Iron Distance 2012 Training Thread



  • 1hr swim for me earlier as well   image
  • 1 hour run done, absent any feelings of actually *wanting* to what-so-ever!
    Go me!
  • Keeping up my new, smug-worthy habit of an early morning swim on my once-weekly journey to the office. Bit frustrated that, despite training all winter, and feeling like I'm swimming much, much better, my times aren't progressing. Even when wearing a rubber hat! 

    Enjoyed a tolerably miserable session this morning based on 200m intervals. Looking forward to open water and the steroid-like properties of a wetsuit.

  • Had a good weekend but struggling a bit since.
    Did a four hour bike into a 30 minute run on Saturday, but the pace was slow for both.

    Had promised to take a group out on Sunday and to my surprise we managed 3 hours, however the sudden increase in biking is taking it's toll on me this week. I struggled through my 3km set in the pool yesterday, going to the back of a lane I'd usually lead. Did a strength session at lunch time but just couldn't run last night, too tired. Did my 45 minute bike into 30 minute run this morning but again the pace was sluggish and I'm feeling wrecked now so may end up taking an extra rest day. Off to France on Friday for what I hope will be 5 days of solid training. Happy enough with training but have severe doubts about beating last years time.

  • reading this thread --- i feel a long way behind where i should be image
  • Really struggling with motivation for this now not been able to run for over 4 weeks now , cyclings ok but swim is a bit compramised as can only swim with minimal kick and pull bouy (my mojo has got up and gone which is unusual for me) to the extent that i am seriously thinking of cutting my losses and withdrawing whislst the penalty is only £50 and joining the feed station crew i will give myself a week and if i havent mananaged to get running and get my enthusiasm back unfortunately i will be out
  • word of caution Max

    if you want a refund, they don't give it back until after the event.

  • Today for me ...

    AM - RUN - 40mins hill reps

    LUNCH - OTHER - 35mins Versa Climber
  • I almost thought about going to the swimming pool today.......first time in almost a year that I have gone to the pool...........but I soon changed my mind so back to normal........
  • SA not to worried when i get a refund as long as i get one, but things are a bit tight and would hate to lose the lot if i cant toe the line, i have seriously considered a speedwalk of the mara , but unless i can do myself justice the motivation to get up at stupid oclock and train has vanished, which is unusual for me. I am probably just being gay and should HTFU and JBDI before someone says it image
  • MAX - i was in that position with motivation until a couple of weeks ago ... now my mojo is starting to return
  • Max

    Mrs SA is in the same boat, can't run, she has a dead line of end of March as to final decision

  • SA looks like we are both in the same boat realistically if i cant run painfree by the end of march for an hour i will pull stumps WW my mojo was massive before i came a cropper i was really flying and motivated as i had a secret sub 11 target in my head, as that has in all probability and having done Outlaw before that vavavoom has sorta gone I will take myself off to a corner and givr myself a good talking to image
  • ....if that doesn't do it Max give me a shout and i'll give you a talking too image
  • Sorry Melds i have resorted to shouting at myself in a corner whilst watching you tube clips of people like Jane Tomlinson and the Hoyts if that dosent do the trick i will of course call in the professional image
  • Mrs SAMrs SA ✭✭✭

    Max - really feel for you matey.   I still can't run.  I was diagnosed as having dehydrated discs a few years back.   A few weeks back the sciatica came back with vengeance.   I am able to swim and cycle, but running is impossible.   Each time i attempt to run i get a pulling sensation in my calf, with numbness in my leg.   Wish there was a "quick-fix" solution but just have to give it time to heal.    Its Outlaw decision time for me at the end of the month image

  • Cheers Mrs SA hope it all comes right for you. if i can get the run going to be honest would probably cure my motivational problems its just frustrating as i can bike and swim just gotta exercise some patience which is not one of my sttong points image
  • Mrs SA, can you do pool running at all?
  • slimshadyslimshady ✭✭✭
    Fingers crossed for both of you. be a real shame for either of you to have to pull out.
  • Mrs SAMrs SA ✭✭✭

    Meldy .... never actually tried it!!!   How does it work?

  • I havent tried it myself but I do know that people have had a lot of success with it and it may be worth a try if it gets you <<cough>> back up and running ?
  • Little brick session this morning, turbo and run. Really enjoying the mid week stuff now that I've got the hang of the training early thing.
    I really REALLY have to do something about my lack of swim motivation though. Still only swimming twice a week and then it's really quite pathetic.
    It's hard to make myself do something I'm really rubbish at lol!
    I will have to use bribery. 3 swims a week for the next month and I'll buy myself something nice.... That should do it! image
  • Hope ...

    I have only swam 2 or 3 times this year due to an on going chest problem ... i'm at the Doctors on Friday so hopefully will get that sorted so at least i can get myself to a get round level or not drowning skill level
  • Oh well Ww, we can keep eachother company in the not drowning wave image
    Seriously, hope your chest problems sort themselves out soon.
  • We are all a great advert for fitness and health aren't I want everyone to report for duty at the end of the month in tip top shape please.....

    I am going to try and go on the bike this is the first day I could manage going down stairs after the ultra on the hopefully I will be able to get on the bike image
  • How did the Ultra go Seren?

  • Enjoy Seren. image
  • managed a 3K swim today that the longest swim I've done since IM Austria, it was surprisingly OK.
  • Nice hilly 22 mile commute in this morning its getting light at 05:45 now woohoo will force myself to the pool tonight to start swim training proper (all be it with a pull bouy)
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