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  • Ouch OC. Glad you're okay after that, sounds nasty!
    Bloody potholes are a nightmare!
    This afternoon will be my first long bike after things were moved around a bit at my bike fit. Decided to make the session a bike/run/bike/run so giving myself chance to adapt to the changes a little
    Felt lovely when I tried it out yesterday but I'm definitely working the back of my legs more.
  • Pirates, hi everyone. Quick question, " should I run the marathon distance before the outlaw" ... Or just take it as it comes? 

    I'm a marathon virgin and realistically I'm not going to run the whole distance. At some point I will be adopting the run-walk method. Ta Horse. 

  • Horse I wouldn't bother with running a marathon pre Outlaw, it won't make any difference, spend the time training properly that will be far more beneficial.
  • I wouldn't bother doing the marathon distance before Outlaw Horse,  apart from some mental comfort that you can cover the distance it won't really do you any physical benefit. 
    Key would be to practice running off the bike as it's different to running a standalone marathon anyway.

    Also if you're likely to be going for a run-walk strategy in the event itself,  then practice doing that in your training,  from that you should hopefully gain the comfort that you could keep going for the additional distance upto the marathon distance.  Enjoy Outlaw it's a great event.image

  • As above, don't feel the need. If you are planning to Run Walk, in my (limited) experience its advisable to start from the beginning of the run, as the whole point is to run walk for longer than you can run before fatiguing. There's no point fatiguing then trying a proper run walk!

    Although if you mean the shambles that we all resort to at some point later on in the race, its debatable if that can even be charitably described as even walking. (no additional comments required from you lot! - you know who you are! image)
  • That would be the "Mince" then....image
  • Bit of an active recovery week for me this week

    6 x 3hr costal hikes
    4 x 75min spin classes
    Couple of short swims
    Couple of short runs

  • And another name goes in the little black book!!!!

  • I did a mara last week after 56 mile bike the day before. I wanted to know how it would go and what to expect and if "the dark place" would creep up on me.

    In the event, I was last at a shade under 5 hours, but I am very pleased that I did it. One of my toes is in vehement disagreement and has turned black and doesn't feel right but it seems a small price to pay. I ran (well, shuffle ran) most of it.

    Don't know if that helps...

    What I didn't expect was to be wiped out for a week. Ergo, todays ride was reduced to a violent headache, shopping at Aldi and a 2 hour afternoon nap.

    Hope to get out tomorrow though.
  • Today ......

    I swam 3k!!!

    1k was cheating using a pull boy and paddles but even so I am happy
    Unfortunately I have a 4k swim scheduled for next week and the paddles aren't coming out image
  • Hi guys, thank you again, I am hoping to run as far as possible but I'm also trying to keep it real. The run walk effort will come after fatigue sets in. Around the three mile marker. image only joking.
    I'm clear now that I don't need to worry about doing the distance before the race. I now have to decide best course of action to get me around. Can't wait. Best wishes everyone thank you.
  • Busy,  busy working week for me last week since Sunday,   late nights & early mornings in the office and crap food haven't been massively conducive to quality training,  Easter hols starts today thoughimage

    Managed to get some bits & bobs in though,  got joined for a lunchtime run on Tues by a young whippet at work so that was a hard session keeping up with him and have managed to bike to work the last couple of days as well which at least has kept me ticking over.  Tempted to do more this week but really do need a taper in advance of Brighton mara on Sunday so it'll be a relatively gentle week again I think,   massage booked in for Tuesday.

  • Just did LSR, covered about 13miles in 1hr 45. Swim this afternoon for me and then home for some laying on sofa time!!
  • Had a rubbish week for training with shit breezy and drizzley weather, and with working all bank holiday weekend my planned step up to next week's 100 mile sportive was a non starter.

    So I went out with the running club this morning before work and managed a very strong 17.5 mile run.  Felt very good throughout. 

    I'll see if I can get a 45-50 bike ride in mid week.

  • Did a nice pacey hours run on hampsted health yesterday followed by a nice run with my brother (who is doing outlaw) today at milton keynes his run seems to have come on a lot!
    Codebreaker sportive tomorrow weather looks a bit pants but looking forwrd to it especialy the beer carbo load tonight image
  • As the rides have been getting longer I have seemed just to run out of energy so have been doing a bit of research on nutrition. Reccomended is at least 1gram of carbs for 1k of bodyweight per hour. Fink suggests 1gel every 25min on the bike. I dont think ive been taken on anywhere near this much so could explain the running out of energy. Going to try and take on 2 gels and one bottle of carbo drink every hour on next weeks sportive and see how that goes. I guess it is all trial and error. 
  • ajford, you may want to alternate between gels & cereal bars. Makes a change.

    Finally ventured out on bike for 17 miles, nothing in the tank at all. As a one off, I'll write it off, hope it doesn't happen again.
  • slimshadyslimshady ✭✭✭
    I have found when on a bike ride over 70 miles that a nice pasty or Steak and Kidney pie at about mile 65-70 works a treat!
    This can be followed by cake ( Lemon Drizzle is good) and finally polished off with good old fashioned Jelly babies.
    I think that gels, carb drinks etc are generally foisted on us by an industry created around them... Although a gel can bring me back from the brink at times

    But probably better not to follow my nutrition strategy!
  • Too late SlimS, you'd already sold it to me image.
  • Big weekend for me.

    Thursday - 54 mile ride with no fuel or fluids absolute misery, wanted to thow my bike in a skip and set fire to it..

    Friday -  93 mile ride with 2 big bottles of high5 and 1 1/2 Soreens, quite enjoyable and then immediately followed by a good hard 8.9 mile run.

    Saturday - 8.5 mile ride to pool, good hard hour of coached swimming, back on the bike for 36 miles, a quick 2.3 mile run off that and back on the bike for the 8 mile ride home.

    Sunday - It was raining  in the morning so I rested but got a solid steady 19.53 mile run in later in the evening.

    Haven't tried any gels out yet, I'm getting by on Soreen and Dextro Energy tabletsat the mo, I deffo have get my nutrition sorted before the big day tho. It's not so much that I run out of energy but I just feel really hungry and I do know i have to drink a more.

  • Fiver marshallini is exceptionally young. And I decide what is exceptionally young....
  • I too think marshallini is exceptionally young and also exceptionally well trained! At my advanced age (and I will battle dustboy for the old man status) such levels of training would probably result in a) divorce b) body parts falling off.

    Swam 2.5K yesterday, slept 9 hours straight last night for the first time in weeks. Feel like a new man today though the mirror tells me otherwise. Will do longish swim at lunch, club run tonight.

    Last year by the time I got to the end of the bike the mere thought of an another gel was enough to make me consider suicide so switched to a coke fuelled run. Being old enough to remember running ultras long before gels & sports drinks  were invented I am somewhat suspicious of such products, I ran umpteen marathons on water and Robinsons orange juice only, I still never use gels when running marathons but do find them effective on the bike but only becuase I can't carry enough pies and chips in my bento box. Though a gel every 25 mins sound like total overkill to me and the road to gut issues.

  • Come on then DD, cards on the table. LOL.
  • Mental amount of training by marshallini, well done. That knackers me out reading about it. Wow. Gonna get back on the horse today after busy weekend at work. Good luck with your training this people, stay healthy. Horse.

  • DD takes it with honours. Well done. Fifty one.
  • Great training, Marshallini. Am I right that you're the guy from Chester Tri who stated an aspiration for Outlaw as sub 11:45? I reckon you can afford to be a little bolder, my friend.... unless that was a classic bit of Pirate-worthy sandbagging??? 

    And congrats to you two old crusties, still defying the osteoparosis, large ears and varicose veins to turn the clock back.

    Bits n pieces weekend for me, due in part to a fairly seismic bit of aggro in the extended family. Thankfully the A Race isn't until September, or I'd be struggling. Need to organise my week a bit more formally.

  • Some good training going on here!

    Another sportive for me yesterday. I'm actually getting to the stage where individually, none of the legs frightens me. Wondering how I'll string it all together though.
  • Well done NV, that's the stage I'm wanting to get to.  The bike still worries me a bit and this weekend's 100 miler will tell me a lot about myself.

    I'll worry about stringing the three together some other day, but not today. 

  • Had enough of the lurgy, so dragged myself out for 2 hours on the road bike. First activity since Wednesday. Legs feel strangely tired for so little effort. Twas v windy though.

    The best part was I got home hungry image whereas I have had no appetite for days. Stomach is still a little bloated. I now look like an Ethiopian orphan.

    Normal service resumes tomorrow, and my first sportive at the weekend. I'll stick with VT's idea of planning. I'll worry about the bike once I've struggled to get the wetsuit off. Worrying about the run doesn't begin until 5pm.

    Marshallini has to be younger than GB.

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