Iron Distance 2012 Training Thread



  • You'll be fine forgetting up here Max .. and its cheap enough to buy to get back home again!
  • RBM....if you can't get up there then cycle to devon and cycle with me image

    i managed 24 miles on the bike crisis made me cut it short.....thats life image
  • 18 mile ride at lunch on the TT. Club hill session tonight, inlcuding lunges. Legs hurt. Everywhere.
  • Melds if u can get any they are queing like lemmings down here alresdy snd s lot of garages have shut up having run dry
  • I've got to go to Bristol tomorrow. I'm sure they'll have fuel at the services...... I have enough to get there and back, provded my tank isn't drained overnight.

  • Max... they'll have new deliveries in a few days or less, keep the faith!

    Cat I certainly wouldnt pay Services prices I think I would rather walk  image
  • Rest day for me after two days of commuting for 2 and a half hours each and a new 10 k pb training run on Monday. Training might have to take a back seat for the next few months though as more important family stuff on. Outlaw is now about enjoying and getting round rather than being properly prepared for it.
  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    Cat - I'm in Bristol, we have fuel here.  Fret not!

    Was supposed to be a threshold run last night but I was shattered so ended up being rather more steady paced affair but it was time on the feet, so I'll take that.

    Swim this morning.  A good session, nice rhythm so I was happy enough.

    I have a turbo session I missed yesterday but I'm thinking I might pedal outside later today, it seems a shame to waste the good days indoors.

  • Olympic tri this morning in a sand storm and 36C, swim 31 mins, cycle 1-1-11 ish ( felt like I was going backwards into the wind) run 49 mins ish. 2-36 and 3rd M50. Tough race, will cycle long tomorrow provided the wind dies down. Summer has arrived.
  • slimshadyslimshady ✭✭✭

    Max - you better make this Sportive mate as I've been killing myself trying to get half fit so i dont eat your dust!  image

    I felt washed out yesterday after my efforts on wednesday but will try a steady ie slow, 12 mile run today image

  • Are you doing the Colosus, Bank Holiday Monday?  im down for that to.
  • So decision time for Mrs SA, still can't run, her swimming and biking is getting really good.

    She desperately still wants to be involved

    I have spoken to the nice people at One Step Beyond and they are more than happy to change the entry to a relay, Mrs SA will do the swim and bike, we just need a runner, does anyone fancy it or know anyone that might? It wont cost then anything as the entry has already been paid and the upgrade cost to the relay is only £20

    I need someone to say "yes" to stop me having to do it as looking forward to the feed station, but will do it if no one else can be found

  • Slim haha i wouldnt worryabout eating my dust what with l the time out i am nowhere near where i would be usually fitness wise at this stage of the game in fact i have resign myself to just a " fun" ???? Outlaw so now the pressures off and am just enjoying an easy relaxed training regime its done wonders for my mojo
    Barlos yep Coossus fr me see you there
  • slimshadyslimshady ✭✭✭

    Barley- yes i somehow got talked into the Colusus by Max and his bruv!  image

    Just finished a slow 13 mile run - rest day tomorrow

  • The power of the forum/facebook/twitter

    Mrs SA has a runner

  • Excellent news SA image
  • Good news SA, One Step Beyond do seem to be very good at accommodating people.
  • Look forward to seeing you both there image

  • I have swum, bikes and run today. Making the most of the weather here image
  • slimshadyslimshady ✭✭✭
    Great news SA

    Yep, see you there Barley!
  • Good news Mrs SA!

    Queued for a few mins for petrol earlier so no issues up here Max either

    1hr swim today for me and in w*rk until 2am so not much on the carsd tomorrow either !
  • The weather here is horrible today.  It cooled off yestarday, but a cold breeze and light drizzle today made the 8 degrees C feel even colder. 

    I put in 21 miles on the bike mid morning, but had to wear my pirate jacket over two layers and still felt the wind chill.  Ran for 4 miles off the bike and just had a very comfortable 2800m in the pool.

    That's the end of my two weeks off work.  I intended stepping up my training to a new level and think I've achieved what I wanted.  As well as my normal three days a week running, I had a HM PB and several 50-60 mile bike runs. 

    I haven't decided what to do tomorrow to round off March.  There's a HM in Omagh, a bumpy course, or I have an offer from a friend to partner him over a local mountain as he gets onto his bike for the first time this year.  The latter concerns me as he's a bit of a monster and he will expect 100% effort all the way up and back down again.

  • Twas certainly a doubel layer morning this morning when I was out on the 'oss   image
  • Was overcast and chilly down the M4, then bright in Brizzle. Dull on the way back and sunny at home.

    Club swim. Happy with 2100m in an hour, but some fast lengths included, which I probably shouldn't have done. Shoulder now sore again. Hopefully I'll be able to move it tomorrow.

    VT, March will finish with at least an 8mi run tomorrow. April will begin with a nice bike.

    Nice one SAs.

  • IM training camp in Lanza - Done!!!image

    I can really recommend it......  everyday training camp blog  there is a daily blog that i have not read yet to give anyone an idea of stuff........

    Swam 5 out of 6 days, rode 6/6, and ran 5/6 days

    Rode with some pretty strong guys, and survived so it was a great confidence booster.

    Lots of experienced people, but novices as well......  
    Great bunch of people / organisation, great to get used to the lanza conditions / course,

    Doing nothing today but lounging around the pool

    Training resumes tomorrow/

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    Sounds fantastic OC and also a sterling effort from VT'd over the holiday period.

    Good swimming Cat, I hope the shoulder is ok.

    I rounded off my March with a  2 hr run today.  I have swapped my ride day and run day this weekend.  I don't like running at the moment but it's done so that's that.  

    It was good running weather though, cooler and cloudy. I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow.

  • OC, awesome stuff. Just seen the average training hours on the blog at 33 hours and obscene mileage. Well done.

    VT'd good training. I would opt for the mountain with a friend, mind you I am no fan of running.

    Good week for me. I have focused on short bursts of Z4 stuff as advocated by the Finkmeister. It hurt, especially because I got my HR numbers confused and was pushing right at the top end.

  • Fanks Mouse.Shoulder and arm is tired todaybut I can move it. I also swapped my run/bike; 1h15 run this morning due to daughter's party today. Ride tomorrow.

    Muffin - have you managed to get in to Z4 on the bike? if so, big gear and push or spin faster?

    Without being in a race I also struggle to hit Z4 running. Maybe I just need to get in to the hurtbox more often. I'm forever forgetting about the Z4 sessions, but try to throw in some pyramid Fartleks to make up for it.

    Nice OC! Have just seen you go from 190something points to something ridiculous in one post image

  • Cat, I am no expert...... on the bike Z4 is reserved for hills or the turbo. On the turbo I find it 'easiest' to get HR up at the biggest gear I can hold at my natural cadence c. 90. If I spin or push a gear. I crash too quickly, I think the muscles cant take it.

    Look after your shoulder. Sounds like your swim is there so don't risk anything.  You may have more pressure on it in a wetsuit so take care.

  • Thanks all.  I decided to go on a bike ride on my todd as my mate couldn't drag his (still) inebriated carcase from his pit.  It was quite windy so I stayed off the mountain and pushed myself round the coast.  It's quite hilly where I live so although I don't take my HRM with me, I know I'll hit Z4 for longer periods than I'd wish.

    I hope the shoulder comes good Cat5.  I have decided to go for comfort over speed in the swimming leg and cruised through 2800m last night at my own relative leisurely pace.  I hope that I can continue to replicate that tempo on the day, as I got out of the pool well before I was tired.  If I feel nearly as good as that on the day I'll not have any problems, for the first 5 bike miles anyway lol.

    This is a great thread for me, as is the points thread.  I know it shouldn't be about the quantity, but the motivation I get from adding points to the board is fantastic.  I just have to make sure that those points are all quality and all earned.

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