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  • I have another weekend coming up of missed training


    Oh well... a beer-fuelled trip to Belfast for 2 nights does actually sound much more fun I suppose. The only problem is that this has become a bit of a regular thing... I have only trained once in the last three weekends due to beer-weekends, and as I will have a weekend off cycling for the London Marathon as well as a Half-Marathon in May I am getting a bit worried.

    Though I can't get down in a pity party - it is all self-induced!!


  • Is not beer carbo loading
  • Golden Boots wrote (see)
     as well as a Half-Marathon in May I am getting a bit worried.

    DON’T PANIC!!! Or and highlighted the may one tis only a half son take the half easy you will still pb with all the other training and turn it into a brick session? image image If you want I’m about all that weekend if you fancy meeting up and playing in the dirt.


    You’ve going to find that your time is stretched even if you don’t have to go to Belfast and places. Keep calm keep your kit nearby so you can sneak off and get some miles in when you can and enjoy it.

      Oh and peace in the park 9th June be there or be somewhere else. image
  • oooh Piece in the park could be tempting, then can get a weekend's riding in the peak district as well over the weekend.

    How did I know you would be there suggesting a brick session!! I won't have my bike with me and will be gunning for a decent time so will just accept it as a recovery week (albeit the run). Are you doing Sheffield this year? Did you enter the endurer obstacle race in 2 weekends time?

    And I am not taking kit away with me when alcohol is involved... the two dont mix!!

    Also just found out I will be living away again for a month or so. I will be in a hotel so unfortunately that means no mid-week cycling other than maybe the gym bike or a couple of spinning classes... but hey ho... more the reason to make the most of weekends when i do image

  • Havn't entered the obstacle race money's been to tight but in sheffield it would be rude not to. image 

    Spinnings harder than a long cycle mate. image

  • Let me know if you do enter it? Got a bit of a race going with my little brother... can't be having that now can we!
  • Even if I don't mate thinking a cycle out there would be fun so I'll pop by and distract your bro while you win. image
  • 60 lovely sunny miles on my bike  image
  • slimshadyslimshady ✭✭✭
    Good ride Melds! Wasn't it foggy where you are?
  • Errrrr not when I gotout of bed no  image

    beautiful day out across the Winchendons/Pitchcott/Oving .. 
  • Evening all...can I join in?

    60m bike for me today, starting off misty but then turning beautiful.  First long bike with proper fueling so it was nice not to feel to stiff and tired at the end...even managed a 15 min brick off it.

    I've got my first 100m ride on Sunday (a VO2 sportive in Kent) which I'm suitably worried about.  Even worse is that when I hobble indoors my wife is going to be massively unsympathetic as I've missed most of Mothers Day. 

  • After about 6 months of not being able to swim much more than 50M on half power at maximum in one go, finally got to the docs yesterday. He's a runner too (hence delay in getting him rather than the "well don't do it then" brigade.)

    Course of tablets, possibly an ongoing thing, took first tablet today and tentatively got into the pool tonight.

    2600M set with much less trouble and 90% power restored. Bit sore after but to be expected.

    I'm back.))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))!
  • Been to see doctor ... I now have an inhailer ,,,, and have to log my peek flow for next 2-3 weeks
  • dustboy.can i have some of those tablets please image
  • Will.hope it helps
  • Had a nice commute in picked up wheelsucker half way in and proceeded to play with him for the next 10 miles be had a nice hybrid with gear and i was on my steel fixie could hear him hanging out behind me so poured it on in the last 2 miles and blew him big style i think my mojo is fully restored image image
  • Nothing better than a bit of commuter racing to get the mojo back! Happy days.
  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭
    Some good stuff going on here.

    Sorry for those on the injury bench - maybe some of Dustboy's tablets all round will help.

    Lake - welcome to the dark side!! I'm sure you'll enjoy your sportive, even if not your return home.....

    Meldy, I'm very envious of your ride yesterday - that was exactly where we were heading before we bailed. I can feel a sulk coming on.....

    Max, it's great to hear your mojo's returning, and your commuting tale had me chuckling!

    I'm still only up to 42 miles on the bike and 17 on the run, but with exactly 6 months still to go before IM Wales, it's hard to get too worked up about it.

    Happy training all!
  • this weekend i shall be mostly 

    short brick tonight - half an hour turbo then 4 mile run

    tomorrow long swim - 4k

    Sunday long run - 20 miles

    and as joddly says "Happy training all!"

  • Er, guilty secret today. Day off work, 70 mile ride planned with Lord H. Well, I got round to his house and we er, had a massive fry up instead. oops!
  • 4hour 28 min bike and a 20 min run done.
    It wasn't pretty!
    I'm getting used to playing with my new Garmin with maps thing and I need to pay more attention when planning route.... Coz that was fecking hilly!
  • Mmmmmmm hills I image hills. image Max good to hear about the mojo and dusty shocking! image
  • Today's Team TT was different! Got to bed at 0100 after 5 pints of cider and was out of the door at 0600, cycled 13 miles to the start, sat around had a coffee then at 0733 my team of 4 was off, half way through lap 1 we dropped Ross off the back, in his defense he only got back from South Africa at 0100 and does only have one leg ! ( See I told you this team was different. So now I was stuck had to hang on regardless, the remaining two members of the team are respectively 16 & 14 years younger than me and neither had a hangover.

    The first lap of 10.6K was nothing short of painful with several shouts from me of "Slow down". On the second lap the breeze was becoming more of a wind and the sand started to blow. Going up the hill into the wind was agony. By the third lap the sand was stinging the eyes but when from behind we were going along at nearly 30 MPH. The hill was beyond agony.

    On the fourth lap I wanted to die, going up the hill into what was now a full sandstorm was the type of pain which makes the idea of red hot pokers seem tame, a final shout from the mad Dane to sprint and we crossed the line in 1 hour 09 something, fourth team out of 8. Average speed was 37.1KPH / 23 MPH so were in no danger of giving any of the pro's a run for their money. Glad I gave it a shot and sober it might even be fun!

    Fortunately the ride home was down wind, though my plans to have 2 hours in bed were scuppered when DD2 decided he didn't want to go to a birthday party! Still over 50 miles for the day, will run tomorrow.
  • I don't mind hills but I don't think I was quite ready for that route lol!
  • slimshadyslimshady ✭✭✭

    Dustboy - like your style  image

    Some great training going on.  i did 63 mile ride today and off to see my mum in Devon this weekend. Hoping to get a run in along the cliffs   image

    have a great training weekend all

  • I swam.   Thats all image

    Devon for me at Easter and I will struggle to find a flat route!!
  • Slighty more sedate ride home this evening but very enjoyable.
    Rain forecast tomorrow so going mountain biking in the local trails and woods time to get muddy image
  • Missed last night's run due to getting home late from work (after a 2.5hr drive). Bike & ran today with the intention of going out at lunch to run again.

    Nothing tomorrow. Marlow Du Sunday.

  • Ran today, 13 miles across the desert far more fun than the TT

  • Nice work!
    I swam (yes you heard right... Second time this week) and I ran. Beautifully sunny for my pool swim. Biblical rain for my run. No points for planning!!! :/
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