yes i think so.   She got me to stand sideways in front of the mirror and look at my posture.  I was quite taken back at how curved my posture is.   She then asked me to tighten my pelvic floor muscles. It was amazing how such a simple exercise can dramatically alter your stance.

  • Pilates really does have the answer to most things Mrs SA

    Glad you have a direction now to go in  .... fingers crossed  image
  • Mrs SAMrs SA ✭✭✭
    A friend at work speaks very highly of Pilates Meldy ...... might be interested image
  • Definitely do it ... it will fast track your healing  image
  • Well the sea was feckin cold and lumpy so only 15
    Minutes out to the lobster pots and back but so much more fun than the pool gonna get in again saturday and try to extend by 5 mins each time my new made to measure Snug wetsuit is a vast improvement on my old off the peg one if your in the market for a new suit Snugg really are the dogs danglies all my mates down here use them
  • ooohhh - i am excited!!

    Im off on a camp on Saturday - cant wait
    In the pirate tradition of always doing something new on race day........

    - I have only ridden the tri bike for 45 minutes........It only got finished last week. 4-5 hrs of riding a day for 6 days could be interesting image

    Its the first one i've done so I am a little nervous.......(I am a pretend triathlete after all)
  • Very exciting OC.

    A quiet week with work, but still managed to do bugger all. Ran for 35 minutes, and 2 swim 30min sessions. To cap it all off the hotel didn't have a bike in the gym image.

    Luckily I got to the airport way early and popped in to the posh Hilton, waved my loyalty card about and got access to their gym. It cost me a $10 tip to the concierge to watch the car for an hour. I may get some sleep on the overnight home.

    The heat in Boston has got me thinking about how hot it could be on the day, and what extra measure might need to be taken. Arm coolers, P20 etc...

    I'm also beginning to wibble about nutrition. I'm doing the marshman as a warmup, and want to do that as if it were the big day. So almost a month to go and I have no idea what I need to scoff/drink on the bike to survive.

  • Cat, P20 would be good, I think most of us use it and it seems to last most of the day ...

    Armwarmers?  I am assuming you are a delicate flower where sun is concerned?  I think I would most definitely overheat in those

    Food, drink ... it really is individual but for starters I tend to use water and gels on the bike and grab a few bars or banananananas as a top up and at my <<couh>> pace on the marathon I have got by with coke and bananas again, I suffer from sleep deprivation afterwards if I take gels all the way through the run and personally I am not sure they are neccessary (for me)

    Many others will have other strategies  image

  • although I will add with a UK based event I am more concerned with staying dry and warm  image
  • Cat dunno about arm coolers if it is hot but sun cream especially around the neck and shoulders slather the stuff on before the bike and a light breathable running cap are deffo a must IMHO
    Rrecovery session of a light 40 min run and east swim for me today before a busy weekend of training, bike maintenance and ferrying the kids around image
  • Cat - I bought de soto arm coolers last year and they helped even on the long rides. I am paler than a pale thing and I'm allergic to p20. I also managed to get a sunburn scalp through my helmet. image
  • The thought of a sea swim in the UK just now is horrifying, Not sure how I will survive at Marshman... time to man up.

    A difficult week work wise, conference in town brought some of the London office out, who all wanted entertaining, que late nights, too much alcohol and rather limited training, still they have all gone now and so despite little sleep I races the last sprint tri of the year, 750/21.5/5 and managed a 4 minute PB for a 1-11 finish. Was gob smacked at a bike split of 38 mins at an average of 23 MPH. Non wet suits swim was cold...... 21C!!!!. Will ride at dawn
  • DD nice racing!
    I dream of 21 degrees image actually once you were in it wasnt to bad no icecream head or owt like that, peeps down here swim all year round no wetsuits (not me i hasten to add!!!!!)
  • I was looking for OW swim clubs in Northern Ireland this week and accidentally googled the Irish winners of the OW endurance championships in Russia (or somewhere near there lol).  It was 'only' a 450m swim, which caused me read further. 

    Turns out the 'pool' was a rectangle hacked out of the sea ice and the water temp was -1 degrees C.  Wetsuits are banned and the Irish team managed to beat all the favourites from the Baltic and Northern European countries despite having to train at home in a 'balmy 4 degrees'.

  • After a good 20 mile run on Sunday, have done nothing since.

    Monday was rest day

    Tuesday I felt very fatigued so took an extra rest day

    Wednesday work was mental and didn't finish till late

    Same on Thursday

    In work today at 06:00 which meant the alarm went off a 4:30 this morning and can't see me finishing till 17:00, will hopefully get 30 mins on turbo followed by short run and then kick on again over weekend.

     It was all worth it, to Mrs SA trying to remain upright on her new gym ball!!!

  • WildWill.... wrote (see)
    - Swim - 2400m
    - tried to push the pace a bit but failed ... 48mins

    Tried one of your time trials last night, WW & clocked 49 minutes, so if we ever swim together, please don't wee too much in your suit as I'll be somewhere in your slipstream. It could have been 48 or 50 mins tbh, because after 75 lengths my counting got skewiff. Mightily impressed with myself because I usually lose count by 12... the swimming being easier than the sums image. It's left me really wheezy and sneezy though. Does anybody else suffer an Attack of the Killer Mucus after a decent sesh in the pool??

    Excited for you with your camp, OC. I love the idea but I don't think my lifestyle would support doing one.

    I won't try to add anything clever to your nutrition question C5. I drink lots of fluids all the way through, try to scoff a bit of energy product periodically on the bike, then gels & water on the first half of the run, before my body demands crisps and flat coke for the second half.

  • 1 hr swim last night, got slowed down by a courting couple who wanted to swim alongside each other in my lane, a few aimed elbows and lots of splashing as we passed them sorted em out. image
    MA.... I've taken to using a nose clip because I was bunged up for 2 or 3 days after and it seems to work.
  • 3150M swim last night, fuelled on a breakfast fry up 9 hours earlier. Slow, but useful.

    I find you start to swim lazily after a bit then take in a gobful by accident, usually with the hard bang on the nose feeling. Yuk.

    About ready to revisit the 50M pool again then.

  • That should have been for Slower not MA
  • Swim and short hard bike for me today, made all the more fabulous by this lovely weather. Makes such a difference!! image

    Off to Tenby tonight and the plan is to cycle the first 2 loops of the IMW course tomorrow, just for old times sake. I learnt to love that course last year!!

  • Hope nice that first loop along the beaches was just the biz image
    Treated myself to new trainers today as my old ones were shot and the knees werw starting to complain
  • Rest day yesterday after travelling back from France on Wednesday night.

    Good swim set today with a killer bit of 10 x 100m as hard as possible. Total mileage of 3km.
    Due to run tonight but glutes are a bit sore, possibly from yesterday's massage. I think if I do run, it will be on the easy side. Also on a tri camp tomorrow but just for one day as I have other stuff on Sunday. Probably won't get a 4 H bike in this weekend but as I've had a pretty long week of training while I was away, I'm not overly concerned.

  • Had an enforced rest day today after struggling through the last two days training. 5 mile tempo run in the morning though followed by 30min swim/ 30min turbo/ 4k run mini triathlon, and a long ride on Sunday

     Hopefully the weather will stay nice for the weekend aswell!!! 


  • Chest infection seems to be clearing up so managed a 13 mile run, last couple of miles could feel the chest so took it easy but it was good to be out again.  Such a lush day!

    Hope, enjoy the IMW course, think you're a little bit mad image

  • yay for getting over coughs!!!!!

    Hope..... give the bike course a beasting!!!!......
    its a toughie but then wind and hills make you strong (apparently)
  • Total fickin distater this morning cars broke down in the middle of the high street 2 hours till the RAC get here I hate feckin cars (especially french ones!!!!)
  • slimshadyslimshady ✭✭✭

     bad luck Max, hope it's nothing expensive

    No training for me for last two days due to a cold  image

    Hoping to get out on my bike tomorrow. 

  • Mrs SAMrs SA ✭✭✭

    bad luck max

    felt good to out last night, half hour turbo then 4 1/2 mile run, first time this year that I felt like a runner

    you know one of then runs that you don't have to try for and you go so fast and everything seems to be working correctly for once

    oops just realised, still logged in as Mrs SA, sorry, the above is from SA

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