Run Fatboy, Run



  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭
    Yep and get your feet up! image
  • Hehe if it is not unreasonable to link a fat dude to an addictive personality, is it wise for me to sample the pharmacopeia? image
  • Just the one if you need to after the race. A lot of runners have addictive personalitys matey. Just don't go mad and start thinking I must do 30 miles a day everyday it happens and if you look around this site there are quite a few like that.

    What cinders said makes a lot of sence, She talks sence a lot does that lass. image

  • Not sure if anyone ever recreationally abused anti-inflammatory medicine! I did find a 12-step program for running though image
  • true NSAIDs aren't the harshest of things image
  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    Lol, ta Cake image  You're right too about the addictive side of it.

    Not sure about abusing NSAIDs but you can get too reliant on them, ie remember reading about people with headaches that wouldn't go away because they got too used to taking painkillers for them.

    Are you off out for a run today Toby?  Hope the legs aren't still sore

  • Yup, though only when it gets dark so I remain unobserved. Like a phantom. Well, a very wheezy phantom. image
  • I try to avoid the NSAIDs as much as possible.

    Often any aches I have are the result of a rushed post run stretch, and a non-existant warm-up.

    Today I did 13 miles and thats excluding a 1mile warm up jog. The cool down was a 5-15 minute walk home and 45 minutes of stretching. Almost as much time in all as I was running .

    When ever I skimp on my before or after routine the aches begin. Always with out fail.

    Running  full on, on painkillers is risky, the injury is still there your just not feeling it. Best to rest while taking them or pull back on the effort.That way the area damaged gets a rest and because the pain is lessened your running motion is not effected as it was before.

    As you gain in experience you will learn how to read your body better and many of the aches you have simply wont occur anymore as you get stronger.

    You will just get other ones

    Thats just the way it is


  • Thanks Stephen. (for nothing! Other pains?!! image )

    At the moment I have been doing a 5 min walk pre- and post run, with a small bit of stretching. I haven't frankly looking into the best stretching moves, I've just made it up lol weirdly though I've always been highly flexible despite my body size so I'm hoping that means my body will tolerate certain abuses image It's harder for me to do a warm-up run as any running makes me more than warm! That will have to come later I think.

    I'm changing my route tonight to a long, long road, so that I can just keep adding to the distance.
  • Yes you have much to learn of the Way of the Run.

  • Argh, owwww, mewl. New route, new pain. Definitely found it harder than last time, but still managed 30 minutes instead of the required 25 and could have gone on.

    I saw a dead badger image
  • What was the new pain? Did you stand on the badger?
  • Blisters forming on the arches of both feet image and mega stitch on both sides of my lard (though I'm surprised it took so long to manifest considering what's jiggling about lol)
    Shin still going to shatter, right knee feels weak but that might be cause of the shin

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, I find it weirdly satisfying hehe

    I think it's time to get some fitted shoes. I thought I'd lucked out because I've always been really really prone to monster blisters and I didn't get any, and took that to mean my shoes were good. Oh well!

    And ewwwwew lol no badger corpse-bothering!
  • I admire your perseverance... and yeah, worth getting shoes that fit well. Strangely I only ever used to get blisters when I wore socks. I don't wear socks now and never get blisters...
  • Lucky git! image

  • I'm tempted to do an extra run today and possibly from now on run four times a week.

    Maybe sat, sun, mon, weds?
  • If you feel comfortable.... run...
  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    How do your shins and blisters feel?

  • Blisters I've knifed lol but I'm used to dealing with blisters, my right shin now rested isn't painful when I walk/bear weight, just a bit tender if I squeeze it inappropriately!
  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    Knifed them, eeek! image  Compeed is good!

    I would say don't squeeze it then lol image

  • Oops, I didn't run in the end, I fell asleep! image

    I guess I was more tired than I thought

    I'm maybe going to go to Reading Sweatshop this week to get fitted shoes, IF I pluck up the courage to submit to treadmills and video cameras etc (I run in the dark for a reason!)
  • Wear dark sunglasses when you go for the fitting... it'll fool your brain into thinking it's dark... image
  • In many ways I am a simplistic animal, but not in this way I think image

    Hmmm I think they might get the wrong impression if I walk into their shop wearing a balaclava...
  • Just give a different name... a metaphorical disguise.. image
  • whimper...Again I managed to complete 30 mins but I had to beat my will into doing it...My shin is worse and is either now making my right knee hurt or that too has just decided to join the pain party...I was really hoping to rely on an imaginary ability not to succumb to injury etc in order to get fit and light enough to not run the injury gauntlet every time...Yes, I know, but it made sense in my head.

  • Might be worth resting while you get some new shoes. Give your shins a chance to repair themselves as it does sound like you are re-injuring yourself each time you run?
  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭
    Yep, rest Toby.  You're going to make your shins worse if you carry on image
  • Probably! image

    I was analysed today image (luckily just physically as opposed to mentally)

    I am a neutral structured person apparently image

    Now the owner of some ASICS shoes yeah baby
  • I have ASICS too. Hope you rest your shins before running your babies in... image
  • ok so I've rested since last monday, missing one session, I'm still getting the odd throbbing sensation/etc in my shin but I think I shall probably go out today for 30 mins and try my new shoes
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