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  • lake, your rash would have healed enough for you to swim without pain next week(other than the scabs splitting, that is!). Once the scabs have formed it's healing. You may find the rub against the wetsuit a bit painful or if any sand gets in, but just swimming in the sea wouldn't be a problem. The salt will actually help it.
    I smashed my face up good and proper years ago (46 stitches) and was in the sea inside a week. Sun and salt water will help it heal really quickly! Good luck!
  • I started week 5 of my 24 week plan today.  Swam 2050m this morning and have a bike session this evening.  Calculated that i'll be training for 11½ hours this week image

     Lake - when my other half did the same thing I got huge (6" x 6") hydrocolloid plasters from the chemist.  I had to shave his leg a bit to help them stick more but they kept him from leaking all over his clothes, the car, the furniture and the bed.

  • Sea is brilliant for healing. Get in there!
  • +1 for the hydrocolloidal plasters image

    Swim tonight for me. Was up at supid o'clock this morning to drop the family at the airport. Knackered now, but an opportunity to get a couple of big weeks done.
  • Had a fairly good weekend. Dusted off the TT bike for the first time this season and did 105km rather slowly on Saturday. I was scheduled to run afterwards but the bike had gone over time and I needed to be else where. Plus I had my first race of the season on Sunday, a local duathlon. Was really chuffed with third female, only my 2nd time ever on the podium. Was pipped for 2nd about 500m from the end but I was having severe breathing difficulties on the 2nd run and was genuinely concerned about a DNF so I didn't care. I just wanted my inhaler or an ambulance or whatever. First time the asthma has really affected me in a race.

    Quick question, does anyone do sub aqua diving? I've recently taken it up and after my breathing difficulties at Sunday's race I was unable to dive in the afternoon. My diving club mates said that I would also have to be careful of too much exercise after diving. I could understand not doing too much beforehand but afterwards surprised me as I had planned for a long run Sunday afternoons after diving on Sunday mornings. If I keep it aerobic, is it an issue? Any advice would be appreciated!

  • Lake my road rash only started to heal when i started using the hydrocotithingumy plasters as the scabs kept drying onto my clothes and tesring off once i started using the plasters it healed over within a week and it was pretty deep
  • slimshadyslimshady ✭✭✭
    Mmmm...not quite sure what to do. Just come back from a really well recommended physio assessment regarding the pain I have been having in my shoulder when I swim. I was hoping for a definite diagnosis and definite answer as to whether I could think about an IM this year.

    The long and short of it is that it is something to do with the rotator cuff and partly to do with my whole stance and tightness in my upper back. She recommended that I come back to see her for about 5 sessions, once a week and if it hadn't improved by then the next option would be scans with a view to injections/surgery etc.

    The bottom line is that I do this for fun and like most people I am on a tight budget and trying to bring up a young family. Triathlon is a selfish enough sport without me spending the family money on an attempt to get my shoulder better!

    I simply cant afford to have another 4-5 sessions with no guarantee of success. I might be able to get some help through my work but this wont be quick.

    I think I will try another swim in the next few days and see what happens. This whole thing has brought up the importance of triathlon in my life. Part of my self image and personality these days is centred around tri with it being unimaginable a few years ago with my 30 a day fag habit and total lack of physical exercise to imagine me as an Ironman!

    Oh well- far worse things happen to people - it is after all a hobby- and if I cant swim then the Ultra Marathon thread better get ready for a new member! ( but I do like my bike!)
  • Slim

    Can you get a referral from your docs for the physio, that way no cost

  • Today I have snow and gale forced wids .. So I will be confining my activities to spinning

  • slimshadyslimshady ✭✭✭
    SA - I'm going to try that route - see what happens!

    WW - I'll have a look - thanks
  • Thanks for the advice re big plasters....went to the pharmacy and got some whoppers - who'd have thought they did them so big!  Fingers crossed for a quick heal.

    Itching to go out for a run now, but telling myself not to.  My wife is pleased as I've done all the jobs around the house I've been putting off for weeks & weeks.  Brownie points galore!

  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭
    Sorry to hear about all the injuries, folks. Lake - congratulations on managing to sound excited about big plasters!

    Slim, definitely see if your GP can get you sorted. If you have impingement, it's often amenable to a steroid injection, with much less risk of complications than other tendon-like problems. Some GPs I think will do these injections themselves, so it's worth asking.

    I'm still recovering from the weekend - a 17 mile run at just faster than marathon pace on Saturday, followed by the Hammer sportive in the South Hams on Sunday. It was a beautiful route, and the pace was relatively gentle as I did it with the OH (great performance by him, on v little training). Nonetheless, 2500m of climbing in 82 miles seems to have taken its toll a bit, and my cycle commuting these past two days has been more of a crawl, and I've binned running. I shall drive in tomorrow!
  • Slim - I have Impingement syndrome too. I have to work on my posture and stretch out the pec minor. If I keep my stretches up then it goes away.

    Recently I stopped stretching and its come back and is bad at the moment, so that's a lesson learn't for me!

    I only saw my physio once, he gave me the exercises to do and told me not to come back - unless it hadn't improved after 6 weeks of doing the exercises.

    Don't give up yet. It usually just a matter of figuring out what is causing it and then corrective exercise should resolve.
  • +1 Slim. My physio called me today to see how my shoulder was. Must be a slow week for him.

    Some people recommend acupuncture. My GP was keen on a steroid injection, so I went for physio. Do we spot a trend yet?

    Like PL I do daily stretches of various types to keep the shoulder free. I'm going to have to share my ibruprofen with you and AndyB99.

  • me some for my impinged it contageous...image

    5.5 mile run tonjght at a decent pace and feel good. Felt really fatigued last week , put it down to  5k parkrun and 80k bike the day after, feeling better now, will run again tomorrow.

  • Finally got out on the bike this morning for 40K, will run tonight.

    Orca I also SCUBA dive (very occasionally these days) and have never considered exercising after diving as its my relaxation time! But it would seem probable that you will not be complete decompressed for several hours after diving and that there will still be gasses dissolved in your blood. DAN medical sight recommends 6 hours after diving before exercise, its pretty much like the no flying after diving for 24 hours.

  • Slim i find a really good deep tissue massage of the area works for me it. Just frees it all up also i do a lot more press ups and free weights nowdays ( i also do a lot less swimming image)
    Well my big run swim died a death yesterday as i ended up at the docs then the hospital with my. Daughter she has a large absess pressing on her tailbone so is in for surgery this morning so its sod ironman until this is all sorted somethings are more impertant family being numero uno
  • RMB.......nothing like falily problems/illnesses to remind us that Ironman is just a game.....a hobby.....

    Hope all goes well......

    I am gearing myself out for a bike ride feels colder today but I know i should go early whilst its dry
  • RBM - Ouch, you poor girl, passing on positive vibes.

    Seems like a few injuries are coming to the fore, i must remember that i have to take adequte rest, i was following Fink but very very loosely, 6 out of 7 days training certainly takes it out of you

  • Max, sorry to hear  about your daughter. Hope everything goes well.Give her some of your Mojo as youwill not be neeeding it for a few days I suspect!!

    seren e)
    RMB.......nothing like falily problems/illnesses to remind us that Ironman is just a game.....a hobby..... Hope all goes well...... I am gearing myself out for a bike ride feels colder today but I know i should go early whilst its drynos wrote (se

    It is definately colder this morning. Went out early doors, got wet and froze.Gave my son a laugh when he saw my jogging on the spot in the garage trying to warm up when I got back

  • Ouch RBM! Hope all is better with your daughter soon. I had to have two abcesses surgically lanced when I finished college. One of them had to be dressed every day for about three weeks! It was a long three weeks but at least it was before my days as a triathlete as I wouldn't have been able to swim with it.

    Thanks DubaiDave. I'll keep that in mind and try make susre that diving is on my rest day. Hmmmm, will need to rethink my week a bit.

    Slim, Good luck with the shoulder issues.

    Struggling a bit with motivation since the weekend. Nearly killed me to get up for swim training this morning and I can feel myself searching for excuses not to go to track tonight. All part of the joys of IM training I guess.

  • slimshadyslimshady ✭✭✭
    Max - hope your daughter gets better you say family must come first
  • Max hope she gets better soon and lots of (((hugs))) and blowing raspberry's to cheer you up and stuff.

    Dustboy wrote (see)
    Sea is brilliant for healing. Get in there!
    Seconded althrough be warned it might sting a little. image
  • Thanks for the good wishes she is having the op now i shall pass them on when she come round
  • Daughter is up walking around waiting to be discharged and determined to still go on our monster easter road trip tomorrow truley she is little miss Ironlady image
  • That's really good news, Max. Must be a great relief. She's a tough little nut!

    Enjoyable 6-mile trot today. Good, grim, miserable weather. 10 minutes of pick-ups into HR Zone 4. Not convinced. Z4 pick-ups... are they all that???

  • Good news Maximage
  • TJ1004TJ1004 ✭✭✭
    Great news max, bet that's a relief.
  • RBM ((()))

    After 2 days complete rest following weekend, ventured back to gym for some core work this eve. 20 mins and utterly knackered. Too soon for over 50 old fart. Sausage mash & tomato methinks then!
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