Iron Distance 2012 Training Thread



  • It may be a short week due to commitments .. But hope to get 2 sessions in tomorrow too
  • Tomorrow is technically a RD for me but I had an easy day on Monday following the 1/2 so I may sneak in a gym session!
  • Plans are ment to be flexible image
  • I was a little snotty after this morning's swim. But I didn't get like that last week.

    Perhaps down to early season hayfever type stuff?

  • Life is a rollercoaster.........

    Yesterday = rest day =  I cant do this, I will never get round Outlaw

    Today = monster brick = 16 miles hard on bike followed by 11 miles 'run' at race pace = bring it on!

    I think I need to start training my brain as well imageimage

     Good training and great posts peeps, keep it up.

  • Cat the tree pollens will be active before anything else so quite possibly a touch of hayfever

    MT, so much of this is in the head ... bank those sessions like today and use them to look back on when you have a day like yesterday !  Part of the reason I still keep a paper diary ... good for a quick flick through !!
  • Good hour in the pool d & d, planned 13 miles run tonight. Just starting to warm up here now, it was 30C as I drove to work at 0745, so soon I will be a wilting, dripping heap. On the plus side the bikini clad trolley dollies are starting to appear beside the pool at lunchtimesimage
  • slimshadyslimshady ✭✭✭

    day off work today so decided to make the most of it............   83 miles on the bike followed by a 5 mile shuffle  

    I am well and truly fecked     image

  • Mrs SAMrs SA ✭✭✭
    On the Physio's instruction i have to get out and run later (in my case "shuffle") to, in her words "aggrevate my compressed nerve" so that when i limp in tomorrow she will have a better idea where my pain is coming from and how to treat it.     I may be some time! image
  • Errrr good luck Mrs SA !!   image

    I had a stroll along the canal for a few miles and back again, so nice to have some of the day left after an early shift and I do love ducks   image
  • A cooler day here, but it made for a great 60 mile cycle out  along the coast and then back home over the inland mountain.  I stopped in Ballycastle, a small seaside town for an ice cream, and then took the mountain on.  I felt great and was considering another 20 mile loop of the seaside, but time was running short and I had to get home to walk my dogs.

    I had a 2 hour T1 imageto have a bath, walk the dogs and then got out for a 5 mile trail run with a couple of friends.

    A great day's training for me.

  • Another fairly good day for me today

    - Swimming drills

    - 40min spinning
    - 40min trail run
    - 40min weights

    Rest day tomorrow ..
  • You like your 40 mins there Will !! image
  • The swimming was 40 mins too .... Do you think it could be OCD ?
  • Its either that or your watch is missing a few dials  image
  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭
    Rest day here. Flompalicious!

    VT'd please beware overtraining, you're doing an awful lot!
  • I'm listening M..ouse.

    My (very green) reasoning:

    I had a couple of weeks off work and thought about building a sound base.  I don't want to overtrain at this early stage and either peak way too early or end up with an injury.  But I also want to get to the 80-90 milers so that I can tackle the upcoming 100 mile sportives without it being too much of a jump up.

    I also had previously been wearing a pair of cycling shorts with padding as thick as a pillow and wanted to try out my new 2xu shorts with next to no padding.  I was delighted with the result, as well as the small (up)adjustment that I made to my bar height.

    Now my 2 week holiday is nearly over, I wanted to consolidate the step up.  That would see me take on no new distance, just working within what I'd achieved.

    That's the musings of an idiot who still believes that if I haven't exhausted myself then I've been slacking, although this time I've loosly followed a program and tried to remain sensible.

    Thanks for the advice M..ouse, I have taken it on board and I'll drop back for a week or two.  Actually I do feel I need to.

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭
    You can have heavy bike weeks when you have time off - some of us go on bike focused training camps for a week. They definitely do you good. All you say is fair comment. If you've been biking hard this past week then that's great. However, exactly as you say, do allow the body to get stronger with a recovery week afterwards. (Also make sure those long bikes are at a nice low heart rate.)

    All just my opinion, obviously.

  • Valued opinionimage
  • A sensible rodent .. whatever next ?  image

    I might do a Will training day today and do lots of 40 mins

    (well, a few anyway)

  • Variety is the spice of life ...

    Rest day for me today
  • Break it up into 40-minute intervals, Will.
    Or maybe 39's? The body thrives on turbulence and chaos after all!
  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    That makes it sound like you have a digestion problem.


  • eh?
  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    STIL, not you.  He said the body thrives on turbulance.  It made me think of....

    ....oh never mind.


  • ran last night which gave me a solid 3 hours of training for the day, rest day here. Olympic Tri tomorrow.
  • 6 miles off road for me

    Tight calves but that is probably as a result of sitting down all day at work !!

    wonder how many 40 mins Will has done?
  • 40 mins in the pool for me. I like to fit inimage
  • Lol!  Pool for me tomorrow .. see how close I can get to your 100m time  !!
  • 50 odd miles of hilly commute yesterday an hour twenty of running today but this evenings sea swim was scuppered by a family minor crisis.
    More importantly my milton keynes easter sportive is looking dodge with this fuel stuff image
    Planning another hour or so run and some pool time tomorrow a humangous day in the saddle saturday and a long coast path run and sea swim for the sunday to finish off training is adoddle when summer comes early image its feckin booootiful in Cornwall at the moment and i have a late start early finish tomorrow image
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