Brooks Pure Cadence

Anyone tried these babies out? They look great to me, but for some reason they don't seem to be available in many shops to go and try on.


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    I won a pair of Brooks Pure Flow in the Xmas competition - they are very comfy but very shallow - if the Cadence is the same as the Flow they won't suit if you've got even slightly chunky tootsies! My feet are very shallow and mine are too snug to run in and not very wide at the front either.
  • I've got a pair - only done about 100k in them but so far really like them. Very comfy. My feet are quite wide and they fit me fine.
    Not sure where you live but I got mine from Runners Need in Victoria.
  • DAM

    Did you have to transition into it or are they not that extreme?

  • I was expecting to have to get used to them but just liked them from the word go. They're a lot more cushioned and supportive than I was expecting. I still use my Brooks trance for longer runs so haven't used the cadence for anything much over 10k but it's been a very easy transition so far.

  • My husband just got a pair but he is a neutral runner and I understand cadence are more of a support shoe? Or maybe because they are so 'stripped-down' it doesn't matter?
  • It is classed as a support shoe
  • Brooks cadence is very light weight and is so far the best shoe Iv ever worn,I went on a 20 mile run in them today and not even one hotspot (usually get blisters within 4 miles) and zero knee or hip pain. I have never felt so good while running and was 4 mins faster than usual over the same distance. I usually over pronate but land neutral running in these despite the fact that they have less support than most 'neutral' shoes. I dont know why these are only sold in a small selection of stores, my bf would like to try them but there doesnt appear to be a stockist in the whole of the midlands area. I got mine from the moorgate runners need store but they unfortunately did not have the pure grit which I am now interested in seeing as I am getting on so well with the cadence. I have had them for about 2 weeks and have done a few 6 mile runs and now a 20 mile.I used to run in a saucony stability shoe then newton issacs.
  • I went to have a look at them yesterday and had to buy them. They are the most comfortable running shoes I've ever had on my feet and just love the low heel. of course, I haven't run in them yet, but can't wait to do so.
  • Oh...done a 4, 9, 10 and 18 in these puppies and they are just fantastic!
  • f-ing love my pure flows. Done c350 miles in them so far and will probably need to replace them soon. I've used them for runs up to 20 miles, had a bit of stiffness in my calves on longer runs as I used to run in brookes adrenaline gts for all road running, but transitioned without too much of a problem!
  • These sound like quite good shoes then.

    I'm worried as I may have to buy blind as others have found, they are not widely stocked. I have that problem with most of the running shoes that I am interested in.

    It seems such a gamble with so much money. Though the last pair of running shoes I bought didn't work out as the soles came away from the shoe. I don't know if this is because I'm flexing them too much or I've just bought a Friday afternoon lemon.

  • I'm interested in getting a pair of Brooks Cadence but does anyone know if these would suit me ? Need to cater for runs up to 2hrs.

    Mild over-pronation, medium arch, 12.5 stone and around 1:35-1:40 1/2M.

    My other thoughts are Saucony ProGrid Hurricane 14 or Progrid Guide 5's.

    Have used Adidas Response Stability for last few years but not keen on current model.
  • I did 18 miles in them last week. No issues. They are for mild overpronators. I think they will suite you
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    I currently run in Brooks GTS Adrenalines but have been thinking of these Brooks Pure Cadence due to all the positive reviews they've been getting. I'm guessing/hoping they will become a bit more widely available, and the prices will start to drop a bit. I normally buy 2E width size, but they only seem to have D width in these - any wide feet people bought Brooks Pure range and have had any issues?

  • Hi everyone!

    I am thinknig of buying a pair of the brooks cadence, i am currently training in Brooks ravenna. Would you recommend making the transition to the brooks cadence, are there any real benefits? I would like to use these as my racing shoes also? I am in the process of training for longer distances with my longest run at the minute being 15miles. The other sessions i do are 2 7 milers, a track session (using spikes) tempo intervals, 3miles and 5 miles. What would you recommend using these shoes in? 

  • I think you are likely to need a transitional period unless you already are a mid/forefoot striker. Try on a very short run - even 3 miles may be too much. I moved to pure flows from ghosts( still in transition). They as well as cadence are a great pleasure to run in.
  • I bought a pair of these last week. After doing a 5 mile run yesterday, I was nearly crippled for the rest of the day. They are quite narrow and although I tried them on in the shop, where they felt ok, the left one got tighter and tighter. Nearly stopped to take it off on the last bit home where I walk and my right foot was so sore that I just limped on it for the rest of the day. Off to see if shop will change them. Bit put out as have been looking forward to owning a pair for a while. The 4mm drop was not a problem at all. Got saucony guide 5's. Just wanted to alternate with a different pair.

  • Must admit, i'm half a size up in the cadence compared to my mizunos from the past. i thought at first they were just a tad too long, however i've not suffered any sore black toe nails since.
  • Hi I have a pair of PureCadence not the new model and I have done about 200 miles in them and while they have been great it has on my left foot given me a really sore joint on my big toe. I think it is because there is so much spare material where the tongue is sewn into the show. Not sure if they are all like this or my pair were a bit reject?? My local running shop just suggest I tried not lacing through that bottom whole on the inside! Not really the best of responses.....

  • Do you mean sore joint or hot-spot/blister?

  • No more actually bruising the joint of my big toe closet to the foot, it is becoming painful now when I wear normal shoes...
  • Interesting. I'm on my 3rd pair and until just recently they have been faultless. I've just started getting a small hot spot on the top of my big toe -right under where that excess material from the tongue is. It's too soft to cause a jjoint problem though

  • Beware it may be the beginning of something .... I have just taken the insoles out and replaced them with the insoles out of my old Nike Free runners which are much thinner, hopefully it will give me enough room. I have noticed on the new Cadence 2's the tongue is integrated and all part of the same material so there isn't a big bit of material and stitching there. I was annoyed that my local running shop was completely disinterested, when I made a definite decision to buy the shoes from them and not online which would have saved me ??40, money not well spent!
  • I have the Pure Grit 2s and also notice how little material is under tthat area now.

  • How do you find grits in terms of trail performance? Love my flows and was thinking of a trail version but the sole just doesn't look like it could cope with a lot of mud.



  • It won't cope with a lot of mud (not many do), but I guess it's not designed to. For that you'd have to go for extreme Innov8s. I would say it's best for dryer trails. but is also good on road, which if like me you have to run on roads for a mile or two to get off road, then it's agreat 'all-rounder'.


  • Thanks. I think you're right about innov8s. I got a pair of orocs and they are great on mud - though a bit embarassing on pavement before I get there. 

    Thing is, if grits are an all-rounder like that, what is their advantge over e.g. pure flows?

  • That's a good question! I have flows and grits and to be fair there's probably not much difference grip wise!!! I use the grits for dry summer trails mainly! I've been using merrell mix masters for winter which are similar to the grits but slightly harder underfoot with much better grip!

    I'm interested to see what the grip is like on the new grits!
  • Just bought a pair of the pure grit 2's and what an amazing difference! The upper looks better designed and the sole is a huge improvement! Will have to see if they are more durable too
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