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  • Dustboy wrote (see)
    Sausage mash & tomato methinks then!
    The tomato part of this sounds so very wrong. What wrong with mushy peas?
  • Half a brick today - aimed to do run part later, but feeling absolutely shite, Goign away this w/e for our anniversary so hopefully it'll clear up tomorrow.
  • Glad to hear she is up and at 'em Max! 

    There seems to be a bit of contagious shoulder issues round here so I am wearing a mask  image

    1.45 bike swiftly followed by a 42 run, dismal weather .. what happened to Spring?

    Down to Devon tomorrow, if someone could clear the A303 for me I would be very greatful !
  • ok...  Lessons learned from being immersed in a camp with some rather fast people......

    1.  Compression gear looks really silly but apparently it really works....
    2. I need to buy a disk wheel, (apparently)
    3. I need to buy a power meter
    4. i am a crap swimmer
    5. a bike fit is apparently worth it - see below **
    6. lots of fas people, (4/5 in the group I was riding in) use adamno saddles.
    7. I should shave/wax my legs to be taken seriously.
    8. scruffy and oily kit is apparently not cool.
    9. i love my new bike and it goes like the wind image

    Won a free bike fit at 'freespeed' as part of the above camp, and had that done today.
    I had set my position up wayyyyy too aggressively, so my saddle went down a bit, the bars up a bit, but the saddle went waaaay forward.

    I also have to sit right on the front of the ISM adamno saddle, so your plumbs essentially hang off the front image

    It feels a little weird, esp when riding while sat up) but feels really natural / well supported when down on the bars.......   I am used to being crunched over / stretched out so I am have to give this some time.......

    It was interesting, and I learnt a lot.......  I am sure I would have tweaked my position in time, but I dont think I would have ended up with where I am now after the fit.......

    Expensive but (probably) worth it if you don't have a clue, like me, and have bought a tri bike without any advice before hand image

  • Great feedback OC.  I think I would be laughed right out of such a camp as an imposter.

    Not a great session on't turbo tonight.  I had to get off after 35 mins and that's a first for me not to complete a session.

    My groin tightened up like a piano string on both sides, and even when I went up a couple gears and tried spinning out the tightness it didn't subside.  I decided not to continue in case I caused myself an injury.  Felt OK as soon as I got off the bike and feels ok now.

    I just sold my spare bike that I had used on the turbo for the past 3 months and put my road bike on tonight.  I also hadn't used the turbo for a couple of weeks as the weather outside was too good to miss.  I hope that's all the tightness came from and I'll give it another go with light spinning tomorrow.

  • Sounds good OC.. well apart from the plums that is

    VTd, listening to your body is good .. see how it is tomorrow and perhaps some gentle stretching would be in order!

  • Sausage mash & tomato is orsum!
  • Hanging your plumbs off the end sounds preferable to sitting on them.

  • 112 miles sitting on your plumbs oucharama image well i do not have that problem at the moment as i still have to grow a pair and get a grip on this training sporadic is a bit of an understatemnt
    Whilst Meldy sits in the cark park that will be the westbound A303 with all the Emmets i will be whizzing in the opposite direction to the herd to London/miton keynes for the weekend
  • O.rangeCannon... No es in club de costura! wrote (see)

    I also have to sit right on the front of the ISM adamno saddle, so your plumbs essentially hang off the front image

    Thankfully your plums have been specified with all the latest aero wizardry like internal cable routing and a tapered head tube.

    Your feedback on the training camp stuff is really welcome. It makes everybody else's business case for a few hundred quid for racing wheels, fast tyres or a speedfill look like chicken feed. You're a legend.

  • OC I had ( still have somewhere) a Adamno saddle, persevered with it for two months and all I got was blisters on my inner thighs, chucked it back in the shed refitted my trust Fizik and all was well in the world, horses for course stuff I guess. totally with you on the bike fit, it made all the difference, back stopped aching!

    max; Glad the daughter is good to roll

    Me..ldy: I have just bought a house in Mere which must be all of 400M from the A303 (the other side of a hill thankfully, if I was there I could wave at you stuck your traffic jam or divert you to the George and Dragon!

    Training... Oh yes. ran 15K last night, had gut issues and disappeared into the bushes, then the 33C started to sap my will to live but job done. Cycled 45K at dawn, swam 2K at lunch, doing nowt tonight!

    Go well
  • Some good training going guys image

    Unfortunately I am still hobbling around with a leg brace on. Nothing for me since last week now and won't be for a while. Hopefully I'll be swiming by the weekend and maybe even aqua running... but I need to be able to get back on the bike before any of that just so that I can get to the pool.

    No thames turbo triathlon on Monday or London Marathon in 2.5 weeks for me though image

  • GB if you want a lift to the pool (as of next week) I can offer?
  • That would be a bit harsh to ask mate... you live next to the pool and I live 3 miles away image Think I'll be too busy at work for Thursdays session but will be doing some weekend stuff if you are about

  • Cat5 in the Hat wrote (see)
    Half a brick today

    Any ride is half a brick, shirley? 

    Some good training going on: sounds like a good training camp OC.  Hope GB gets back to it soon too.  Not having much luck with races this year are you, that's got to change soon. 

    My long runs are now done for VLM, but the first century ride of the year is lined up for tomorrow: Epsom to Cheltenham.  If anyone sees a pirate tomorrow heading in the vague direction of the Cotswolds via Reading, that'll be me.

  • Golden Boots wrote (see)

    Some good training going guys image

    Unfortunately I am still hobbling around with a leg brace on. Nothing for me since last week now and won't be for a while. Hopefully I'll be swiming by the weekend and maybe even aqua running... but I need to be able to get back on the bike before any of that just so that I can get to the pool.

    No thames turbo triathlon on Monday or London Marathon in 2.5 weeks for me though image

    image Golden it's putting young slow out a little but the key bit is the distance for yourself. Plus He's a top lad and next time he might be needing some help off you so karma will balance out and all that. image
  • Rest day for me.......its the first time i have felt like i should be doing something instead of resting and its is the longest time between this and my last rest day since i started training

    i am actually missing the training, especially when its so nice outside, however i am trying to be good....

    I have been reading up on the various forums about the importance of complete rest and taking some very good / experienced advice.  

    Looking forward to the bike and run tomorrow

  • Day 4 of rest for me. Short gym last night told me I wasn't ready to resume. Try a 5 mile run tomorrow. Getting twitchy.
  • Twitchy?
    Nah, just getting old. image
  • Ok I am officially on the injury bench image

    Left knee has been a bit sore after hard / long runs recently, and has been tweaks for the last week
    Ran this morning and gave up after 200meters
    It's never hurt while running before

    I may have to stop running for a while.....
    And I might go swimming instead

  • OC and GB hope it all comes together. Lots of imjuries cropping up so could be worth repeating Gordos words of wisdom
    When trying to turn a styrofoam cup indide out take it slow and steafy no problem rush it and the cup tears. You are the cup. (or words to that effect)
    Had a great 2 hour ride yestrday down all the backroads one stretch is along a river for a few miles saw a buetiful Heron and was so engossed i managed to ride straight off the road image managed to stay on for once though. Must concentrate in Bristol at eldest daughters filthy student digs. How 5 ladies can make such a mess i dont know off out for an 1 1/2 run now then travel on up to London
  • RBM I have two grown up daughters and a 19 year old son.  I don't need to reassure you that girls rooms and living habits are, by some way,  filthier than boys.

    I don't know at what stage they waken up, but my wife is house proud to a fault.   I'm forever getting chased for leaving something sweaty or dirty not where it should be.

    I had a hard week last week and am subsequently feeling a few tight spots.  I had a rubbish, aborted attempt at a turbo session Tuesday, and a 6 mile jog last night.  Raining and working over Easter weekend will curtail any attempts to string a few hours training together.

    My first 100 mile sportive is planned for 14 April, so in preparation I'd like to get a few medium sessions done on the bike this coming week.

  • Jeez Bristol is frosty this morning cracking run though
  • Rode 85 miles this morning, longest ride since IM Austria, will run tomorrow. Have last Oly tri of the season next Friday, then its lots of long rides to Outlaw.

    Watch all those niggles / injuries folks. No point in blowing it now.
  • Take it easy people...

    A day trip to Scotland and back (whilst trying not to throw up) wiped out yesterday. Mrs Cat5 offered me some laxatives to solve the bloated problem, and so today, whilst a lovely day, means I cannot stray too far from the house.

    I'm also a little concerned that I would end up dehydrated. I'm not overly concerned about the training aspect as Fink has this week as very light, followed by an Oly tri.

    I hope to run or cycle for an hour tomorrow, will see how I feel (and if I'm allowed....).

  • slimshadyslimshady ✭✭✭
    Plodded my way through 13 miles and still felt quite good.

    Family matters tomorrow, some light training on sunday and then the Colusus Sportive on monday. That's the plan anyway!
  • went for a bike with the local ride instead of runningimage

    The new bike came out as well for its proper uk debut. All went well, and was heading home... then the guy infront of me starts sorting out something to eat, hits a massive pot hole and bang, down he goes..... I ride over his bike, sends me off right,  off balance and heading accross the road heading for the green stuff......kerb, ditch, airborne, oh bugger, pull that right arm in, splat and I roll and end up on my back.........

     bars askew, front puncture, broken rear bottle cage but apart from that, im ok, and so the bike.

    The other guy has battered kit, stuff everywhere, but is just bruised and battered.....

    take care people........that 2 crashes in 3 weeks for our group.....

  • 2.5k swim last night with Horse in 1hr so pleased with that, cant wait for open water season to start.

    proberbly do parkrun in the morning then bike sunday.

    Have a great weekend everyone .

  • Currently at Hampstead in the round Britain Easter Exodus off to Canterbury for the day will try to get a long run in tonight if not deffo tomorrow morning begore setting off for milton keynes
  • Back from 21K across the desert,mind willing, tired legs but trotted along happily enough if somewhat slower than normal but then it was also 30C at 0630.

    OC hope you still feel OK in the cold light of day.
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