Help - Ankle and Heel aching

To cut a longer story a bit shorter I had bone marrow odema in my medial malleous this time last year (so had to pull out of Brighton and London marathon)  I was doing a fair bit of running and got up to about 45 miles per week

I took 3 months off, increased mileage gradually and did one marathon last September which was fine, followed by few 10/13 mile runs in the months following and then I had most of December off running.  It was in my left leg and since my odema it hasnt really been 100%, odd pins and needles and tingling and occasional twinge but I've been managing it with rest days.  To be honest Im sick of it but I'd rather be running than not.

Since Dec I've been increasing the miles and running regularly about 3-4 times a week.  Having proper rest days, not cycling on my rest days etc.  as Im due to run Brighton and London this year.

About 2 weeks ago I had a slight discomfort in my left heel, didnt really affect my running much.  This week its turned into my whole ankle aching even when resting and I'm getting the odd shin twinge.  I went running yesterday, did 5 mile off road and it just felt the same and I didnt get any pain just discomfort.  I thought it was achillies but that doesnt explain why i feel discomfort in my inner ankle?  I saw physio and he couldnt really explain except to say watch out for shin splints in case im prone to them and he thought my achillies felt ok

I am due to go for a long run tomorrow but wondering whether i should skip it this weekend just in case?  I've only got back up to 13 since Dec so I really need to increase those runs as there arent many weeks left now, but I also want to make sure I get to the start line!!!! I dont want it to be like last year again image

Could it be Posterior Shin Splits or tendonitis??? 

Any ideas? Anybody experienced anything similar?

thanks for reading


  • Cor.....

    You don't just wake up with bone oedema, it's always because of something. Yes, huge mileage can cause it, but that's not the only cause. Poor mechanics are much more likely.

    Until this is identified and rectified its tricky to progress.

    The odds of getting 2 injuries in the same area at different times, without being linked, are very slim...

    I'd avoid the long 'un this weekend and make sure someone can tell you why, rather than where

    Bon chance.
  • oooo, I should add I was fitted with Orthotics in Dec and been wearing them since as the podiatrist thought it was caused by my previous insoles, so my gait is apparently 100% perfect now.

  • Also when I had it before my whole shin would ache all up my leg and its no where near as bad as that.  Perhaps it is that and I've caught it early?

    If my gait is ok now - where do I go next? Who do I see?

    Im off skiing week after next, so I think i will go on the bike tomorrow instead for couple of hours.

    If its no better next week I might leave running until i get back from skiing

  • ....I'd get onto your Podiatrist as first port of call, and get the orthotics reviewed.

    Still hold off the run!
  • That would make you the only runner in the world able to claim a 100% perfect gait then.

    Perhaps the podiatrist is a self serving charlatan and the insoles aint the answer?

  • Indeed! image

    I only need insoles because of my two morons neuromas in my right foot

    I don't know whether to leave them out now and do what I did before, wear met dome and cut hole out of insole...

  • Saw a Chiropractor last night. It looks like my weight distribution from one leg to another is 1 stone difference.

    He said I have a twisted pelvis and this is causing all my issues.
    I'm on holiday next week so starting treatment after that, apparently should only take two weeks to fix.

    So hopefully this will resolve it. Although doesnt leave much time for long runs image
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