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  • slowerthanilook wrote (see)

    Great training, Marshallini. Am I right that you're the guy from Chester Tri who stated an aspiration for Outlaw as sub 11:45? I reckon you can afford to be a little bolder, my friend.... unless that was a classic bit of Pirate-worthy sandbagging???

    I am a guy from Chester Tri (aged, a spring chicken like, 44). If I stated a sub 11:45 target then that must've been a typo. I've always been  targeting sub 11:00.  I was secretly thinking sub 10:30 but I don't think my cycling is quite up to that.

  • Phew, that is some training then. You must have the recovery powers of an immortal! I remember 44. Think I had got my first pair of running shoes and left them in the cupboard, was still a heavy smoker and a triple unit weekly drinker, to wash down the kebabs (a vice which remains).

    Have you always been a fit bloke?
  • Always been active, but only really started "training" in 1994 when I took up Taekwon Do. Did that for 4-5 years to a high level,

    Post TKD I did running for a while then spent most of 2000-01 in the gym.

    Started Tri training the end of 2001, bought a bike Jan 2002, Did 1 sprint, 1 odd distance, 1 Olympic and HIMUK.  Had a big break, came back July '03, did 1 sprint, 1 Olympic and IM Lanzarote 2004.

    Post Lanza I just ran, albeit with some lengthy breaks - don't think I did more than 6 months without quitting for a month or two (or 9)

    Had a really good spell the second half of 2008 and hit my running peak then suffered a few of nasty viruses, a broken foot and bad case of piriformis syndrome and numerous bouts of serious disinterest.

    After getting a bit podgy and miserable I pulled my finger out and got back on it in June 2011.

    And here we are. So far, so good. 

  • sub 11 Marshalini......?

    Thats another candidate for the pirate shield 145.......
  • Wet and windy Codebreaker in Milton Keynes with Slimshady and my brother (MK Snail) it was a good old sloggfest got in 116 miles by the time we got home thanks for the company Slim
  • Just like Dustboy at 44 I'd given up running for the previous 8 years ( I was a 35 min 10K man once upon a time) smoked 20 a day, weighed 15 stone plus and liked nothing more than several pints a night.Then Mrs DD took a photo of me on the beach, i was mortified & stuck it on the fridge. Out came the trainers and once more became a runner. At 52 I decided Tri might be fun, so thought lets start with a IM the rest is history.

    last night I ran 14K with the club at a fair lick, this morning I cycled 40K pre dawn at a even faster lick breaking my record for that loop, I will now trot a recovery 8K at lunch.

  • Some fast peeps on this thread image

    The old beach photo thing D! That's what got me back into the gym, onto the treadmill, onto running outside and then into tri. Although the tri only came because a calf injury made me decide to learn to swim in late 2009. From there it was a slippery slope to getting a bike, a wetsuit and entering a race.

    Do people have a target for Outlaw? I genuinely have no idea what time I'm likely to finish in, within a 2 or 3 hour window.

  • Except I was never a 35 minute 10Ker DD! I did zilch from the day I got off PE at school (due to Osgood Schlatter disease) till I was mid forties.

    My Outlaw target is finish. Get a lot of back problems on the bike which slows me down a lot. Have to get off & stretch a few times. Stops hurting when I run fortunately. 

  • marshallini wrote (see)

    Had a really good spell the second half of 2008 and hit my running peak...

    I managed a 36:27 10k (was on for a 35 something at Telford  but fell apart mid race and was then ill for 3 months) and a 58:59 10 mile.  The sub hour 10 was my number one goal in running and something that kept me coming back from retirement. But once that was done I found it hard to get back up for it and combined with the other things lead to the two and a half year break. Not a an absolute break, I was sporadically running, but nothing hard and no consistency.

    My effort at IM Lanzarote was, at the time, acceptable (12:38:08) but after running a couple of marathons (2:55:55 pb) It began to niggle me that I'd walked on the run and for me that equates to not rising to the Ironman challenge.  So I'm in the Outlaw for a Sub 11 with  NO walking.  The finish time is really secondary, but if I perform to expectation then sub 11 is on the cards. 

  • Sounds like Marshallini is first to the bar then....image Be empty by the time I get there.
  • I have no expectations apart from a finish and getting sloshed very easily on Monday.  In saying that I think I would take a 7.30 hour bike and a 5.30 hour run if it was offered. 

    Don't have a clue about the swim. Anywhere between 1.30 and 1.45 maybe?

  • VT... That's exactly where I want to finish. Sub 15 hrs. And a top 10 finish in my age group. That's my goal but it might be a bit optimistic ..... Being a super vet I have no idea how my body will cope on the day.... Training is going well and I am managing to be consistant.
    Did parkrun on sat. 26.09 and ran 13 miles with Horse yesterday in 2hrs and felt really good.... So I'm hoping everything goes to plan... image
    Going out for a recovery ride now.
    Happy training everyone.
  • Dustboy  wrote (see)
    Sounds like Marshallini is first to the bar then....image Be empty by the time I get there.
    What ever time you get to the bar, Dusty, you'll have plenty of company. The journey from the finish tape, via the stand, to the bar, is about 30 paces. And they save the best and most cheerful abuse for the latest finishers imageimage 
  • Only problem is that if you take the full 17 hours as is quite likely in my case given my paces in the various disciplines that takes you to 11pm...........

    ..............and on a Sunday I'll miss last orders image

  • 'Osgood Schlatter disease' there was me thinking you just had knobbly knees Dusty!! Googled it and it looks painful!
    VT'd I'd take that if I was given it! But, in all seriousness, I reckon I'll struggle to keep up with Dusty, once he's overtaken me on the bike! image And I'm fully expecting an ear ache when he does!! image
  • Prince Siegfried wrote (see)
    'Osgood Schlatter disease' there was me thinking you just had knobbly knees Dusty!! Googled it and it looks painful! VT'd I'd take that if I was given it! But, in all seriousness, I reckon I'll struggle to keep up with Dusty, once he's overtaken me on the bike! image And I'm fully expecting an ear ache when he does!! image

    Just hope for a tailwind, or you'll hear him for miles.

    I'm likely to get my money's worth on the swim. I'm hoping for lots of "crap swimmer" comments on the bike, but we'll see...

  • Had a fun few days training in Devon, now back to reality  image

  • slimshadyslimshady ✭✭✭
    Enjoyed the MK Sportive yesterday. It was pretty windy and wet but had good company with RBM and his bruv MK Snail. 103 miles in the legs!
  • Did you see the lesser spotted Barlos?
  • Somebody please save a cold one for Podds?

    Think I had better do some bike training!
  • Melds i glimpsed the LS Barlos at the feed station err feeding
    Had a quick chat then it was back into the windfest
  • Hello pirates image

    Can I sneak into this thread please? I'm signed up for Roth this year, and unfortunately the last of my real life chums who was meant to come with me has had to drop out so I was wondering if any pirates were planning on making an appearance? as I will be *sings* allllll by myseeeeeellllfffff. 

     I had a semi-pirate outing at IMNZ in 2010 with egoman & suffolk punch and for those of you who were at Regensberg last year I was one of the gobby Scottish gals with the flags just after transition, arrrrrggghhhhhing at everyone in a yellow jersey!  (I had been meant to race, but DNS due to illness)

    So...happy training everyone. Some good sessions going on here.

    Dubai Dave, I am making the wild assumption that you're in Dubai? Me too image

  • PuP Wild assumption absolutely correct, who do you train with? Or where?

    off for a swim now.
  • Question regarding swimming - i used to plough up and down the pool and lose count after about 30 odd lengths, i have just started doing sets of 400 or 600 in the past week as below

    Today session

    6 x 100 - 5 sec rest between each 100 and 30 sec rest at end of set
    3 x 200 as above
    2 x 300
    1 x 600
    1 x 300
    1 x100

    Is this better than just ploughing through to 2800 +, i am enjoying it more as it is less boring

    I felt good and could have carried on but had to get to work, but i am worried that the rest taken is masking my progress.

    Is this what others do? all front crawl unfortunatly, i know i should be doing drills, how benefical would i find them?

    This session took just over an hour, hoping for a 1hr 20 swim at outlaw, realistic? I failed miserably at IMWales last year, didnt complete the swim and i am determinded not to let that happen again

  • JCD, can't really answer as to which is best. I tend to plough up and down aimlessly. On the odd occasion I have tried to do something more structured, I have enjoyed it more. Don't do enough of it to be able to say which is best though.

    2000m in the pool last night and a 10 mile run commute this morning, all easy aerobic. I seem to have taken about 90s/mile off my easy pace this year already, so feeling pretty pleased with myself today. Should probably try running faster at some point and see if that's improved as well image

    Hi PuP.
  • I've been doing a  bit of training with the Tri-Pirates, Dave. Nice bunch.I spend a lot of time running in circles around Safa Park. I've not been out on the bike much, to be honest, as I'm a bit of a sucker for the turbot and also very bad at getting up at 4am to drive out to the desert! 

     I think you may have shot past me on a ride out at Nazwa a couple of months back, unless there are other Pirates than you & Egoman here...?

    Edit - crossed posts with you there NV  - hi! And thanks for the welcome image

  • Welcome Pop Up Pundit, youre more than welcome to share your training exploits here and ask about Roth as a few of us did it a couple of years ago.  Great Race.

    I dont specifically remember you at Regensburg but no doubt I was glad of your support, thank you.

    RBM, Slim,  Nice to see you on Sunday, I quite enjoyed the ride when I got into it after the first feedstation.  That was until I missed a turn at about 75 miles.  I had turned to refind the course but another cyclist was going the way I went and assured me id not missed a sign, he sped into the distance and after a map check later it confirmed I was well off course (had gone along A505).  Decided to main road it (which I hate) back to the finish through MK as finding the course again would have added many miles and meant id be quite late back.  Overall I think I did about 90 miles.

  • JCD I have one long swim, one set of intervals much like you describe and one mixture of drills, intervals and whatever I feel like a week. Without doubt the weekly swim interval session has made me faster. as for your target i can swim around 2700 in a hour in the pool and did IM Austria in 1-24 so yes your target is realistic.

    Pup: yes that was almost certainly me out at Nazwa, Pirates in Dubai that I know of, Iron Snorks, Ego Man, Ginger Gav, me and you! I run with the Mirdif Crew and living in Mirdif tend to disappear out into the desert quite a bit. Are you doing Yas on Friday?
  • JCD .. warm up and cool down sets and then say 4 x 600 in the middle maintaining a consistant pace/speed would be better IMO?  Easy to count and breaks up the session as well

    Pup yes I remember you !   Enjoy Roth, it wasnt the best outing for me but I can see why people like it image
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