Grim Reaper - 40/70/100

Entries now open folks at

My first foray into the ultra world, now sat here wondering what the hell I've done!


  • Blimey well done. I did my very first 10k there and loved it.

    Good luck image

  • I read your thread description and imagined an ultra going round and round a council estate!
  • Hi - I did this last year the 70, it was my first ultra, and I am going to be doing it again this year, not entered just yet as saving up the pennies.
  • loops of a council estate, now that really has the potential to be an adventure run!

    The official description ' The Beautiful Grimsthorpe Castle Estate' probably evokes a better image

    SPEN - I'll see you there, I'm doing the 40, couldn't quite bring myself to hit the 70 button on the application.  My excuse is that it's my birthday on that day, and I want to be sure to finish in time to get to the pub

  • Ian66 - I will see you there it was a great day last year and a fantastic course and everyone was so friendly.
  • I would love to do this one but not this year next year. I would certainly expect to be one of the very slow runners is this a newbie friendly run ?
  • Amanda - this is a very friendly event, you should go for it.

  • Definitely thinking of the 70 for next year. Got to be easier to train on similar terrain as I only live over in North Nottinghamshire.

    Trekking up to the Lakes to train for Lakeland 50 is costing a fortune!

  • Almost tempted to enter the 40 or 70 but it is a little close to Lakeland 100 for me. Best of luck everyone image

    Roger - I know what you mean. Recceing the Lakeland route whilst living on the South East coast can get costly!

  • Wimped out and went for the 40 miler, but I have also signed up for the HM on the Sunday. First Ultra Marathon for me, so looking forward to it. Edinburgh Marathon next weekend as part of training.


    Will be seeing you all soon!

  • Hi all i have signed up for the 100 miler. This will be my second 100 race. I did the Thames path 100 which with diversions actually turned out to be a 102 mile race. Sadly i had to drop out two miles from the end with hypothermia. What with getting lost i actually completed 103 miles in 25hrs 30 mins. With nicer conditions in July i am hoping to do a sub 24hr time. Can anybody give me a description of the loop that we will be running please? Looking at the clip on the website it looks like there is atleast one hill on the laps. Looking forward to meeting you guys on the day.

  • Hi Vicky

    link to the 10 mile loop

    bad news on having to drop out so close to the end of the TP100, sure you'll finish this time round, unless sunstroke gets you this time! image

  • Yeah that had already crossed my mind Ian66. Thanx for the link. What distance r u planning on undertaking?
  • Can anyone tell me whether trail shoes are a must have for this event? I know the organisers recommend trail shoes but can u get away with road one.
  • I'm doing the 40, can;t get my head round doing longer distances.....yet!

    I did the half last year in road shoes and was fine - weather was warm and dry though, if it was wet then you might be better suited to trail shoes.  I'm crossing fingers for dry weather again, as I don't have any trail shoes, and don't really want to splash out for what might be a one-off run

  • Anyone know how close you can enter? I'm doing a big event the weekend before and want to see how much it takes out of me before entering so prob wouldn't be in a position to decide until Tuesday before. Would just do the 40 though as the previous weekend will be doing 2 marathons and a 30 miler!

    Would be good to do the 40 with a view to doing 70 next year depending on the date.
  • Hi all does anyone know of the longest distance is 100 or 105 miles. The info I find is very misleading. Also is it just the one drop bag we have or is it at both ends of the lap? Lastly, wen do we receive our race nos etc?

    Can't believe how close this event is now. Shame it looks like it will be a wash-out unless something drastic alters with our weather

    I'm on my taper. Hope everyones training has gone to plan. Take care all x
  • VIcky - the longest run this year is 100, the 105 was last year.  There is just one drop bag, which is at the start/finish point of the 10 mile loop, so you need to plan to carry whatever you need for the entire 10 mile loop.

    I believe race packs were due to be sent out 1 week in advance, I haven't received mine yet but no need to panic.  yet!

    weather forecast is pretty crappy for the next 10 days, but nowhere near close enough to cause it to be cancelled - pack your wellies and your mac and enjoy splashing through the puddles!! image

  • ....meant to add, there is a facebook group for this event, 'The Grimsthorpe Massive', which you might want to join for any last minute tips/advice/motivation/moans about the bloody weather.......

  • Hi guys - first timer Ultra runner here - just popped over from the dark side (triathletes world forums). i just scrapped in before the last entries deadline. Done one mara before (rutland water) in November last year and didnt find it too bad, just done the outlaw triathlon which im hoping will give me enough base to get my arse round the grim 70.

    Any advice on what i could possibly do in these last few days before the off would be greatly appreciated. - and yes - i know i should be recovering from Outlaw or tapering for this one image 

    Also i have had a look on various ultra sites at check lists but dont see any mention of water proof socks, sealskins etc or gaiters, are these a bad idea. I assume if it rains a lot you can change socks every 10 miles to reduce blistering.

    One other thing - can some one tell me about taping your feet. i heard theres a book about foot care but i have left it a little late for the post

    TIA  - Doner K

    this year a 70, next year 100's image 

  • Yes at the end of each lap you have access to your stuff where you can change socks and clothing and access anything you need in your tent.

    As far as taping goes I'm not an expert as I have never needed to do it.

    Trail running shoes are a definate as a minimum and plenty of changes of socks and clothing to keep you comfortable.


  • Good luck nutters....image

    My second Grim 70 plus HM on the Sunday.

    Not taking suncream.....But have my packamack....image

    Here's to glowsticks.....Deer......And a fairytale castle.....image

    Good luck! Ria xxx

  • Congratulations to everybody who took part in this event. 

    It appears to have been pretty tough. 

  • It was very tough the mud and wet caused big problem with keeping dry feet, but good lessons learnt for next if if my wife allows me to

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