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  • Warm up... the warmer your muscles around your ankles, feet, lower legs are the better. I sometimes use a hot water bottle to warm my feet up... and then I do a walk/run warm up for 5 mins around my garden. Your shins will appreciate it... Good luck!
  • Thanks image

    I might put a sleeping cat on each ankle...
  • When I started, I got awful shin splints - they disappeared after a while, maybe a month and a half - I was all for jacking it in for a bit, but my GP told me to keep going at it. I ran as often (three times a week), but not as far, and after a while my shins got over it. Don't make the mistake I did and try running in compression socks - it transferred all the jarring to my knee and knackered that for a while. 

    I reckon it's in these early stages that it feels worst - mainly because your body is finding its form, and you're probably landing heavily right now.  Now I'm five months in, the shin splints are a distant memory, and I can usually manange a stumbling run whenever it's called for.

    I've got Asics too, and they're fine - 1160's. Saying which, I've also got me some mean Mizuno Wave Harrier 2's for trail running - they're the pooches plums.

    Also, a dialogue with your painful limbs is a good idea - just keep reminding them that the brain has the deciding vote - no democracy in the body!

  • Thanks guys. My mind is definitely in control elsewise I'd stop after about 3 mins image

    I had one bitch of a bilateral stitch today lol again no suprise due to jiggling but I think I will have to wave a big stick in front of my body next time so it gets the message to just be quiet and run

    Shin still hurt but it wasn't bad bad

    Shoes comfy image asics gel cumulus 13 not cheap but sweatshop gave me a voucher to buy another pair for only £25 yeah baby

    The dead badger is still there image
  • Sounds like you got through it then... did a warm up help? I actually find my shins hurt less the faster I go... as your body weight is spread over more of the stride length... ie less straight up and down forces going thru your legs... but, you need to get fitter to go faster... so it's a vicious circle... image
  • Explain this strange concept of fitness...?!

    I did warm up, as well as drawing the alphabet with my feet lol

    Apparently the analysis lady said my running isn't too bad in that I use my forefoot rather than landing on the back of my feet and am neutral-ish.
  • Good that you forefront land... do you do calf raises to strengthen your calf muscles? Just a thought...

    Strange concept of fitness? You mean running faster? haha

    Yeah... it's a dream for most... image

    Be interesting to see how you feel in a few months once your muscles are used to running and you feel fitter... whether you still get shin pain...
  • Are you drinking water as you run? I used to get awful stitches from water - not so bad ones if I used isotonic powders mixed into the water, and virtually none at all now I've switched to a chia seed / agave nectar / lime juice mixture.

    Second pair of shoes, eh? What about some nice trail shoes to get up them tracks and hills? You'll be doing the Bob Graham Round before you know it. Off-road also gives a better core workout, as you need to use your balance more, and adjust to terrain. I've noticed my shoulders trimming down a little since I started heading for the hills every now and then. image

    I read somewhere that it's more important to stretch afterwards to release some of the tension in the muscles - I do warm up as well, though not as thoroughly (as I also read it's a prime time to injure youself), and I've found it really helped when I had a spot of iliotibial band pain (it runs up the side of your thigh and is a bugger when it's inflamed). Also stops my calves from aching the day after (or at least not so much).

    The jiggling will subside too - when I started, it was like trying to run with a water balloon (or five) stuffed up my shirt - after five months, I was pleased to note yesterday that I am down to about a quarter full water balloon, and I think it my be full of honey rather than water, as it doesn't jiggle quite so much.

  • Nick: I don't do calf-raises at the moment, but I was thinking of putting them into my weights/etc routine when I get that going....Although my lungs want to explode a la Alien, my knees feel a bit tender and my shin is a f00ker, I have had absolutely no soreness or pain in my thighs or calves...I think once my calves burned a bit during an actual session early on but that was it.

    Bees: I don't drink water as I run because I hate carrying anything plus I'm not running far enough to need any yet image I feel awful if I've eaten anything even remotely close to running so no longer make that mistake, and it's not particularly pleasant even to have had a drink beforehand, just feels heavy...

    If you're going to stretch first apparently you should do dynamic stretches...I just walk at the start and end and then stretch at the end...for a little while...until my attention fails image

    Trail seems appealing...I'd have to travel a bit to get to anywhere decent, though I am very close to the Thames and the Thames path.

    I don't suffer from runner's stomach but I do get runner's burp?! image
  • I don't eat within 3 or 4 hours of running either....

    I find calf raises helped my shin splints... is your pain on the inside of your shins or the outside? I used to get them on the inside... but found calf raises helped a lot... I do them every day, even now... usually about 30 raises twice a day.
  • Yup, running on an empty stomch for me - that's why I love mornings, and find evening runs a bit of a chore - I went out last Thursday after a day of eating mostly gingerbread rabbits (they were tasty, small and had a little heart shaped nose - I just had to keep eating the tasty buggers) and felt heavy.

    Can heartily recommend Trail Running magazine to give you the bug, and it's only quarterly, so it doesn't break the bank. Either that or look for Kilian Journet on youtube - inspirational stuff...

  • The pain is on the left-handside just about my inner ankle and travels up a bit to the centre.

    Bees: Thanks, will them out. I still haven't tried early morning stuff yet.

    Oooooh for me it's my own freshly baked soft and chewy choc chip cookies, duuuuuude! Though not at the moment as I am controlling calories. image

  • Your pain sounds like mine... and I find the fitter I am... the less problems I have with shin splints. But it is crucial I get my feet, ankles and calf muscles warm... otherwise the lack of blood to those muscles causes the problems for me with regards shin/ankle pain...
  • Well I suppose that must be encouraging...Though it means I have to stick at it and improve image

    Maybe I should get some of those leg-warmers that ballet dancers use image
  • I was looking for a new ice pack for my ankles... as I get Achilles pain now and then... and saw this.. quite handy as you can heat it as well....

    Cold/Hot Ankle Wrap
  • After about 5 years of running only now would I say I have "good form".

    That s not about speed or pace but a smooth leg action, arm action ( yes the arms are important)

    how you hold your body on the flat, on hills, up and down.

    All these things can if not correct give you hip pain, shin splints, stitches, and all manner of lower leg pain.

    So often I see runners "running into the ground" as I call it, tense shoulders, arms high, legs with non-existant swing action, simply being  stamped into the ground.

    You have plenty of time, dont spend it  learning bad habits, watch the best on the internet and see how they move. Again not how fast but the action, the flow that should be the same irrespective of the  pace.

    Find some where quiet and practice form until it becomes second nature.

    Dont fall in to the trap that you have a "natural" style that should not be "messed" with,

    If its causing injuries mess with it until its walks out and takes the cat. If its inefficiant  sack it and get another one.

    You learnt to walk and you have to learn to run.

    Good fortune.

  • Hey Toby... how are you doing? Are you still running?
  • Thanks Stephen image

    Hi Nick yup image I've just been rather busy and neglecting the forums!

    I've changed my route back to just the neighbourhood one as the main A4 is too busy, too loud and too polluted image

    I just have to get my running with confidence with other people up now so that I can join Parkrun!

  • Good to hear. I was worried injury may have struck you down. Snow here in Leeds today... so I don't fancy my chances of getting out for an evening run... it's already a few inches thick where I live...

    Have you noticed your shins have settled down at all?
  • I love snow...I went running at -6 in the snow in feb I think image

    Shins still feel a bit sensitive with the odd twinge but better than before...not sure if my badminton is helping or hindering
  • Are you doing any streatching before or after the badminton or running at the moment? Can't see it hurting just taking a different route to fitness and what works works and if your enjoying it thats the main thing.

    It's snowing here to. I image running in snow, when it turns to ice it's a but dodgy but before them it;s brilliant. image

  • I've tried running in snow... decided the chance of injury is too great as I always seem to find an icy/slippery spot lurking just beneath the nice padded snow... image

    But it looks like a thaw may have started... with any luck the pavements will be clear later...
  • Nick I have some fell shoe's and they make a massive difference with your grip and stuff. Wouldn't reconment buying some unless you fancy running around some moors and things because of the price but they are fun. image
  • Cake - Good point. It's all about grip. I may have to look into getting some shoes for off-road if next winter turns out rough... image
  • The only time I ever stretch for badminton is if there's a coach about image

    I love the idea of running on the moors, but there aren't any in Reading!
  • You’ve got a nice music festival through with a swimming pool next to it. Very useful for training and scaring the hippy’s while they are sorting out there hangovers. image
  • Hey Toby... any updates on progress?
  • Tommy2DTommy2D ✭✭✭

    Hi all,

    Only just joined the RW forum and just found this thread and have really enjoyed reading it.

    Like others on this thread i'm fairly new to running, only started in July last year, when I got signed up by a mate to a 10k mud/obstacle run in September lasy year. When I started I could run for about 10 mins before I felt like collapsing. Anyway fast forward 9 months or so and I can now run for over an hour and half fairly comfortably.

     I still consider myself a beginner, i'm now trying to increase my 5 and 10K times for a couple of trail races I've entered in June /July this year. Am also considering my first half in September this year  (the Robin Hood hlaf in Nottingham).

    I seem to be struggling to incresae my pace, am trying to do tempo and interval runs but finding it difficult to judge what pace I should be running at and for what distance (I haven't got a Garmin, only the endomondo app on my phone, which is god but not easy to keep looking at etc). So any tips would be appreciated!

  • Hey Tommy. I ran in the Robin Hood half for the first time last year. I understand it will be a new route this year. They are taking out most of the hills... image

    As for running faster. I presume you do your long slow hour and a half runs at the weekend? Try some really short runs mid week... I had a similar problem as you trying to speed up. Then I started doing a 2 mile run down a gentle downward gradient. Keep it short to begin with. Even just a mile first up. Start slow and gradually increase your pace (slowly) until you get to a point where you know if you go any faster you'll be out of breath and will have to stop. I found that the more I did this the longer I could go at a faster pace... then I added in some hill work, which also helped me with pace...

    See how you go. It takes time... but once you can run for at least a mile slightly downhill at a pace you are happy with... try doing it on the flat...
  • Tommy2DTommy2D ✭✭✭

    Hi Nick,

    Cheers for that, will give it a go next week. I'm working down in Cornwall, sure I'll be able to find some hills down there!

    You're right I do long runs on a sunday afternoon with a mixture of r3ecovery and tempo/interval running and 6 a side football during the week.

    Yeah i've heard they're chnaging the route due to the extension of the tram system meaning a lot of roads are shut off. They can take out as many hills as they like! Are you doing Robin Hood again this year?

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