Half Marathon 3 weeks to go

Had previously posted a few weeks back in beginners section but not much response (except from Sleepy Bear -Ta)

Anyway I have a half marathon in 3 weeks time and would appreciate a steer in the right direction image. I have only had approx 6 weeks training as I was out injured for 11 weeks prior.

I have worked my way back slowly! - I covered 75 miles in Feb, longest run in Feb was 9 miles at 9.32 M/M average pace, most other runs around 5-7 miles @ 9 M/M

Went out today and covered 11 miles @ average 9.40 but struggled badly over last two miles, steady pace turned into shuffle almost instantly at mile 9!!).

How can I maximise the last few weeks? - any thoughts on a intensive 3 week training plan - or is it all to late?


  • you should be able to do a half marathon if you have worked up to 11 miles - but maybe do you long runs a bit slower - the last few miles won't be so bad then. On race day the adrenaline of the race, supporters etc will get you through the last few miles, and you will find you are a bit quicker on race day too without even realising it
  • Agree with what mathschick says, you will def do the distance on the day but I suppose it depends on what you are after i.e do you just want to complete the course or do a certain time, if you are after doing a time then I would follow a training plan.

    I use the 'smartcoach' on here which you can find under the training tab, you can personalise it by putting in how easy/hard you want to train, and for how long etc, i find it really good, you have 3 weeks left to get some quality training in, but obviously take it easy you don't want a repeat of the injury!

    Good Luck! image
  • - 10 mile Sunday slow pace
    - 10 mile Tuesday medium pace
    - 10k Wednesday fast pace
    - 10 mile Friday slow pace (leave this out in the last week before your HM)

    Also if you get time throw in a speed session on a Monday or Thursday of 6 x 1k runs.

    This is just an option for you but i used this training plan with only 4 weeks to train for a half marathon and clocked a sub 1:30.
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  • Thanks folks, really appreciate it. image

    Hoping for around 2hrs 10 mins

    I will let you know how I get on. Cheers

  • im in a similar situ started running in sept basically trying to run 1.5m in under 13mins to which i achieved. ive got reading half marathon in april 1st been force running 5m after doing 3m happily but i am concerned that i cant run 5m without servere tightening in my calves and shins and ive got 21 days left!!!
  • Had a good last two and a bit weeks training, including two 8 mile runs, a 10 miler (felt fine) plus three 5 mile runs - felt fine also and a 12 mile last Monday which also felt good considering last 4 miles uphill, managed it it 1hr 58mins.

    Anyway went out this morning for an easy 5.5 mile jog and felt awful, so much so that I had to walk a bit!!, legs heavy and no spring whatsoever (had 3 days rest before today so I should not have been tired).

    What the feck is going on? - this really has knocked my confidence. Is this in anyway normal or am I going to crash and burn next Saturday....
  • maybe you have a bug

    if you feel alright tomorrow go for a short run

    If you did 12 last week and felt fine you should be ok for saturday

  • Ok first half done!. Managed to drag my 15st frame around in my target 2hrs 10mins. Did crash and burn from 10 miles, I blame the heat image - but ran/jogged the whole way.

    But it was a good crash and burn because many like minded runners shared the pain.

    Paced in the last 500 metres by my daughter - doesn't get much better than that...............
  • well done - and a really good time too!!
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